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    [–] Disrespecting those who spilled blood to defend the American flag Rob3512A 2 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    Bitch you're not defending America, you're fucking shit up for other countries.

    [–] In many species the male is smaller than the female Rob3512A 1 points ago in planesgonewild

    Jesus Christ I do not want to know your search history.

    [–] Ogas! cnrt Rob3512A 14 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    Dude calm the fuck down who shat in your coffee this morning?

    [–] "#1 in freedom" Rob3512A 6 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    Right mate do you have a loicence for browsing Reddit mate?

    [–] FeelsGoodMan Rob3512A 1 points ago in WorldOfWarships

    You have been reported!

    Your karma has decreased by 1

    [–] what are good premiums to buy? Rob3512A 2 points ago in WorldOfWarships

    Atlanta has a high skill floor and ceiling, if you play it correctly you can get krakens from burning down enemy ships and blapping destroyers, if you don't you get deleted 5 minutes in by the first heavy cruiser or BB you spot.

    [–] Make kids great again Rob3512A 12 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    A couple years ago I'd have said eating a cheeseburger and seeing obese people everywhere but the world's catching up to that quickly. :(

    [–] Make kids great again Rob3512A 9 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    Don't even need to look for SAS material anymore when they come to your doostep. The fuck is wrong with you? would you rather someone beat your ass instead of listening to you talk about your problems?

    [–] Make kids great again Rob3512A 14 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    Fuckin hell while you're whooping your kids might as well imprint the american flag onto their ass amiright?

    [–] Hoot hoot Rob3512A 1 points ago in ihadastroke


    [–] Ready for some rear end action! Rob3512A 1 points ago in planesgonewild

    Yup, she doesn't have reversers so she has huge airbrakes to slow her the fuck down during landing.

    [–] Superior wants us to be "honest" but cannot cope with our honesty Rob3512A 1 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    That director had no balls. I'd rather he not ask for criticism at all than try to pretend like he cares.

    [–] Bugged out drone thinks human is a charging station Rob3512A 3 points ago in BirdsArentReal

    Birds are very much alive and cute and are 100% not government spies

    -NOT an FBI agent

    [–] Rice Krispies has partnered with Autism Speaks Rob3512A 8 points ago in aspergers

    They want to cure autistics through eugenics, they view autistics as a disease to be eradicated, they are antivax and have been dumping money into "research" for vaccines causing autism, they portray autistics as helpless nonverbal sub humans.

    [–] How to perform CPR Rob3512A 1 points ago in coolguides

    If you can maintain it for more than 10 minutes you're already a champion.

    [–] How to perform CPR Rob3512A 3 points ago in coolguides

    Imagine pushing on your chest hard enough to compress your heart, which sits behind your ribcage.