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    [–] Could "weekend sales" last an actual weekend? RichJMoney 1 points ago in pathofexile

    You're complaining that what usually is the biggest discounts they offer is open for too long a window? You know some people actually work 36 hour shifts over a weekend in the medical world so if it was a tight 48 hours, a lot of people might not get access to a sale at all even if it covered just Saturday and Sunday in every time zone. They have their best sales wide enough that almost everyone could have access to it if they wanted, and you're bitching about it why?

    [–] Kitty Attacks! RichJMoney 1 points ago in Eyebleach

    When I adopted mine I made a point of yelping or hissing whenever he bite too hard or used his claws and always pushed into his bite rather than pulling away. Generally I've been told they usually learn limits from play with other kittens/cats the same way. Seemed to work out with Pavlov, he doesn't really break the skin ever unless I get him too riled up.

    [–] [Homemade] Cheddar Chive Biscuits with Chives I grew in my garden RichJMoney 1 points ago in food

    I'd love to make these! What can I substitute for chives from your garden? Would just chives work?

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 1 points ago in ebikes

    Considering my only bike experience was the previous non-etrike I owned, I paid for it originally to come as assembled, and I had no tools I was not even aware what had to be done much less equipped to make it happen. When I purchase something and a part doesn't fit, my initial reaction isn't to bend steel to make it fit. I'd have a pile of broken expensive PC parts if that was the case. Additionally there was no information saying I had to spread it until a non-Luna community member pointed it out. The bike was sold to me as assembled, and though I ended up getting it unassembled I still expected it to have been prepared in some way. It might be common knowledge to you that some forks need to be spread, but part of growing a community is teaching rather than expecting people to have knowledge without experience.

    [–] I SWEAR distant bushes are purposefully rendered to look like people RichJMoney 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Steam is often blocked at workplaces so any post using the Steam hosting I use the URL to upload to Imgur if I want to see it.

    [–] DrDisRespect loves the game RichJMoney 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    I would consider PUBG's aiming part of the "bullshit" of it. I can have my crosshairs in one spot, and hit 3 different places depending on my view. While it may technically be realistic based on where the gun is sometimes, it's un-intuitive and provides no positive gameplay experiences. It feels like realism for the sake of realism and should be hand waved a bit just like ammo to improve gameplay.

    [–] DrDisRespect loves the game RichJMoney 5 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS I don't really know how you can say that if you looked at my gallery. Going frame by frame, the exact time we see the muzzle flash we also see the crosshair straight on the enemy. While it doesn't end up hitting, it doesn't look like it was "way off". The pellets hit the ground behind where the enemy was when we see the muzzle flash so it's hard to say he was late firing when you shouldn't have to lead at all at this range.

    [–] DrDisRespect loves the game RichJMoney 11 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    You're technically not wrong, but it's a bit fucky looking at it frame by frame.

    His first shot seems bad. The enemy's legs are in profile and only cover half the reticle. You are correct here, he barely hits the first shot. This is on the Doc.

    His second shot seems to be either a bit desynced, or twitch didn't capture when he actually fired. Hit pellets impact the area directly behind where the enemy player's body was when we see the muzzle flash. Where he appears to fire in the video, the enemy player is clearly in his sights, but there's clearly no hit. I can't really tell if "he missed" or if there was a desync issue.

    His third shot only came after he was knocked out, so he didn't even really fire it. Would have missed though if he had fired in time. Here we have the game giving the Doc a false sense that his shot went off, although obviously it came too late. This can easily cause someone to have an off the cuff reaction of "bullshit" happening before looking at the replay. It's still a problem that the game presents this shot as having been fired, but it's not a situation where it should have hit if the game was behaving properly.


    He barley hit the first shot and missed the other two his second seems like some PUBG bullshit, and he didn't even get a third shot lul

    [–] I'm looking for the name of the company who makes these (or similar). RichJMoney 1 points ago in HelpMeFind

    There's many different brands, but it looks like a fairly standard Laptop cart. is a similar model.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    I authorize refunds and would not have done any less than 100% regardless of any policy. We sent you all parts you said were missing and even sent you $100 to help.

    I don't know what your personal policy is, I just know what I'm told and what I see on the page. A return at any point after the trike was shipped means that I have to find a way to package it so it doesn't get damaged and find a trike somewhere.

