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    [–] Accident on 270 at 5:20 today (witness) Rock_Whisperer 22 points ago in Columbus

    FYI, if do you see an accident, please pull over and give verbal testimony to the arriving police. I know it is a time sink but a lot of details are forgotten soon after the incident and your account is much more valuable that way. My father was T-boned years ago by somebody running a red light. The only third party witness stuck around and their testimony was what prevented that reckless liar from walking away scott free.

    [–] For people who moved to Louisville, do you regret it at all? Rock_Whisperer 9 points ago in Louisville

    Nearly two years now and it's still a struggle. Having to work in the city and the rest of the state, I would say I see a lot more on a daily basis than most.

    The food scene is really good for the size of the city though and there's a few gems sprinkled across the city that make it bearable. If you have decent job that pays well, this place is top notch. I'm the definition of middle class and it feels harder here than in most of major cities of the midwest from where I'm from (excluding Chicago).

    All in all, the education system and public infrastructure (from roads to basic services) is so bad I cannot see myself living here the rest of my life. The metro and state government swindle away every opportunity that presents itself.

    [–] Men of Reddit, has #MeToo changed how you interact with women at work and socially? Rock_Whisperer 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes, the older men with most experience don't feel comfortable working with female employees. There's a lot of anti harassment training lacking reinforcement of normal people being unaffected by tougher harassment policy. One female employee misinterpreted a benign question and over reacted. She turned several people away completely from working with a female.

    [–] What has gotten worse over the years? Rock_Whisperer 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Population is growing but not nearly as fast as one would think. It will eventually plateau come 2050 I believe but don't quote me on that. I think people share your sentiment for two reasons. Firstly, people are moving more and more to city centers and that consequently makes those already there feel like there's a big bump in growth. Secondly, social media is encouraging tourism to the same hotspots. Big bend was nothing to scoff at twenty years ago and now it's practically the Mount Rushmore of Texas. There's a lot of great diamonds in the rough and you need to really explore. I recommend talking to locals whenever you can and being flexible in your schedule.

    [–] What has gotten worse over the years? Rock_Whisperer 25 points ago in AskReddit

    That's good to hear. Reddit often times encourages a single narrative to be spoken thread to thread, so it's good to here a different take.

    [–] About the upcoming winter. Rock_Whisperer 2 points ago in Columbus

    Car Care: Firstly, be aware that car batteries last half the time they donin florida. All weather tires are recommended, you don't need chains or anything that crazy unless you're in the very upper midwest. Ice scrapers are not something you need to think too hard about, just remember to flip up the wipers before ice or snow overnight and start removing snow from the roof down. Unless your neighborhood is a last priority of snow removal, getting stuck is not common. If you do get stuck, it's not that bad of a problem, especially with FWD. Carry kitty litter in the trunk for added weight in the back and as traction for the stuck tire. When heating the var up in the morning, flip down the sun visors to trap the warm air and to heat the windshield faster.

    Clothing: It is not too bad in Ohio. Long johns are the foundation to any winter trip. The next couple layers should be light and warm (not too warm) and then a insulating synthetic layer on the very outside. Layering is key if outside for a long while. Id you're going to the grocery store after the streets are plowed, you dont need that much planning. Snow boots are something I'd talk with other females. There's still some fashion even in snow boots. Otherwise, get whatever is at the general store during the winter. Mittens are better than gloves. If outside for long periods of time, use gloves inside mittens with a hand warmer. Don't forget a good scarf, that's often forgotten about.

    Snowstorms and Such: Use weatherstipping around windows that are drafty. There's not been a good blizzard in a long while and snow storms are not too common. Just have some non perishables and sit tight if you are called off work (very rare) or call the day off. Look at the local news for snow emergencies, that your best guide. Level 1 is caution, 2 is only if you really have to, 3 is only for emergencies or you'll be fined.

    Overall CBUS weather is not that bad. The winters have gotten milder actually. It's the cloudy weather that is thr worst.

