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    [–] This Luvdisc event could have been more-- so I designed an alternative. RichJMoney 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in pokemongo

    It's actually really hard to tell what the hardest part of coding this would be, but here's a few things that I noted from a semi-developer perspective (I'm a devops engineer). The biggest thing to keep in mind, is that there is ZERO live player to player interaction in this game. The closest we get is seeing other pokemon in raids but that's pretty much just visual rather than an actual interaction between two accounts.

    • Your "Player" object would need a new property to tag another player as a partner.

    • There is likely zero current way in the game to determine where other players are, store that value and process it. This would be a significant change.

    • Player position is generally determined right now when a catch is made or a disk is spun based on how "soft bans" work. Having any sort of forced location update based on another player catching and checking for distance could add significant bandwidth usage and processing both on the client and server side.

    • There would have to be a property added to pokemon in a gym to modify the normal decay rate and logic to determine the value of that property based on checking the value of the "partner" property on every other pokemon in the gym every time decay ticks.

    • The ball reward system after a raid would need another ball bonus check on the same property.

    • There a dozens of UI changes to implement this, selecting a partner, displaying a partner, displaying more bonus balls from another source, some sort of indicator that a defender has the decay reduction, etc.

    • All of the above changes would need to be thoroughly tested on iOS, android, multiple resolutions/aspect ratios, on wifi, on cellular, etc and could be buggy themselves or even introduce bugs into existing features.

    This is all off the top of my head as someone with a CSci degree that was a developer on a major enterprise level web application and currently supports dev teams, I could be totally off base with some of the specifics of this stuff. This would be a LARGE effort even if the code was well designed and specifically architected to allow these kind of changes without impacting other features. If it's like any other enterprise sized application that I've dealt with chances are it has some basis in good object oriented design before the thousands of band-aid hack fixes that have been done since it moved into a support model rather than a development model and the more active developers moved into creating new features rather than fixing the old ones. (I have no idea offhand how big of a development team Niantic has or their structure, but often once a feature or product is released the original developers move on to other projects while passing the ongoing support to a dedicated support team)

    And all of these changes would be for the benefit of few day event once a year with not a lot of features being added that would benefit the main game most of the time.

    [–] It's time for the two minute raid lobby to go RichJMoney 3 points ago in pokemongo

    A "Ready" button for private groups addresses both the "group of friends raiding" and the "solo a boss" timers while still allowing public groups for form organically in 2 minutes.

    [–] Sebring battery replacement made easy RichJMoney 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    Any time I need to replace a battery I just completely total the car and insurance buys me a whole new battery with a car attached.

    [–] What to focus on when building your personal brand! RichJMoney 0 points ago in lifehack

    Is spamming your own channel across 4-5 subreddits for every video part of the part of building your personal brand?

    [–] [Mathil] Doryani's Fister Inquisitor Is Rather Absurd... So Far RichJMoney -2 points ago in pathofexile

    My point is that modifier is a general undefined term unlike increased/decreased/more/less, and the mods limited to 8increased/decreased specify that. The wiki has it defied as just any affect on an entity, and these directly affect "claw damage" because the only way to cause "claw damage" is to attack with it. I actually feel that Lioneye's Fall helps illustrate my point that modifier is open to interpretation. It uses the word modifier because it broadly applies to a wide range of effects including block chance and chance to gain a charge on "bow critical strike". There's no place on the tree with two Jewel sockets within a medium radius of each other to test to see if it affects flat damage from abyssal jewels as well.

    I can see justification for having it apply or having it not apply. To me, listing examples of how "modifier" has worked up to this point isn't a satisfactory answer because the "flat damage with <weapon type> attacks" is both brand new (apart from the flat in quivers) and only causes a potential conflict in this very edge case scenario (rather than, say Varunastra which "counts as" a claw/etc) both the "bug" and "intended" justifications could be true until GGG makes a statement, especially considering that Rigwald's curse interaction may have not even been considered.

    [–] [Mathil] Doryani's Fister Inquisitor Is Rather Absurd... So Far RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Yeah that's my point, Rigwald's curse doesn't actually say "increases and reductions to damage" it says "claw damage modifiers". Reading carefully leaves it vague.

    [–] GGG is greedy for making us pay so much for convenience. RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    You do realize that I've created a unique and have 2 divination cards right? I'm way past poverty and looping around a 2nd time.

