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    [–] With almost a quarter of the season gone how do you feel about the team? Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in winnipegjets

    From the games I’ve seen, zone entries are a huge issue. Teams are figuring out that clogging up the neutral zone basically kills all of our momentum and slows us right down. Which essentially kills our 5 on 5 scoring, our power play is basically keeping us alive but when the refs put the whistles away come playoffs, we’re basically up the creek.

    I’m still happy with where we are but there needs to be an adjustment.

    [–] Senators Uber driver: ‘It has brought great shame to my family’ Rhythm-Malfunction 14 points ago in hockey

    Honestly, had he just not talked about it, people would've mostly forgotten his name by now.

    [–] Welcome 6 new GDT mods to /r/hockey! Rhythm-Malfunction 14 points ago in hockey

    It’s because I focus on legs! How dare you talk shit about my bench press!

    [–] Welcome 6 new GDT mods to /r/hockey! Rhythm-Malfunction 103 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in hockey

    I've been reading up on the fascism pamphlet they handed to us during orientation and at no point has ANY of this told me I have to allow any posts about the Predators. But just like Rinne, I'm sure plenty will get past me when it matters.

    [–] Welcome 6 new GDT mods to /r/hockey! Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in hockey

    More based on timezones than anything else. 2 mods out west, 2 central and 2 east.

    [–] NHL Crown Royal Glasses Rhythm-Malfunction 4 points ago in hockey

    Upvoted because you're willing to be a dungeon master.

    [–] 43 Rhythm-Malfunction 40 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Dude thinks Queen sucks ass. Fuck this piece of garbage!

    [–] 43 Rhythm-Malfunction 43 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Probably cause it’s fucking stupid to expect that of people. Similar to “shut up and dribble” when NBA players share their political beliefs. They’re not any less human because you only see them in a single context, they share the same intricate life and thinking that anyone else does.

    [–] Which team has the best bottom 6 in the league? Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in hockey

    I mean depends. Are you considering Duclair on a night when he's actually meeting expectations or any of the other 80 games/year?

    [–] Gritty, The Untamed Destroyer of Capitalists Rhythm-Malfunction 40 points ago in Bossfight

    He has a belly button, which means he’s a mammal and was carried to term. Someone gave physical birth to Gritty.