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    [–] Trump administration to send U.S. cellphones a test alert on Thursday Ricelyfe 1 points ago in POTUSWatch

    That's the first thing I thought of. There better be some approval process and someone else over seeing it before they send shit out.

    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while stoned? Ricelyfe 8 points ago in trees

    I think everyone does it once within a year of leaving the dorms. My ID opened all the doors, paid for all my meals and most of my snacks my first year, it became instinct.

    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while stoned? Ricelyfe 2 points ago in trees

    I snapped a bowl like that cause my roommate handed his 3 foot bong to me. It usually has water in it cause its constantly in use but that time it didn't. I was coughing for a least 5 minutes and my throat was on fire for the next hour.

    [–] Got something for surviving 21 years. Ricelyfe 6 points ago in drunk

    california. Home of 5 seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter and fire season

    [–] Got something for surviving 21 years. Ricelyfe 6 points ago in drunk

    Happy Birthday! I'm waiting for some friends to come over before I say goodbye to my liver but my first shot will be for you and all the other survivors of 21 years out there.

    [–] What is something in YOUR life that is SUPER FUCKING AWESOME? Ricelyfe 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I have my own room again and I'm not living with some lazy ass bums anymores.

    [–] If kids actually followed their dreams, there’d be a lot more firefighters, astronauts, and dinosaurs nowadays. Ricelyfe 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I wanted to be a cop or fireman when I was a kid. I can maybe see myself being a cop, good benefits decent job if you're In a nicer area. That's still an option, but there's no way in hell I'd make the physical requirements to be a fireman. I'm fairly fit, but firefighters are next level. I don't think I especially wanted to be a soldier but I played with toy guns a lot and almost joined the army/marines in high school.

    [–] Genuine question: What effect do you think the "Trump era" will have on the US going forward? Ricelyfe 1 points ago in POTUSWatch

    Externally, he has soured our relations with some of our strongest allies. Many of the countries that once respected us now fear us which despite Trump's thinking is not a good thing. They fear us not out of respect like a child to an angry parent but like how you would fear someone on a drug binge who has lost control.

    Internally we are divided, we have been politically drifting apart for years but through his words and actions he has given the most hate filled people in our country some legitimacy. I'm as liberal as you'd expect from a college student who's a minority and from the Bay Area but I still have some conservative tendencies. I wish people on both ends of the spectrum could see that's normal. What's not normal is sending death threats and running people over in cars.

    We will heal as a country but it'll take time. I think one thing is certain, we need to overhaul our political system. This two party system of rich people being bought out by lobbyist isn't working. In my personal opinion the greatest thing that Trump has done is woken up the people who were previously mindlessly voting along party lines. More people are educating themselves on policy and the candidates. Hopefully this will continue.

    [–] Amazon's looking to fill over 1,000 work-from-home jobs Ricelyfe 3 points ago in WorkOnline

    Idk about pissing in bottles, but when I work there the packages came in almost nonstop. You get 2 10 minute breaks and a lunch but you're leaving work sore as fuck no matter what. My supervisors were chill about bathroom breaks and water but I could see others being assholes at a different locations.

    [–] Happy 13th birthday to the boys! It's been a wild ride. Ricelyfe 3 points ago in Supernatural

    I was 8 when i started watching, I can drink (legally) in a few days. I remember actually getting scared from 1 or two of the episodes back then.

    [–] Is it too late to learn English at the age of 33? Ricelyfe 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    If you put in enough time definitely. You'll more than likely have an accent which will make some conversations more difficult but other than that you should be able to pick up the language to be proficient.

    [–] If you could instantly gain any skill at a pro level, what would it be? Ricelyfe 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I can't read treble clef, but one day I looked over at my friend's music stand and just started playing some of his music but as trombone notes. I probably just got lucky and it was easy to do with that particular song.

    The only bad part of playing trombone was that we almost never get any part of the melody in orchestral arrangements. Now if only I could figure out what to do on piano.

    [–] On Pirating Content Ricelyfe 7 points ago in bodyweightfitness

    Everyone is paying for it, everyone should use it. Even if it's just to chill in a room with AC and go on Reddit everyone should go to their local library. It was one of my favorite places as a kid, wish every kid went as often as I did.

    [–] If you could instantly gain any skill at a pro level, what would it be? Ricelyfe 3 points ago in AskReddit

    If you can play one brass instrument you can learn the others pretty quickly, at least at a beginner level. It's mostly just having the right embouchure. Even reading music, I played trombone for a few years in school, sometimes I'd pick up my friends' trumpet sheet music and just play their notes just a few octaves lower. There's even a few woodwind instruments you could almost just read the music without adjusting too much.

    [–] League doesnt encourage players to reconnect. Ricelyfe 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    League client issues are so bad I just stopped playing the game. Granted I do play on Mac but even so the client shouldnt be crashing every other match, sometimes multiple instances in a single match. They're well known issues too, I've seen threads on here and on official league forums going back years.

    [–] If every karma your account had was a dollar, what would you buy? Ricelyfe 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Cheap car, some toward savings, a few k to investments, take my family on vacation put the rest toward other necessities

    [–] Men of reddit, what is something that you would suggest all other men to buy? Ricelyfe 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I have a few ok pocket knives that i keep sharp but a good one is out of my budget as a college student. I want a zt one day though.

    [–] What is the cheapest thing you have seen someone do? Ricelyfe 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah that's too far, pretty much anything with porous surfaces like cloth should stay in the trash once it's there. Otherwise you're just asking for bedbugs or worst.

    [–] What is the cheapest thing you have seen someone do? Ricelyfe 31 points ago in AskReddit

    It's just hot water, the resturaunts buy the tea leaves in bulk and refill the pot with water.My dad used to buy/drink tea a lot when I was a kid. Even his fancier tea leaves last forever.

    [–] What is the cheapest thing you have seen someone do? Ricelyfe 5 points ago in AskReddit

    My parents place has a few pieces of furniture like that. I don't think it's that big a deal especially if it's tables and stuff. The stuff is almost always in really good condition. Saves us some money and saves it from the landfill for a few more years.

    [–] How can I break a 9 year old child from iPad addiction? Ricelyfe 2 points ago in DecidingToBeBetter

    Rather than just take it away, give her other activities to do. Spend time with her doing none tech related things. Get her a hobby. If you just take it away and give her no alternatives to spend her time she'll just complain that she's bored.

    [–] What's a little known fact about a famous person that would completely change public opinion if more people knew? Ricelyfe 190 points ago in AskReddit

    I think he's addressed it a few times and mostly said he was young and a piece of shit. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong though.

    [–] [serious] What does Reddit perpetuate that you as an expert in that area, know to be bullshit? Ricelyfe 1 points ago in AskReddit

    People can set up their own analytics to get a general idea of what type of data a website owner can see. Google offers free analytic services, you can make a Tumblr as a example website or even just post some random videos on YouTube. Almost all the data is just country of origin (easily spoofed by vpn), time of access, and maybe age and gender if you have an account on the service like youtube.

    Even with that information there's not much they can do with it. I can see that it's mostly young adult males from the U.S. visiting my blog and YouTube usually in the evening but you can also seduced that information just based on logic and the type of stuff I post.