    [–] [Mathil] Doryani's Fister Inquisitor Is Rather Absurd... So Far RichJMoney -4 points ago in pathofexile

    Either interpretation can be justified which is why I posted on the bug forum for a dev response. It doesn't say "increase and reductions" like some items do, it says "modifiers" if the meant only increases and reductions then it should be re-worded to be consistent. It's just as likely that this use case was not considered when they added those models to the game a month and a half ago as it only affects a league specific super niche item that was likely not tested. I believe that it is a bug based on a few things.

    "with claw attacks" is a term that was introduced with these jewels and it's just a specific version of "with attacks" meaning attacks made with a claw, ice crash is a Melee attack not an unarmed attack, or a mace attack or a claw attack. Before this patch there were % increases with weapons and flat increases to -type- attack where type could be Projectile, Melee, etc. I believe the only exception is "with bow attacks" which, because wands can't be equipped with a quiver, only existed to prevent unarmed Attacks from getting bonuses (ironically) and even that was looked over as the "bow" specification was added sometime after 1.0. So if they overlooked unarmed mele attacks with a quiver 2 years ago, then it's not much of a jump to think that they overlooked unarmed attacks with a 2 year old league specific item with a subset of modifiers found on a single league specific base type.

    It is an "attack with X" if the weapon that hits is type X and then the damage is modified by the flat damage, just like "with this weapon" wouldn't add damage in the offhand if you used sunder or "increased physical damage with maces" wouldn't add if your offhand was a mace and your main hand was an axe, both flat and increases care about what you use to attack, not weather or not an attack can be used with a certain weapon so making a new distinction to justify this as a bit being a bug seems more of a stretch than assuming it was an oversight. Melee, Projectile, etc are tags for attacks which is different than what weapon you are using, a Melee weapon won't get a bonus from Abyssus' "with Melee attacks" if you use spectral throw because "Melee" a tag found on attack gems, "Claw" is not.

    The phrase "with -weapon type- attacks" is conditional on the equipment actually used for the attack just like "physical weapon damage with swords" if it was conditional on an attack being a "bow attack" because it's an attack that can be made with bows added flat damage "with bow attacks" would work with a barrage wander because it's a "bow attack". If you want to say it has to be an attack made "with X weapon" as well as being has an "X weapon attack" based on what kind of weapons it could be used with then you would be creating a whole new complication when Occrams Razor would point to the single assumption that an obscure item wasn't tested in a very specific scenario. "Modifiers to Claw damage affect unarmed" simply and literally interpreted (since modified isn't defined as flat,increased,reduced, more, etc) means if something would modified damage directly if the attack was made with a claw, it also modifies the damage when unarmed.

    At least that's my logic to point towards it being a bug/oversight until the devs say otherwise.

    [–] [Mathil] Doryani's Fister Inquisitor Is Rather Absurd... So Far RichJMoney 3 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in pathofexile

    I've been playing with a Scion on the basis that I assumed I was going to run Pure talent for base crit as well as having access to the most jewel sockets. Unfortunately I was operating under the assumption that "Adds X to Y damage with Claw Attacks", was a "Modifier to Claw Damage" which would make some Abyssal jewels INSANE for this kind of build with flat damage since the Touch has a 250% damage effectiveness.

    I assume that the lack of interaction is a bug but I haven't gotten a response from GGG.

    I also take advantage of the spells bonus to Touch with Lightpoacher with GMP, Phys to Lightning, and Innervate. I'm still messing with my tree and want to find more movement/AS. My Shield Charge and War-chief share a 5link, so my Charge without Poacher would not be as solid as Mathil's but dropping Lightpoacher would free up some slots as well.

    My super rough draft tree/gear Path of Building got me up to 334k Touch DPS without any proper jewels.

    For those interested in my (lowish level) work in progress of a Touch character: (SisterFidgetFister) Note that I do not meet the requirements for Apep's so it is not considered equipped .

    [–] GGG is greedy for making us pay so much for convenience. RichJMoney 2 points ago in pathofexile

    currency tab,

    deviation card tab,

    essence tab,

    map tab,

    fragment tab

    and at least (lets be realistic) 1 premium stash tab bundle.

    And all these costs 59$. Pretty expensive for a free to play video game.

    That's pretty fucking cheap for a game with Free DLC and Expansions for the past ~5 years.

    Also people played for 3-4 years without any of these other than premium tabs, which you can exist perfectly fine on $20 if you pick them up on sale and aren't a hoarder. Not to mention that there are sales on ALL of the tabs at the start of most leagues/expansions.

    "Free to play" without "pay to win" means that they need to make money somewhere, and they're clearly putting money back into development and expansion of the game. In this case convenience is what they choose to charge for rather than strict time gates, or gameplay affecting paid mods like many other games.

