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    [–] Flashbang!! RocTheBuzz 7 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    yea, I think COD ruined it for me, I'm the same way

    [–] Is there an easier way to clean taps,lines and faucets? RocTheBuzz 2 points ago in kegerators

    Gonna piggy back on this thread, looking for an easy cleaning method as well.

    [–] [Rosenthal] Angry over Cubs' Sinclair TV plan? Be thankful for The Score's Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer RocTheBuzz 27 points ago in CHICubs

    love listening to games on the radio, being out of network though it pains me not being able to listen as much as I would like.

    [–] Doin my thing.. I'm BJ RocTheBuzz 3 points ago in firstimpression

    plays bass, names BJ, wears backwards hats.

    [–] Mole problem, do something now or wait for spring? Zone 6A RocTheBuzz 2 points ago in lawncare

    you know anything about rabbit eradication? fuckers keep eating my freshly planted plants

    [–] Can I call it “rock?” RocTheBuzz 3 points ago in Catan

    lol i never call it ore

    [–] Miller Park in all its glory RocTheBuzz 2 points ago in wisconsin

    you are mad online, you should stop being so mad online

    [–] Upvote soup with Italian sausage RocTheBuzz 1 points ago in slowcooking

    Making this tonight with sausage! Gonna cook it in a dutch oven right on the range though.

    [–] Team Thumbless Slipping up? RocTheBuzz 1 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    Use of radar in that clip was obvious. Have never heard of these dudes or their league. Seems scrubby if you ask me.

    [–] thank you google, i now want to try LSD even more RocTheBuzz 2 points ago in facepalm

    Those are probably "Movie's not to watch while on acid"