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    [–] SJS trades for Erik Karlsson Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in hockey

    I'd like to put the Jets forward here by spreading former Southeast Division love. Will accept on Karlsson pls

    [–] Ebay Accused me of selling offsite Rhythm-Malfunction 9 points ago in Flipping

    Or you could let this guy enjoy his job instead of being an asshole about it.

    [–] Tom needs some help Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    “Fuckin later losers!” - Winnipeg @ the rest of Canada*

    *Notable exception to Toronto

    [–] The First Seed Festival. A festival to bring small farming towns to life! Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in DnD

    Now that you mention it, it might be. I just used it because it’s a celebration of planting a new round of crops.

    [–] Advice for DMing and Campaign Prep Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in DnD

    I found what helped me is to have an experienced player in your party to help you with rules. That let me focus on role playing and world building instead of studying the rules as a newer player. If you know the rules, disregard this.

    Cheat sheets for your DM screen are important as well. I put my player's AC and HP into it so I can tell after each roll if they hit or not and can kinda fudge rolls to keep them alive if I have to.

    As far as worldbuilding goes, just keep it simple. You don't have to have their exact position down but a general idea of where they are is useful. I like to make maps, which isn't entirely necessary but I find it helps immerse my players in the town that they're in but if you're better at explaining, just do that. Also have a few important NPCs in town, including a guard captain and maybe some extra detail put into a bartender. You don't need a ton if you know what the town is supposed to be like.

    [–] A character concept (and need help with some latin maybe?) Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in DnD

    I could be wrong, I thought Paladin's powers came from worship. I like the idea of using a shield instead of a weapon, maybe even homebrew something that does low bludgeon damage but offers you cover so you can protect the squishier members of your party.

    [–] A character concept (and need help with some latin maybe?) Rhythm-Malfunction 3 points ago in DnD

    I'm gonna level with you on the translate thing, even if it's not perfect who's going to know? Google translate will give you something rough enough to work.

    Additionally, with the longsword, you should really level with your DM on that one. It's not really the players choice to give themselves magic items.

    You could make a very defensive paladin going on this backstory but you'd again have to talk to your DM on what Pantheon they're using and who to follow.

    [–] Which former player's jersey is the most cringe worthy to see in the stands on game day? Rhythm-Malfunction 5 points ago in hockey

    It was more frequent in our first few years but we booed a lot of star players. Subban, Doughty, Crosby, Ovi all got heat from the crowd. Still do it sometimes but not nearly as often and I would just attribute it to that.

    [–] [OC] One month update to my mapmaking tool called Wonderdraft that I started because I wanted it to be easier to make fantasy maps. Rhythm-Malfunction 3 points ago in DnD

    Is this going to be able to make battle maps as well? It looks like it could definitely do it with creative use of assets but do you have plans to have it create both?

    [–] Hi (this is kind of my first time doing this so please keep that in mind) but I'm looking for a DM for me and my friends Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in lfg

    Just caught this, I’ll send you a message in discord and we can iron out the details and see if I’m a fit for you guys and vice versa. Probably tomorrow afternoon though, just wanted to let you know I’m interested haha

    [–] Giving the new players a chance?? Rhythm-Malfunction 4 points ago in DnD

    Like any other problem that comes up in DnD, just talk to them.

    Are they happy just hanging out?

    Do they want your character to interact with theirs more often?

    If everyone is still having fun, I don't see a problem.

    [–] Weird Culture Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in DnD

    I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on Indian related stuff. Particularly Tamil, if you look into the culture it's so interesting and I think may help players dive into a new world. Think of architecture similar to Angkor Wat, in which massive granite blocks are used to make these super uniquely shaped buildings. Since the majority of Tamil people are in India, you can add in a bit of Buddhism like having a ridiculous number of gods if that's your jam.

    I'm planning on having a province inspired by that and I think there's a huge amount of potential to be explored with stuff like that.

    [–] Hey DnD, I've been super down lately. Tell me your best and funniest adventures so that we can cheer each other up! Rhythm-Malfunction 9 points ago in DnD

    My very first DnD character, Rodagog the half-orc paladin has been interesting for me to say the least. I roleplay him as a very serious character when he needs to be, but incredibly oblivious since he only has 6 INT. He's also a bit of a hot head when he doesn't get his way.

    First session rolls around, we get to port and myself and another character are looking for food. We stumbled upon a a dumpling cart who wanted to charge us 1 gold piece for a single dumpling! Can you believe that? Rodagog couldn't, he proceeds to slam his hands onto the cart and tried to threaten the guy. The bard he was with was having none of this and starts to scold Rodagog. After the bard diffused the situation he immediately asked the DM when he learned the sleep spell.

    The party was not impressed with me but they didn't really know what Rodagog had in store for them.

    So maybe a half hour real time later, we're meeting in the company we're supposed to be work for's head quarters. We're chaperoned by a concierge, whom of which takes us to the caravans we'll be protecting. Rodagog loves horses. He DEMANDS a horse from the concierge and when he is inevitably denied, Rodagog picked him up by the collar and started to shake the poor concierge. He rings a bell, gets us surrounded by company guards and yet again, the bard has to step in and calm everyone down, including Rodagog.

    So in a span of about 30 minutes, I nearly got us in hot water twice and didn't even get anything out of it.

    Session 3 rolls around and we followed some foot prints to an old abandoned tower. The DM made a point of only allowing us in the front door, he described the lock and the door handle incredibly well so everyone assumed it was a trap on the door knob or the lock. We searched around for a little bit trying to find a hidden entrance but there was nothing. Everyone discusses it for a minute and they exhausted all their options, Rodagog gets frustrated having to wait so he decided to smash down the door. Take a couple of attack rolls and we're in, no problem! Our DM makes it very clear that the door was unlocked the instant we smashed in the door.