    [–] Border Control Used Three American Children to Bait Their Immigrant Mother in Chicago out of Hiding | This Is Not Even in the Continent of Normal Rock_Whisperer -1 points ago in politics

    This seems like an overly politized reaction to what is a really difficult, unclear, and challenging situation. Before you downvote, please consider that these are minors who arrived with a family member turned away at customs. CPB cannot just let these children go, that would be endangerment. They tried contacting the mother, but she for good reason did not want to cooperate because she's undocumented. There's no parental consent to release them and so it likely took several diplomats to help arrange their release. I imagine between contacting the mother, the Mexican consolute, and US immigration lawyers, it really would take this long to arrange their release. This is all speculation, but saying that they were held captive for political reasons is also speculative based on what little is known.

    [–] Not a story a Red Neck would tell you! Rock_Whisperer 40 points ago in HistoryMemes

    His life story is an action movie and it surprises me that nobody has made it a big production movie.

    Edit: His note to his gaurd before execution is legendary. "I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood." That was two years before the war.

    [–] Blitzball, Wakka’s Overdrives and Celestial Weapon. Rock_Whisperer 1 points ago in ffx

    Make sure you have completed 450+ battles (these do not all need to of been done with Wakka participating). Like somebody else said, set your movement to manual so you can control the ball handler. I recommend hiring brother as midfielder, wedge as a forward for the first 20 levels of experience, ropp as defender, and jumal as goalie. Play and win leagues to acquire attack and status reels. Then play tournaments to acquire aurochs reel.

    Before finishing your first league play or the game before the start of a new tournament for the aurochs reel, save the game! Proceed with winning said game and watch to see if the prize is an overdrive. If it does not appear, reset the game and load your previous save or halftime autosave. Finish the blitzball game and see if the overdrive appears as a prize. Rinse and repeat as necessary until the prize is an overdrive.

    Once you have the overdrives, do the same as above for league play until the Jupiter sigil appears as a prize.

    [–] Disney should make new black characters instead of blackwashing white characters Rock_Whisperer 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Gender in the social sciences is considered a product of societial norms and personal identity. The big two genders are man and woman. Someone who changes genders is transgendered.

    Sex is universally agreed upon to be biological. The most common are male and female. Somebody who changes sex through surgical means is transsexual.

    There are minority gender identifications and rares instances of people being intersex (both female and male or none at all), but I won't go into the details.

    [–] The Democrats Have A Candidate In Kentucky. But Can She Beat Mitch McConnell? Rock_Whisperer 6 points ago in politics

    Like most states, there's a lot of nuances that escape the average person not from said state.

    Beating McConnell is a feat in of itself because of his long standing incumbency. Many voters don't go to the polls having looked up any details of the candidates and can come down to voting for the devil you know.

    The playing field is in recent history skewed toward the right. Historically democrats have been viable, especially in the Appalachian east, but coal and jobs for the working class are paramount in a state with growing economic disparity. The democratic party has as of lately been steered toward what I feel are west coast and big urban agendas (I'm a city person myself so I say that with utmost sincerity). The 2020 primaries are what will guide and shape the voice of the democratic party and I fear it will strip all hope there was for Amy. Social justice and climate change do not resonate with rural communities who's main concerns are basic function and survival at this point. This is also why I don't believe the democrats will win Pennsylvania, or Michigan in 2020 again like what happened in 16'. Unions and labor law politics no longer matter to the democrats.

    To make matters worse, she is a newcomer to the political machine that is an exclusive club of familiars, and lastly, she lost what was the democrats' best chance in ten years of capturing the Lexington metro district.

    Her chances are...not good.

    [–] What old school things do you love more then modern things? Rock_Whisperer 13 points ago in AskReddit

    I would agree the fabric and stitching is better overall but that all the cheap stuff of the day is ruined or shows obvious wear and tear enough not to buy.

    [–] This is just the most Ohio thing ever... Rock_Whisperer 10 points ago in Columbus

    Having left the state some time ago to a place with much less construction, I would say you should put things into perspective. Yeah, the delays suck, the interchange modifications and take for seemingly ever, but construction is a sign of growth and investment. The state I live in now doesn't have the money to help the city start needed construction. The infrasturucture gets worse and worse and is glaringly unsafe in places. The changes they've made in CBUS make sense and their work crews are actually efficient for what they're doing (I've seen the work first hand). I know many people complain about the empty work zones during the day, but there's a lot of logistical and safety reasons to work at night. And if you see somebody standing around, they're standing there for a good reason.

