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    [–] Don't know much about guns, inherited em from my father. Want to restore most/many of them. Advise on where to start plz Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in gunsmithing

    Honestly just break it down into small steps... you’re not a gunsmith, just a guy.

    Take the one circled in red :

    Take the wood off it and clean up the wood. Sand it back, wipe it, restain it.

    Then, start cleaning up the metal work.

    REMEMBER: it’s more important to finish the job and it be a little shitty then to disassemble it and go “ahhhh it’s too much” or “ I’m not good enough to do this”

    Happy learning new gun guy

    [–] Maintenance Day Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in 2007scape

    Such high effort, many wow

    [–] My first workbench build. I know it’s a pre cut kit with a box of screws, but it’s solid and level and I’m pretty proud of it. Ritterlichkeit 2 points ago in Workbenches

    Good work OP, big deal you didn’t cut the planks... you also didn’t fell the tree, you also didn’t plant the plantation... don’t get caught up thinking this isn’t good enough. Great stuff, we’ll expect to see more from you soon!

    [–] My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...... . Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in functionalprint

    Great work matey! Solving the worlds issues one shake at a time. Please continue to post.

    [–] Finally, I choose! Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in laptops

    I too could go back to the 1990’s early 2000’s and draw by hand, photo it. Drop it in onenote.. I completely understand your predicament.

    [–] Finally, I choose! Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in laptops

    Yeah it’s a tough one... I think it’s going to come down to the finer points for me. What’s your use case for the laptop?

    [–] Finally, I choose! Ritterlichkeit 3 points ago in laptops

    Please do provide feedback. I think I’m lining up for the new Lenovo yoga. I just think the touch/drawing on the screen is too much of a pull for me (business analyst, mockups and wireframes with clients)

    [–] Do people actually use Stylus for note taking? Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in laptops

    Wireframing application UI or flow. Drawing still 100% for me.

    [–] Relatable AF Ritterlichkeit 3 points ago in SQL

    Company: we need to utelise 30 years of our data. Analysis, BI, trends, graphs Dev: but your data has never followed any convention, dates are stored as text... Company: DaTeS!!! YES!!! that will look great on the graphs. I’ll allocate 3 days of effort.

    [–] New Home Owner To-Do List: Part Deux Ritterlichkeit 1 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Great post OP, thanks for being a top person