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    [–] Help with a brew, based in Lantern Control RockBobster 1 points ago in LanternMTG

    I think puzzle box is actively bad. One of the toughest things for lantern control to deal with is multi-card draw because you don't get to check/mill any card past the first.

    With this, they can just hold the cards they draw and hope (with reasonably high confidence) to shuffle away 4-5 cards and hit a high impact card

    [–] Someone drafted for the first time on day 2 (!) of the Mythic Championship. RockBobster 0 points ago in magicTCG

    Looks like that person was Zac Elsik, perhaps best known for being one of the key contributors/creators of the modern Lantern deck (which he piloted to great success here)

    [–] Aggregating All Flavor Text in a Set RockBobster 3 points ago in magicTCG

    Good call - the default cards download is pretty small and doing it this way will make my little programming project much simpler =)

    [–] Aggregating All Flavor Text in a Set RockBobster 3 points ago in magicTCG

    I completely forgot about Scryfall! This looks pretty promising since in the link you send the flavor text is grabbable, and they even let you search by flavor text. I bet I can make this work.

    Thank you!

    [–] Can I write about dragons? RockBobster 1 points ago in fantasywriters

    Brandon Sanderson gives you permission quite explicitly:

    [–] [BUG] Taunt Being Removed Against Archon RockBobster 2 points ago in MerchantRPG

    You're completely correct. I didn't realize that counters worked like - I assumed it was like debuff damage or like they were hitting themselves. Thank you!

    [–] The community needs to stop dismissing toxic behavior as people "as just getting salty." RockBobster 32 points ago in magicTCG

    I think a lot of times it's not that they 'would have won,' but that they would have liked to at least play the game. It can be frustrating to block out 2-3 hours of time only to get hosed on draws all night and feel like you didn't even get to play.

    I play a lot of lantern control and I think that's people's biggest issue with my deck - they feel like they didn't even get to play magic. That issue is a little more nuanced, in my opinion, but still I can understand why it would frustrate people.

    The thing is, there's nothing wrong with feeling frustrated. You can't control much about how you feel, but you can control how you manifest that feeling. If you don't want to talk after the game that's fine, and not shaking my hand isn't hurting anyone. Snide comments and aggressive behavior, though, is simply unacceptable.

    [–] Struggling vs jeskai , and u/w RockBobster 5 points ago in LanternMTG

    Serum visions is sorcery speed and can only get the top card. With opt, you have no way to prevent them from choosing the card second from the top, which makes it incredibly dangerous

    [–] Meta moving towards Lantern? RockBobster 3 points ago in LanternMTG

    Annoying is probably the best word to describe it. I don't think I've ever lost a match that I can trace directly to it, but it complicates certain lines, to be sure, and I never feel bad about naming it with needle once I've gotten cleared away the bigger threats like Jace and Teferi

    [–] Meta moving towards Lantern? RockBobster 4 points ago in LanternMTG

    Online I've been having great success with lantern lately. I was expecting to see way more tron out there, but only run into it maybe one in ten decks or so.

    There's a lot of UW control variants out there which can be tricky, but I don't think they're favored against lantern so that mostly comes down to pilot skill.

    [–] Fantasy Tabletop RockBobster 1 points ago in fantasywriters

    I don't know your group, and maybe they're more forgiving than the people I play with, but you should know that there is a good chance that you're heading for disaster if I'm understanding things correctly.

    First, this sounds rail-roady as all hell. Not everyone wants to play in a plot-less sandbox, but this sounds like a strict railroad. What if the players don't care about the fairytale criminals and would rather go explore something else instead? What if they decide to join the fairytale folk? With the amount of time you're putting in to develop all these characters, I'm concerned that either you or your players are going to leave this campaign very unhappy. Either you will be unhappy because you sunk a ton of time into the campaign only to have the players derail in session one to go explore forgotten temples in search of mcguffins, or your players will be unhappy because you force them to stay on your track whether they want to or not.

    The second thing that worries me is the world without magic. How many of your PCs are using spellcasting classes? Are you going to strip them of all their power? Do you know how unfun it is as a player to spend hours cultivating a spell list, getting used to throwing fireballs for 6d8, and then be told that you're going to spend half a dozen sessions hitting things with a stick for 1d6 instead? Antimagic fields are fun to spice things up, but spending an extended amount of time in an antimagic world sounds frustrating.

    Every group is different, and if you know your players well then you're the best judge of what they will like. That said, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen from my perspective.

    [–] [JPN] looking for gift trades RockBobster 1 points ago in pokemongotrades

    Your friend code isn't working for me. You might want to double check for typos

    [–] Is the act of writing itself supposed to be fun? RockBobster 3 points ago in writing

    Cook, paint, sculpt, sew, brew beer, dance, compose music - there are a million creative outlets for inspiration. If you get the same thrill by outlining a novel and doing character sketches then do that.

    [–] [Recommendations]for historical fiction RockBobster 2 points ago in histficwriters

    Bernard Cornwell wrote a historical fiction called Stonehenge about, well, the people who built Stonehenge. I've never read the others you mentioned and don't know how comparable it is in style, and while it's still a stone age setting, it might be a bit later than you were looking for.

    [–] Is there any way to prevent a person falling through a ground while trying to phase through a wall? RockBobster 1 points ago in fantasywriters

    I actually think a lot of young writers have a difficult time gauging the limits of their readers' credulity, so it can absolutely be useful to at least remind people that suspension of disbelief is a tool at their disposal.

    It shouldn't be abused as a crutch, but it should be considered as a tool to aid pacing since explaining how something works takes more words than not explaining it, and if you explain every little thing to the reader that will definitely be a hindrance.

    [–] Is there any way to prevent a person falling through a ground while trying to phase through a wall? RockBobster 6 points ago in fantasywriters

    It doesn't run contrary to discussion, though. Suspension of disbelief is a real thing that all fiction requires and there are limits to what a reader will accept without having explanation depending on the genre and even the specific work.

    If someone was writing a hard sci-fi novel that allowed characters to phase through walls, then there damn well better be an explanation of how they're able to control their movement, but in a fantasy novel it can often be left unsaid with implied "magic" accounting for reason.

    [–] Fantasy novel based on Ancient Middle Eastern mythology RockBobster 1 points ago in fantasywriters

    I definitely hope it can work! I'm writing a novel based in ancient sumer right now, so I'm a bit biased.

    From the names of your gods, it sounds like you're planning to be further north in the Phoenician area? What time period were you planning on writing in?

    If you want to trade notes sometime, hit me up. I'd personally love to get a take on what tidbits someone else doing research on the time period is getting inspired by.

    [–] I've got some MTG Arena Codes to give away. RockBobster 4 points ago in magicTCG

    Can we get an Arena Code Megathread going? There are a lot of us with codes to give away, and it would be nice to be able to just have anyone who is interested comment, and then whoever is giving away the code can post a reply so that everyone knows they are taken care of.

    Otherwise, I think there will be a million posts like this clogging the sub.

    [–] Filling space between plot points? RockBobster 12 points ago in fantasywriters

    Well, I think everything written should aspire to progress two out of three of character, plot, and setting.

    So if OP feels that progressing the plot feels wrong, that could mean that they're noticing this is the sequel part of the scene/sequel sequence and they should be expanding on character and setting instead of jamming more plot points in.

    [–] Well there we go... RockBobster 4 points ago in LanternMTG

    Nothing got banned today