    If you think GGG is being "greedy" for $60 worth of convience, you should take a closer look at the gaming industry over the past decade. Dragon Age Origins came out 9 years ago and $60 literally didn't give you all of the content that was ON THE PHYSICAL DISK YOU BOUGHT at launch, meanwhile GGG gave you 5 acts for free last year after launching 1.0 with 3 acts and consistently delivering more and more content every year including these tabs which players have BEGGED for and cost development time and money to create. Yes, all at once it might look like a lot, but they were released over a long period of time, and there's no reason that a combo of Premium Tabs (for storage/selling) and a map tab (the best slots per coin available by a mile) wouldn't be sufficient for 99% of players, everything else is QOL that you can choose to pay more for.

    [–] Prime Pantry shipping? RichJMoney 1 points ago in amazon

    That's weird not anything like what prime pantry looks like here.

    Here it's flat shipping per box regardless of how much the total is.

    [–] Prime Pantry shipping? RichJMoney 2 points ago in amazon

    Amazon Prime includes access to Prime Pantry. I'm not aware of a "prime pantry" membership. Amazon Prime includes free shipping, and sometimes you can get Prime Pantry free shipping with certain items added to your box, but I've never seen a "spend X for free shipping" on pantry. Unless your area has some very different amazon situation, it's always been a flat rate per box, which is why it's tracked by percentage.

    If that is the situation in your area, chances are you need to have $40 before tax to hit that mark as was noted by /u/vatothe0.

    [–] Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer RichJMoney 34 points ago in pathofexile

    Thanks for the subtitles. Shit is hilarious.

    [–] Subnautica leaving Early Access Tomorrow. RichJMoney 1 points ago in pcgaming

    I picked it up last night and I'm going to go into it blind tonight.

    [–] When was Inpulsa's Broken Heart's explosion changed to not be able to shock? RichJMoney 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in pathofexile

    You are making the assumption that the explosion has 0% base crit, I have not seen evidence for that yet. It may have zero, it may not. You're making that assumption at the basis of your argument against going crit for the explosions... which you brought up in the first place in responds to someone that only talked about chaining explosions. So
    A) other people do not have the same assumption, so if you have evidence that it has 0% base please share it. and
    B) /u/wdmshmo didn't bring up crit, you did and then went on to say that 100% shock chance is possible... which chains explosions... which was his point.

    You literally responded to someone just saying "So you don't get chain reactions. It'd be like autobomber in a single item." with "You haven't really thought about it if you believe that. To get a chain reaction with Impulsa's you either have to get 100% crit on the explosion (with at most 2.0 base crit, which needs 4900% increased crit, so impossible) or get 100% shock chance (which doesn't give any damage value wise like crit)." without even considering the fact that you can scale lightning damage just fine without crit.

    You can get 100% increased damage on the explosion by just equipping the tempest, the shock itself is a multiplier, Elemental Overload is a multiplier, and there's tons of global Elemental and Lightning damage scaling on the tree and items.

    You want the explosions to be able to shock, were planning on scaling shock chance, but don't see how broken the item would be if it could chain it's own explosions, when you were literally planning on doing that?

    [–] When was Inpulsa's Broken Heart's explosion changed to not be able to shock? RichJMoney 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in pathofexile

    Dude, every post you make you act like you understand this game at a completely different level than everyone else. You sound like a completely self centered narcissistic douchebag. You didn't even look at the item or the page after the league started and you're talking about how much you theory crafted based on the text that existed 2 weeks before the league started... over 2 months ago.

    Gratuitous violence and Inpulsa's are different mechanics which scale off different things and are triggered by different things. There is far more global elemental damage and lightning damage on items and tree, then global phys damage, so saying Gratuitous is easier to scale is just wrong. You do realize that all the "physical damage with X" nodes don't affect the explosions right? And if Gratuitous Violence explosion could CAUSE BLEEDING it would be just as broken as if Inpulsa's could CAUSE SHOCK.

    I'm literally running 2 builds with Impusla's, Light Poachers with Phys to lightning... it's not new.

    You're acting like all the people telling you that you could chain explosions are stupid because you can't get enough crit, but at the same time you're talking about scaling shock chance... which would just chain the explosions.

    [–] When was Inpulsa's Broken Heart's explosion changed to not be able to shock? RichJMoney 0 points ago in pathofexile

    You know you can shock without critting right? There's 45% chance to shock on the tree alone, +20% as a pathfinder, +10% doryani's invitation, +10% Doryani's Fist, +10% mind of the council, +5% Rashkaldor's Patience or +5-10% Yoke of Suffering.

