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    [–] What player are you most indifferent about? Rhythm-Malfunction 4 points ago in hockey

    Auston Matthews Stanely Cup Champion Brooks Orpik

    [–] Worst first session ever Rhythm-Malfunction 3 points ago in DnD

    Even just being honest with new players and telling them how much work gets put into a DM. I certainly didn't know how much it took until someone told me and I have even more respect for my DM now.

    [–] What are you STILL salty about? Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Had a government agency interview me, drove across the city and they couldn’t even be bothered to deny me. I would’ve been happy with an email that said “thanks for your time but we went with someone else”

    Fuckin assholes.

    [–] Planning a session Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in DnD

    If it's too far for him, ask him why everyone else needs to travel that far if not further. Maybe a little more eloquently but if he's being unreasonable, make him answer for it.

    [–] When did getting coffee at Starbucks every morning become a common phrase in 21st century financial advice? Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Any mug! Some places have rules about what they can and can't give you through a drive-through window, like its a by-law where I'm from that we have to hand it out with a lid but the brand doesn't matter.

    To make life easier, just know how much goes into it too, or at least be ready to give your a barista an estimate on the size haha.

    [–] Holy shit, it's coming right for me!! Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in SweatyPalms

    It’s because it didn’t have a counter weight.

    [–] Thought you all would appreciate this Rhythm-Malfunction 115 points ago in antiMLM

    My mom buys Avon from a neighbor every so often. Don’t think she’s ever been asked to sell for her though.

    [–] My dad’s the best Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Spend extra time with your dad with someone who never got the opportunity to. Have some fun with your old man!

    [–] How to raise a kid to be a pro hockey player? Rhythm-Malfunction 2 points ago in hockey

    I’ll throw pucks at your kid for free. I just also get to be his agent when he makes it to the show.

    [–] Tavares admits on TSN interview that he "didn't want to come to a team and feel like they had to subtract what they had." Rhythm-Malfunction 3 points ago in hockey

    It's disingenuous to think someone is going to take team friendly contracts.

    Kadri may not cost nearly as much when he's above 30. Could see Morgan Rielly walking in free agency if there's no room for him.

    [–] Sweet sister-in-law reaches out & my faith in humanity is restored Rhythm-Malfunction 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    My trick to this is to leave my debit and credit card at home. Maybe take out some cash to buy a soda or some food but not enough for alcohol. Hopefully that’s helpful!

    [–] [Serious] Redditors who realized they had an incel for a friend - how did you realize it? Rhythm-Malfunction 3 points ago in AskReddit

    No. I’m 5’10’’ and don’t have anywhere near the same issues. I don’t wanna lay blame on a situation I’m not fully aware of but I would imagine the issues for someone who’s 5’9’’ stem from something else.

    [–] r/NBA transfer student Rhythm-Malfunction 8 points ago in hockey

    Boi I wrote his name and put a snake emoji, please direct me to where I said they were the same. Stastny is a snake for all the lip service he did and how we made moves to keep him here then took off.

    [–] Tavares seems to already be public enemy number 1 on Long Island...What either current players or former does your team still hold a grudge against? Rhythm-Malfunction 4 points ago in hockey

    That’s my gripe too. Played right into my cold, dead heart saying how much he liked it here and then took a pay cut for Vegas. I don’t blame him either though, especially since this may be one of his last NHL contracts.