    I still want a trike to ride, the $100 was specifically the cost of assembly that should have been done at Luna Cycle in the first place. There was no effort made to ensure assembly was possible. If local customers purchased the same trike then the front fork spacing, and battery/hub controller motor should have been things that were done properly before shipping, as that still part of "professional conversion"

    I would think those are pretty good gestures of goodwill. Given our repeated attempts to help do you really think previous miscommunication is evidence of something nefarious?

    The first offer for a full refund was made passive aggressively by you while criticizing my complaint that the frame was damaged:

    Josh called my roommate asking "if I still wanted it" and when I called back made it clear that I could assemble it with basic bike/trike assembling knowledge, which I had done before. He also said I could return it as per the policy or take it in for assembly. There was no mention of needing to bend steel (with even force on both forks and keeping the dropouts parallel), or that the trike was not going to be still assembled/tested prior to shipping.

    The 4 updates to the web page due to my order reflect the poor forethought in offering this product, and literally everything that I was told prior to it arriving was outright incorrect or misleading, from the original advertised assembly, to the shipping method, to making sure that it was "perfectly function and ready to go out of the box before we ship it" when in reality my order had not been touched at that point.

    You've shipped me the parts that should have been part of the original order, they have not arrived yet. I was told the bike would be dis-assembled to ship, it was not assembled in the first place. I was told 1-2 weeks, then found out about month long delays that started before my order, and every time I post an update to a community page about the status of my order you reply and change the story about what I was told and what I asked for.

    Your other attempts to help have involved deleting the thread where you made the only offer of a full refund with no 10% fee (until today), blaming me for not knowing a trike can't be shipped assembled (when it took your team 21 days to know it after my order), and now telling me that I "won't figure it out" when you could have explained that the fork needs to be spread for the motor (something that could have been done pre-shipping).

    I have amended the returns page with info that cancellation fee will be waived if cancel/return is due to something out of customer control as long as agreed with support ahead of time. I hope that helps clarify things. So please send it back.

    I don't even have all the parts to send you, as the charger, toolkit, and torque arm have not arrived. You've not provided me a means to get the shipping label you offered in the thread that you deleted, and I would still have to spend hours dis-assembling the trike and trying to get it semi-packed in a way that would ship so I can wait another week for a refund before trying to get an e-trike somewhere else. I noted the change to your policy in an edit to my post here.

    I'm taking it into a local bike shop tonight as I've always intended and now that I know the issue with the spacing in particular I will see if it can be addressed by them. I've had to call in a favor from a friend to transport it.

    My posting here and in the forum wasn't a personal attack on you or your company but just a review of my experience, which I would have posted positive or negative. I even ended my original (deleted) post optimistically as I had just talked with Joe and was looking forward to a resolution I've now started being a bit aggressive as my thread on an forum supposedly independent of LunaCycle was deleted, and your responses have implied that I made choices knowing things that I could not know. I've posted every email interaction with Luna Cycle here as well as parts of the thread that was deleted that I could recover. I'm posting as transparently as possible on social media regarding an eCommerce company with which I have done business.

    [–] Well, it may have took a league extension, but I met my Legacy League goal RichJMoney 8 points ago in pathofexile

    I'm desperately behind on my own goal of 40/40. Been dealing with health issues and a nightmare trying to get some transportation going. Seeing other people still pushing helps a lot though!

    [–] My husband attempted to help with the laundry. I don't buy pink towels because I don't like pink. RichJMoney 1 points ago in therewasanattempt

    I did as well until about a year ago. I washed a floor mat with some red and now half of my colors somehow have enough bleed-able red even now that they will add a pink hue to my whites. I threw away a ton of light pink shirts because they still turned new shirts light pink after many consecutive washings, bleaching a, OxyCleans etc.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    Thanks a ton for the information. As the partial refund came in the last few days, it had not been in my initial plan to pay for assembly as additional out of pocket, but if that's a somewhat standard practice I will call a local shop to see if it can be done.

    The angular sides were just a visual difference I noticed as I was not informed at any point that there would be a difference in the hub motor and the fork that I was sent as when I made the purchase it was advertised as assembled, and it's been a bit of a cluster since then, so I made an incorrect assumption based on the evidence of "motor I have doesn't fit fork I have" and seeing something different. Clearly, I was mistaken and I've updated my post to reflect that. Despite having to ship dis-assembled (but actually shipped un-assembled) this does seem like the kind of modification that should have been made if the product I received was supposed to work.