    So during flask effect you can have 100% chance to shock without critting at all.

    Ylfban's can just make shocked ground when you're hit so you could actually just use Eye of Innocence with 100% chance to ignite as well.

    And "at most 2.0 base crit" comes out of nowhere... Infernal Blow's explosion has a 5% crit chance, and spells other than incinerate all have a 4-7% crit chance. Pure Talent and Scion's Assassin node can get +2% base crit on top of whatever the explosion has to start with.

    How can you tell someone that they haven't really thought about it when you are talking out of your ass.

    [–] When was Inpulsa's Broken Heart's explosion changed to not be able to shock? RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    The explosions never shocked. The text on the wiki was from an item preview weeks before the league started and was edited shortly after league start.

    [–] When was Inpulsa's Broken Heart's explosion changed to not be able to shock? RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    You have some very strange ideas dude.

    I don't think you understand how much damage % life as lightning (which is then scaled by global damage, lightning damage and elemental damage) really is.

    Your idea was to use this to create an autobomber, which doesn't need this as it's a strong build already. Plenty of bombers out there get by just fine... with the chest piece designed for heralds that makes supporting 2 5 link heralds possible with no reservation nodes.

    You never looked at the item or wiki since the start of the league, but you're mad enough to make a post about how it destroyed your build.

    And you think that the hundreds of people using it are wrong and this chest piece is crap?

    You do know that if the explosion could shock it would be a fucking broken as fuck mechanic right? If you got 100% shock chance you basically have infinite vaal DD... 1 thing explodes, shocks the stuff it hits and those die and explode.... etc.

    [–] When was Inpulsa's Broken Heart's explosion changed to not be able to shock? RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    As of the day it was released it had that text.

    The gamepedia wiki does not necessarily ever reflect what is actually in the game as tt is user generated. Items are sometimes even added before they are in the game when they are previewed by GGG. That original page seems to have been created well before the league even started, maybe it didn't have that text on the preview or maybe it was just neglected on the weekend. But there was no "change" to the item itself so your plan was always doomed.

    [–] is mirage archer worth using on caustic arrow? RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    CA Clouds don't stack, and you generally kill things with the degen rather than the hit, I'm not sure that Mirage Archer would give you much of an advantage as it will likely just stack clouds on top of each other since the mobs won't die instantly as with an attack that kills when it hits.

    [–] GGG, Please stop spamming my YouTube subscriptions feed. RichJMoney 2 points ago in pathofexile

    I don't know what the traffic numbers look like, but if the MTX showcase videos on youtube are primarily for the purpose of having the preview in the store and that makes up the vast majority of the traffic to those videos, would it make sense to have a separate channel created for MTX previews only?

    It seems like those make up the bulk of the "noise" that people wouldn't necessarily want to get notified about and it would make the main channel a more accurate representation of content created by GGG specifically for consumption on YouTube such as build guides, league previews and expansion information.

    If it's something that you would consider, I think it would bring up the overall feeling of polish on the main channel as right now if I look at "newest videos" I don't see anything that really feels like content that I'd want to watch outside of the shop where I have to be to make a purchase anyway.

    [–] Hi, ggg! If I do not use Steam, then how can I buy these skulls? Maybe you put them in the classic effects in yout main store? Thanks! RichJMoney 6 points ago in pathofexile

    /u/Jeb_McLev gave you the reason why they won't ever be in the main store.

    Saying "cool story" and dismissing his comment makes you sound like a dick. Maybe that wasn't your intention, but given that he gave you the reason that your request won't ever be fulfilled along with a couple other examples, he put effort into trying to explain why.

    To further explain, these are steam exclusive and were attached to a limited time event. Being tied to an event and "exclusive" means that they were created with the explicit understanding that you would have to use steam to get them originally, they were only available outside of the market for a limited time, and there is no other way to generate one of these items. Every copy of those skulls up for sale, is an individual selling their specific MTX. There will never be any more copies of these Skull effects then currently exist, and putting them into the store to purchase would be a huge breach of trust. If GGG suddenly undercut these with the same transactions in the store it would hurt the value of the existing items, and no one in their right mind would ever trust that anything GGG releases as exclusive/limited again.

    If you choose not to use steam, then you're choosing not to use any of the features of steam which include these specific skulls because they are ONLY available in the Steam marketplace.

    Based on the screenshot, you clearly have steam and linking accounts is an easy and (through support) reversible process. You don't need it in the GGG MTX store both because you don't need the skulls and because you can choose to use steam to get them if you really wanted them that badly.