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    [–] For Gods sake Lidl, its September RigasTelRuun 1 points ago in ireland

    And newish regulations stating a product needs to be on sale for at least 30+ days before you can advertise its "on sale for a reduced price" so usually they put these out at a higher price so they can "reduce" it to normal prices in the season. And if some poor soul buys it at the inflated early price that's another win for them.

    [–] Thats slander RigasTelRuun 2 points ago in Daredevil

    All awards shows and categories usually are. Don't put too much stock in them, after all Shakespeare in Love won 7 Oscars and nominated for 6 more. Beating things like Saving Private Ryan, American History X, and the Truman Show.

    [–] This has to be one of the worst promos i've ever seen (BOI Live Life Rewards) RigasTelRuun 1 points ago in ireland

    One time I got €5 back on petrol. Next time the offer came around the amount of petrol i'd have to buy wouldn't actually fit in my car. So presumably top many people took them up on the first offer.

    [–] This Touch Switch Lamp RigasTelRuun 3 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    On the back you can see screw holes. You only need a few strategic ones mounted. The rest can clip in then.

    [–] Any interesting school memories? RigasTelRuun 2 points ago in CasualIreland

    Ireland is small enough, so it's more likely than some places. That said I dont think I've ever actually bumped into anyone I know in real life in here. So who knows

    [–] Any interesting school memories? RigasTelRuun 2 points ago in CasualIreland

    My nickname was Casper. I freaked out a little, but as I read the rest I realised it probably wasn't me.

    [–] Pandas has to be the goofiest animals RigasTelRuun -1 points ago in funny

    Be genetically bottlenecked, really stupid, have a diet of one extremely nutrient deficient plant, and not be able to procreate without outside help?

    [–] Do drone arcades exist? RigasTelRuun 2 points ago in drones

    Very unlikely given the cost of them. Letting someone with zero experience fly is guaranteed damage.

    [–] 4 Pages? RigasTelRuun 3 points ago in freelanceWriters

    I'm not sure what the penalty for academic fraud is.

    [–] Are Schema Wordpress Plugins Worth It? RigasTelRuun 1 points ago in juststart

    Why dont yiu try one and then compare it to your own results.

    [–] What’s the deal with the Epic Store beef? RigasTelRuun 5 points ago in giantbomb

    I don't get it either. I mean youd think Steam was an amazing and functional system by the way they are going.