    Edit: While I can find people who've spaced their forks (on a steel frame) before, and the LunaCycle motor page does mention this, the local bike shop hadn't heard of it being done. I updated my trouble ticket to LunaCycle asking how they normally accomplish the spacing as presumably since this bike was designed to be assembled there should be a process for it.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    But I was told that via email, 21 days after my order with no movement:

    And you're replying to the person who Josh called first, my roommate, who also posted that at no point in HIS conversation was a refund offered (Here), just an indifferent questioning as to whether I still wanted the bike.

    /u/saltosaurus communicated his call to me via telegram and gave me the number to call, see here:

    In my call, Josh SPECIFICALLY referenced the return policy fee when explaining my option for a refund with the other option being shipping it dis-assembled and doing self assembly or professional paid for assembly. I specifically asked both about what assembly would be required, and why it was only now that they discovered that the bike could not be shipped (3 weeks after my order). If you recorded the call on your end, I would welcome it to be posted but otherwise it's your 2nd hand account (as you weren't on the call) contradicting the phone call my roommate received, the call that I made, and the email that was sent by Scott. You also even apologized for the cancellation fee offered by Scott in the thread that you deleted which proves that your statement now that I "was never going to be charged" doesn't line up with what you know for a fact that I was told. Just because you delete something doesn't mean it didn't happen, and just because you know that delays don't incur a fee doesn't mean that I know that when I'm told the opposite.

    Edit: My entire decision to have the bike shipped "partially dis-assembled" was made under the assumption that it had been assembled and confirmed working (Professional assembly advertised on the website and mentioned via email as part of the cause of delay), that the assembly on my end would be something I could accomplish (walked through it with Josh on the phone), that I had already waited 3 weeks for this bike after my order, and that I would incur a 10% fee for the trouble I caused of giving you my money assuming I'd get a product as advertised. Repeatedly stating that "I insisted on having it shipped un-assembled" doesn't change the fact that even accounting for that what I was shipped wasn't usable at all and that my decision was based on incorrect information. Your offer of a refund on the forum thread was deleted, and I have no reason to believe that it would be honored if I ship back a bike that's been assembled by an amateur, packed as best as I can, and you wouldn't turn around an point at your policy that indicates that returns have to be unopened and unused despite you making the offer after knowing I'd already started assembly and telling me to hit the frame with a hammer.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 6 points ago in ebikes

    Most companies have the occasional problems with orders, but when those problems are addressed through direct customer service there's generally not a lot of noise about it. Additionally I personally praised the response I got from your customer service after calling about the missing charger (and detailing the experience up to that point), not because I was offered a million things, but because my concerns were listened to and I was told they would be escalated.

    I'm sharing my experience online because that's the only actual accountability that an "eCommerce company" as you bill yourselves have to the public: Your reputation online. If I had put the bike together and everything worked as promised and was included, I would have posted a youtube video of my first ride and given you positive advertising for free. If when I I was initially told that it couldn't be shipped assembled and offered the cost of assembly locally, I would have taken it to a shop upon receipt.

    The partial refund wasn't even offered until a few days ago, and your offers to ship it back still involve me doing another several hours of work to disassemble it and risking your company saying it wasn't shipped back in unused condition. You're quick to respond here when "attacked" but you seem to think my issues revolve primarily around having to assemble it when most of my problems have been with the customer service and the poor communication with regard to what I was getting for my money, before my order (May 9th), 2 weeks after my order, 3 weeks after my order when it was "discovered" that it could not be shipped assembled, 4 weeks after my order when it arrived having never been put together, missing parts, and me being told that "all bikes need minimal assembly" by you when now you're saying that I should have somehow known that I'd need the fork expanded, and the general combination of hostile responses, deleting of information, and now twisting of the facts that contradict your own previous statements.

    I actually manage projects, incidents and, maintenance for technology infrastructure on an enterprise level for a living, and worked directly in retail for 6 years prior to that. As I explained to Joe on the phone, I know problems happen, they happen with every company, but I appreciated the fact that he simply listened to my problems, took an active role in trying to gather more information about the state of my order and experience, and stated that while he personally could not do anything for me, he could escalate my issues to management/ownership. Joe was what 100% what I expect from a customer service representative for any company that deals directly with customers. He didn't offer me anything at all, but he didn't try to "win" by turning the problems on to me. I left that call happy, and wasn't going to post anywhere until you replied to my ticket with a message that ignored my actual issues of shipping method, complete lack of prior assembly, no included information regarding the components that were included and missing parts due to carelessness, while implying that there was "more disassembly" done when it had never actually been assembled in the first place. I'd get the things I should have had prior to that:

