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    [–] 'Get out of my country,' he said before shooting. He pleads guilty to hate crime RikerT_USS_Lolipop 15 points ago in news

    There are people who have started using the word "terrorist" to literally mean "bad guy". They will call anyone they disagree with in a political sense a terrorist and then in their brain that opens up the flood gates so you can break whatever morality laws, or Geneva Convention laws that might get in the way of destroying them.

    [–] What are obvious things you've just become aware of? RikerT_USS_Lolipop 0 points ago in AskReddit

    Modern surgical best practices is to never perform surgery unless medically necessary, and with the patients consent. Regular go-to-temple-only-on-Chanuka Jews are perpetuating a horrible practice.

    [–] A new examination of the Alaska Permanent Fund's, a $61-billion communal resource backed by oil, which has been running for more than 35 years, economic impact shows that the universal payments didn't incite people to quit their jobs and actually increased part-time work. RikerT_USS_Lolipop 1 points ago in Futurology

    That's because the top .01% of rich people have so much more money than everyone else.

    If you have an income of $100,000k a year, and the four other people in your state make $5k a year, a 50% flat tax means you paid $50,000 and everyone else combined paid $10,000. The top 20% of the population is paying 80% of the taxes.

    What a catastrophe! Won't somebody please think of the poor rich people!? Their taxes are too high!

    No... they are just way, way, way richer than the common person understands.

    [–] What skill is highly valued by some people but doesnt help get even the strangest job? RikerT_USS_Lolipop 1 points ago in AskReddit

    No, it's one of those situations where you can't do much right, but you can do a lot wrong. Like cooking a complicated dish. There is only one way to do it right, but there are hundreds of ways to fuck it up.

    [–] Those damn unattractive people staying in loving relationships RikerT_USS_Lolipop 1 points ago in Nicegirls

    Did you go on the date?

    In college there was a girl I had been crushing on for a while. Circumstances made it so that we spent an afternoon hanging out together. I helped her with her homework, I showed her my scrapebooks, we talked about all kinds of stuff. After three or four hours I asked her if she would go on a date with me and she screamed Home Alone style with her hands on her face. After a few seconds I askesd her, does that mean yes? And she said, yes, and then I tried to make details like where and when. She stopped me and said she would be back in just a minute. An hour later she cancelled our date because she asked her floor mates for advice. I assume the advice was whether to go on the date or not. And apparently I wasn't good enough for them.

    There are anecdotes in here from men as well as women who were told their girlfriend is ugly or something. But I think there is way more judging going on among women. A guy does not give a fuck what his friends think of his girlfriend, but a woman is very deeply invested in what her friends think of her boyfriend. It's a damned shame.

    [–] Comcast website bug leaks Xfinity router data, like Wi-Fi name and password RikerT_USS_Lolipop 1 points ago in gadgets

    This is exactly the issue. I kept getting notices in the mail that my modem was old and no longer reaching the speeds it used to. That is not how technology works so I threw them away. Eventually I noticed that their modems broadcast publicly so anyone with a comcast account can use my pipe if they are nearby. Fuck. That.

    [–] Family says supermarket wouldn't write Summa Cum Laude on a cake due to profanity RikerT_USS_Lolipop 1 points ago in nottheonion

    I believe it shouldn't matter what the cake says, by definition. Literally there is no combination of letters and numbers I want prohibited from a cake, or anything else.

    • Hitler did nothing wrong!

    • Rape is morally justifiable if she won't fuck you.

    Pictures of Mohammad fucking pigs.

    ISIS recruitment messages.

    I don't give a fuck. And I wish everyone else held free speech in that regard.

    [–] Ladies, what are some things in a guy's apartment that set off red flags? RikerT_USS_Lolipop 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This isn't about people who have sex and then the woman changes her mind and accuses him of rape. This is about women you come to your house, leave, and then say they were raped.

    [–] Ladies, what are some things in a guy's apartment that set off red flags? RikerT_USS_Lolipop -21 points ago in AskReddit

    I haven't said anything about making a sex tape. I'm talking about bugging your own house to protect yourself from false rape accusations.

    [–] Ladies, what are some things in a guy's apartment that set off red flags? RikerT_USS_Lolipop -20 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah except no harm is done if a woman ignores a dude asking her out

    He doesn't know whether she isn't interested, didn't understand he was asking her out, or whether she wants to play hard-to-get games. There are a lot of bitter men out there who have been treated like shit by women.

    [–] Ladies, what are some things in a guy's apartment that set off red flags? RikerT_USS_Lolipop 6 points ago in AskReddit

    In most situations there is a mom who will compusively clean up behind their son or daughter, and the son or daughter constantly tells them to stop because they are throwing out food and drinks that their kid isn't done with.

    The parent or the kid can be at fault, it depends entirely on the situation in question.

    I personally kept begging my mother to stop doing my laundry because she would smoke through the entire process and my clothes would disappear from my bedroom floor and the hamper then reappear later folded on my bed and absolutely reeking of cigaretttes. It didn't matter how much I told her that what she was doing was worse than leaving it alone. I guess she was in denial aboutw what a disgusting human being she was.

    [–] Ladies, what are some things in a guy's apartment that set off red flags? RikerT_USS_Lolipop -9 points ago in AskReddit

    This is the male equivalent of women who ghost guys that ask them out due to fear of being assaulted. It's wildly irrational, but both camps have a news story they can point to that to them justifies it all. There is a lot of sympathy for women who do some really uncool stuff in the dating world, but we aren't at the point yet where a man could have his apartment under 24/7 surveilance to avoid a false rape charge and people in a thread nod in agreement as if it were a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

    [–] Ladies, what are some things in a guy's apartment that set off red flags? RikerT_USS_Lolipop 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Men don't care if you have gaming statues. Dirty underwear on the floor? We do not give a fuck. All you really need to do is make sure it doesn't smell and there aren't dirty dishes.

    [–] I eat one meal a day and it’s fast food. I’ve done this for over a year. I need help RikerT_USS_Lolipop -1 points ago in Fitness

    I'm fluent in two foreign languages. Cooking is hard for me. Half the point of my comment was that blanket statements like "cooking is easy" are dumb because everyone is different.

    And this guy didn't offer a basic recipe. He said:

    You literally just put shit in a pan or something and wait. Get some meat and frozen veggies and canned beans. Google how to make rice too, it's really not that hard.

    [–] Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Netflix Production Deal RikerT_USS_Lolipop 8 points ago in movies

    Many comedy bits? Maybe a half dozen 30 second skits. You don't see the people who wash out of college humor during their first month getting blank checks from Netflix.

    [–] Oof RikerT_USS_Lolipop -2 points ago in funny

    Maybe if you're a woman with a kid. Most of the poor are SOL. Welfare is not nearly as common as people think. And if you're a man you will die on the street before you get help.

    [–] Mark Zuckerberg agrees to have his European testimony live streamed RikerT_USS_Lolipop 12 points ago in news

    I keep trying to see the problem here worth the time of the congressional investigations and I keep coming back to, if you don't want your data shared, don't use facebook.

    Facebook tracks and develops profiles for people who have never used the website and don't have accounts. Also, you can have your image uploaded to that site without your permission, or you can be tagged in photos without your permission.

    [–] Mark Zuckerberg agrees to have his European testimony live streamed RikerT_USS_Lolipop -1 points ago in news

    I wish our legislators grew some goddamn balls.

    Does Facebook create shadow profiles?

    "I'm.. not familiar with that term."

    This court finds you in contempt, we will resume after a thirty day recess, bailiff, please escort Mr. Zuckerberg to a cell.