    It's really a good thing even though it sucks in the moment.

    [–] Trump administration threatens furloughs, layoffs if Congress doesn’t let it kill personnel agency Rock_Whisperer 4 points ago in politics

    Yes and no, their background check and security clearance duties were given away to the Defense Department (which made sense). The processing they did for those clearances and checks gave them a revenue stream from other agencies, which sounds odd, but there's a lot business between agencies behind the scenes.

    The adminitrstion is trying to blow up OPM and merge them with GSA to reduce workforce, redundancies, and the number of agencies.

    [–] What item most people currently have is about to fade into obscurity? Rock_Whisperer 21 points ago in AskReddit

    That's the name of the game. It locks in the older folks who make up most of the office and encourages the higher ups to skimp out on raises because they don't see anybody turning over. When the retirement tsunami arrives, nobody new wants to stick around because they can't raise a family.

    Source: One friend is in government and looking to leave. Two others left government for the exact same reason and never looked back.

    [–] I think this belongs here Rock_Whisperer 3 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    Which is why Ohio doesn't permit traffic cops to have unmarked vehicles. There's also rules regarding how they position themselves to give tickets. Had a friend overturn a ticket because the cop was hiding over the crest of a hill on a rural road.

    [–] If the US has a civil war as complicated as Syria's. Rock_Whisperer 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in imaginarymaps

    I've followed the events of the Syrian war since the beginning out of general interest. It really is this absurdly complicated and outside nations supportive of the rebels gave up because it was too hard to keep track of all the groups forming, dissolving, and alligning themselves to each other. There was a government air base that was under siege for what I remember to be 3 years on the other side of the county and so those pockets of different factions is spot on.

    Edit: Example of when it got complicated. Mind you, there was no solid information of what Al-Queda (islamic front) and Free Syrian Army (an ad hoc of seperate alliances) controlled, so that's not depicted in great detail.

    Edit2: The most northern green blob was a very different group all together and alligned with Turkey.

    Edit3: grammer

    [–] Honestly, how was your college experience? Rock_Whisperer 1 points ago in AskMen

    In most respects rewarding, though the financial cost was criminal. People talk of sleep deprivation, but that's really only bad if you have a job or have poor time management skills. I recall only on all nighter. The stress was there but there's something to be said of accepting it as temporary. What makes college great is the oppoetunity to learn and grow as an individual if you so choose. Taking advantage of opportunities as they arrive is crucial to being successful. College is not a sprint but a marathon. If what you can only accomplish is average, do well to at least internalize what knowledge you gain. You're not expected after college to memorize the facts that get you an A on an exam but to instead apply the theory.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review Rock_Whisperer 62 points ago in science

    Unfortunately if you're an American, there will be plenty of Asian Longhorned tick in your backyard.

    [–] Evidence of Paleozoic Ice Age Found in Namibia Rock_Whisperer 2 points ago in geology

    Original Source Article: G.D. Andrews et al. 2019. First description of subglacial megalineations from the late Paleozoic ice age in southern Africa. PLoS ONE 14 (1): e0210673; doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0210673

    [–] Why record job growth in America hides a troubling reality — High employment rates gloss over a ‘much more complicated story’ of stagnant wages and vanishing mid-level jobs Rock_Whisperer 13 points ago in politics

    The mom and pop shops might not have paid well either, but it's the growing monopsony in most industries that's stifling the competitiveness of wages. While yes, they are not cutthroat efficient, there's something to be said of the identity these shops provide to a community if they excel at their trade.

    [–] Impact on aviation contributed to movement on shutdown negotiations Rock_Whisperer 4 points ago in politics

    It took a noticeable hit to air traffic commerce to end the shutdown, not food lines of federal employees and stories of rationing medicine. This is disgusting and one of the greatest displays of apathy.