    I mentioned that I paid for an assembled trike, not because I expected to get one after being told it would come dis-assembled, but because that is what I paid for 28 days prior to getting what seemed to be an incomplete stock trike with a conversion kit quickly shoved in the box with it.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    Josh called my roommate initially as the transaction was under his name. He told my roommate that it could not be shipped assembled and asked if he still wanted it. My roommate told him that he'd have to talk to me and forwarded me his number. When I called I was told that they could not figure out a way to ship it assembled, and that I could assemble it myself or pay for local assembly. I was told I could also get a refund as per the policy on e-bikes. This was already 3 weeks after I had paid for a "Professionally Assembled" bike, and I didn't want to eat 10%. I literally asked him what level of assembly would be required as I have built a trike before and not once was having to expand the fork with shop tools mentioned. If expanding the fork and mounting the battery and controller properly were part of the build process for the local purchases, why wasn't that done for my trike?

    Both Josh and you implied that it would be/had been dis-assembled for transport, what I got was the front wheel removed from the box, the hub wheel added, the frame repacked with wiring and controls attached and the bottom of the basket awkwardly dangling off the frame with the Battery and Controller mounted in a way that could not be mounted to the rear axel assembly.

    I've only now run into the hub vs fork issue because I've had to assemble it in the short bursts of time that I have between work and other engagements. You offered me a full refund once on the forums in a thread that you deleted. "If you're so unhappy how about I ship you a UPS label and you can return it".

    My trouble tickets had gone unanswered until I made threads and the offers weren't made there. In my private support interaction which I've posted there was just the mention that "all bikes require minimal assembly" and saying that I'd get the motor and tool tracking numbers in a few days. While you delete information (your reply to my first thread and my forums thread, I post more information (the deleted thread and my support tickets).

    Your story has continued to shift into an agenda that makes it seem like I insisted on having it come completely un-assembled when that doesn't even address the fact that your team never even considered how to ship it until 3 weeks after my order, didn't include even the basic parts needed to assemble and operate it, and that you were a month behind schedule from a move that took place before my order but I was still told 1-2 weeks for the "Professionally Assembled" trike to be delivered before I even ordered.

    This is an age of social media, I researched your company on the forums and here, so when I had an experience with compounding problems and I felt like those issues were not being addressed satisfactorily, I posted about them in the two places where I had read feedback. It probably feels similar to not having a working bike after $1600 ($1700-$100), 3 months of shopping and dodging scams, 5 weeks of waiting on a company that I feel didn't make the bare minimum effort to ensure they could actually sell a product online before releasing it. Regardless of how the conversations happened after the fact (since your story is that I insisted on having it shipped this way despite objections), it should never have been put up for sale as able to be shipped assembled if your company didn't even think about how to ship it, and the trike should have been made able to be assembled prior to shipping. If posting about my experience online in open forums is bad mouthing you, then maybe some effort should have been made to make my experience positive before that. As I stated both here and on the forum thread, I was actually happy after talking with Joe and explaining the missing components, but your terse reply which put the blame on me for expecting what was advertised made it worse.

    If re-spacing the front fork is standard for hub motor installations, that means I can likely get it done locally, but it's just another thing that could have still been done before I even got the trike, along with taking an actual inventory of what was being shipped me me (like a charger, toolkit, torque arm, etc) hell, somehow even the wingnuts to connect the front basket are missing and I hadn't even brought that up because it's something, like the chain that I can handle on my own.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    Josh called me to tell me the bike could not be assembled and that I had the option to assemble it myself, or I could get a refund subject to your policies. There was no objection made to shipping it, I was just told that it would take the ability to assemble a bicycle. As I have assembled a tricycle before this didn't seem daunting. I was told that I could assemble it myself or take it in and it would cost me around $100 at a shop. This was already 3 weeks after I had placed my order before your team even realized that they could not ship a product that they were selling. Here is your team telling me that I'd have to eat the 10% fee even though there was a month delay: and the policy here

    You refunded me $100 a day ago for assembly, which you only offered via REDDIT, AFTER I made my previous post. So yes, while I opened a trouble ticket with you, I also posted an update here because you seem to care more about your reputation online than actually addressing your customers concerns before they make them public. Give me a minute, I'll just upload the entire email interactions I've had from being told that it would take 1-2 weeks, to being "ready to go out of the box". Your spinning of this situation doesn't match your own words that you deleted from the forums or what you said to me in email.

