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    [–] Game Thread: Winnipeg Jets - NY Rangers - bot is broken edition Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in hockey

    From what the mods who deal with this say, it’s on Reddit’s end.

    But I wanna be the cool mod so YEAH FUCK THE BOT

    [–] Canadiens score goal while net is knocked off, still counts Rhythm-Malfunction 4 points ago in hockey

    So if it's not a reviewable play, what's the verdict if the puck went in before the net came off? Would it just be the call on the ice?

    [–] Game Thread: Winnipeg Jets (34-17-3) at Ottawa Senators (20-29-5) - 09 Feb 2019 - 02:00PM EST Rhythm-Malfunction 3 points ago in hockey

    Matt Duchene with a fake mustache, a Habs jersey that still says Duchene and a terrible french accent.

    No one is convincing me that this isn't exactly what happened.

    [–] Game Thread: Winnipeg Jets (34-17-3) at Ottawa Senators (20-29-5) - 09 Feb 2019 - 02:00PM EST Rhythm-Malfunction 7 points ago in hockey

    Ottawa looks like they've watched their game tape. Similar to Montreal, they're forechecking HARD and our defense isn't compensating for it, or they're clogging up the blue line to slow down our rush. You'd think we'd be able to compensate for this at some point.

    [–] Fast levelling Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in DnD

    In my opinion, it's all subjective. Moving through low levels quickly isn't a bad idea most of the time, it allows you to use different and more interesting monsters for combat and the players get to use fun new skills. But you trade off the amount of role-playing that you do when you're running combat on a regular basis.

    It all depends what you and your players are looking for in a campaign, but if you run 3 to 4 sessions a week and your players are still having fun, then I think you're doing just fine.

    [–] What do your lines look like if you acquire one of the top tradebaits at the deadline? Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in hockey

    Connor - Scheifele - Wheeler

    Ehlers - Duchene/Brassard - Laine

    Perreault - Little - Roslovic

    Copp - Lowry - Tanev

    The fourth line is a shame because Lemieux - Copp - Appleton has worked incredibly well for us.