    Here's my email interaction:

    Note, I'm told 1-2 weeks on May 9th, then 2 weeks later I'm told that there's a month delay because of a move that finished in April. I checked on the status of my bike again a week later and I'm told I can get a refund as per the policy on your site: which is a 10% "processing fee"

    I obviously didn't record the phone conversations but you communicated with my Roommate first as the transaction was done under his name and he gave me the number to call back and talk to your staff. I was offered again a refund as per the policy (which is a 10% fee).

    The fact is in all of this LunaCycle sold something that they had not even considered how to ship, they had not assembled with the parts that I was given. You're only objecting to my personal assembly now in fact when I posted about the damage to the frame on the rear, YOU LITERALLY TOLD ME to take a hammer and block of wood to fix the bent drop out in the rear. or do you not remember saying things if you delete the thread? And here you're simultaneously telling me "you are not going to figure it out man" and "did not use the refund for paying for professional assembly as agreed." I never agreed to use the refund for anything, I opened a trouble ticket asking for it and indicated that I was trying to find a bike tech who could come to me as I don't have transportation.

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    I didn't specifically request it be sent unassembled, it was offered versus the 10% restocking fee. I specifically asked what sort of assembly was required and I was told that it was just the normal bike assembly. The fork is 100mm and the motor is 110mm so I'd need professional equipment to even make the modification to make it fit. You even stated that I should not have been told there was a cancellation fee in the thread you deleted: I was told that it could not ship assembled and that they could ship it partially dis-assembled or I could get a refund minus the restocking fee. I was delivered a trike that had never been built, cannot be built without physical modifications to the frame, missing parts and received just hostility from you at the start.

    I also made it clear that I was trying to assemble it and was trying to find a tech to come finish it. The refund requested was based on the cost of assembly that was advertised versus the cost I was quoted for professional assembly on my end, and was offered by you on reddit before I even mentioned trying to find a professional. I used part of that refund to buy a chain and chain tool so that I could finish assembly and hopefully get it to a shop to be tuned. Blaming me for being unable to assemble a bike that literally cannot be put together is ironic considering that Luna Cycle put a product on sale that they did not even consider the shipping and assembly process for. The battery and hub controller were attached on to the basket in a way that made it unable to fit onto the frame at all, so even the minor assembly that was done by Luna Cycle was done incorrectly. The battery fitting conflicted with the bars that bolt on to hold the basket and the controller on the underside of the basket was mounted where part of the rear axel fit. I don't think that modifying the fork to accommodate a normal hub is part of normal bicycle assemble.

    I guess I'll have to screenshot my tickets and your responses to those since you seem bent on twisting this experience to be my fault. You even deleted my thread on the forums and your top level reply to my main thread. The only way I even got the offer for a refund of the assembly cost was after I made a thread here. Edit: I was even told via email that I'd have to follow you policy on cancelled bikes 3 weeks after it was ordered when it hadn't even shipped yet: even though the order hadn't been touched at that point. And here is YOU saying that it was "dis-assembled" to ship, when it had not been put together AT ALL as evidenced by the motor size vs the fork size, the mis-mounted battery and hub controller, the missing link from the bike chain, the 100% sealed rear assembly, etc

    [–] Update on my trike purchased from Luna-Cycle. 100% unusable. RichJMoney 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    This spacers were installed that way to begin with when I received the motor. I even removed them and flipped them around to put on the interior of the fork. But the motor won't install without making contact with the fork without the fork being bent outwards. The fork is too small for just the motor itself the hub itself makes contact with the fork.

    Neither side of my motor has the angled section shown in the demo videos. If you look at my album, both sides of my motor have flat sides stepped down and the screenshots from the videos of the trike clearly show the angle that I pointed out. My motor does match the one they sell but not the one tested on the demo bike.

    [–] Purchased a Trike from Luna Cycle after researching their company a bit and seeing a number of highly upvoted posts here, seemed to get nothing but problems for my money. RichJMoney 1 points ago in ebikes

    I opened a trouble ticket for another missing part (torque arm) and for the assembly fee. I would have appreciated being offered that immediately when your team realized that it could not be shipped, or when I originally sent the ticket in for the missing parts which prevented assembly. I understand that problems happen, but the compounding of problems is why I am frustrated and the noise that I've had to make before being offered solutions that didn't leave me without a trike after 4+ weeks.

    [–] Purchased a Trike from Luna Cycle after researching their company a bit and seeing a number of highly upvoted posts here, seemed to get nothing but problems for my money. RichJMoney 2 points ago in ebikes

    I was asked if the it was Okay that the trike was going to be shipped un-assembled and I was told that otherwise I could get a refund with the restocking fee. The representative I talked to at the time specifically mentioned the "return and refund policy". This was also 3 full weeks after I had placed my order, so I was already looking at a month before having a trike. I didn't "decided I want it un-assembled" I was given the choice between that or not having a trike at all and losing 10%. Additionally I was told that it would be "partially assembled on the phone" and Paxtana literally argued with me that no bikes come assembled before he deleted the thread on your forums. My issue isn't that I need to assemble the trike, the fact that I wasn't told that "professional assembly" wasn't part of my purchase until I had already waited 21 days, I wasn't immediately offered a partial refund to pay for local assembly, and my return would have been subject to a restocking fee. It felt like I had been bait and switched. I didn't even get this call telling me this until I reached out for an update on my order since it had been 3 weeks.

    The fact is that your website advertised "Professional Assembly" and that's not what was delivered. Yes I agreed to have it shipped only "Partially Assembled" but when it arrived it hadn't previously been assembled and tested, and there was no effort to ensure I had everything that I should have.

    Finally, when I did receive my trike, it came via a method different than I was told, completely disassembled, with no packing slip, missing a charger, toolkit, and torque arm. There was no documentation for the motor, charger or battery, and the assembly instructions were a single page that had been re-copied so many times that the diagrams are impossible to distinguish. Paxtana only yesterday made an offer to refund the cost of assembly, for which I've opened a trouble ticket along with requesting the torque arm that was shown on the page.

    I've documented my posted conversation on the forums before they were deleted by Paxtana and if you read it he's clearly making the argument that I should have NEVER expected it to be assembled and he even changed the website description to reflect that it would come disassembled for other people:

    Your team only shipped an unassembled trike because you released a product that you couldn't ship as advertised and I was the guinea pig. Rather than making sure delivery to the customer was possible prior to release, your team waited until I ordered and then waited until my order was 3 weeks old before even talking to me about assembly. As I've stated previously... all I want to do is ride the Trike that I paid for. I'm eventually getting the charger and a toolkit, I've purchased some tools already to attempt to finish the assembly after spending several hours on it.

    In my mind, I should have been offered the partial refund to hire professional assembly 2 weeks ago when I got the phone call telling me it would ship disassembled, and when it arrived missing parts, those parts should have been expedited in some way.

    Your new hire Joe, whom I talked to on the phone shortly after receiving my bike was VERY good at his job. He recorded what I had problems with, asked follow up questions, admitted that there were clearly mistakes in the process, and said that while he couldn't offer anything immediately that he would raise the issue to management/ownership. Gary (paxtana) on the other hand, made excuses, blamed me for not knowing it would come unassembled when I ordered it May 9th because "no one ships bikes completely assembled", blamed UPS for no requiring a signature (despite the CSR and website saying it would be shipped Old Dominion freight), blamed KHS for the damaged frame (which may have been their fault but there was no inspection done), and said that I would be getting tracking information for the charger in a couple of days... he made no active effort to offer me more than the bare minimum of getting the parts I should have already had through the normal shipping process.

    I don't mind having to get my hands dirty and assembling the bike myself, I'm mad that every step in getting an assembled bike has run into problems and delays, and your Support lead is almost hostile to interact with as a customer, deletes criticisms (and his own top level comment here), and makes no effort to ensure that I'm happy as a customer. Only after I posted publicly was I asked "to tell him what he could do to make it right", offered a refund without the restocking fee, and eventually offered a partial refund for assembly. Those offers should have been part of the interaction that I had 2 weeks ago when your team discovered that they couldn't ship the bike assembled and called me.

    [–] I followed the instructions but I'm not getting my Twitch Prime loot? RichJMoney 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    I had to disconnect and reconnect my twitch account from PUBG but following that it came instantly.

    [–] Purchased a Trike from Luna Cycle after researching their company a bit and seeing a number of highly upvoted posts here, seemed to get nothing but problems for my money. RichJMoney 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in ebikes

    Thanks for the response Eric. I know I've kicked up a lot of noise here, but judging by the other responses it doesn't seem unusual.

    I linked your comment in the main post in an effort to post updates as they occur and give your comment visiblity.

    I'm disappointed to see that Paxtana delete my thread on the electric-bike forums. I've documented the thread as far as I had looked at it HERE. Given that he's a customer service representative in some form or fashion, but a moderator there and this subreddit, I guess it's not too surprising that I didn't see a ton of problems with Luna when doing my research here and there. Controlling the primary areas where criticisms can be spread is a lot easier than making the changes you're talking about, but I tend to be cynical and assume the worse in these situations.