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    [–] Ram 1500 experience/advice RockitDanger 1 points ago in ram_trucks

    Buddy with 2017 ecodiesel gets 33-34mpg and buddy with 2018 Tungsten Hemi gets 26-28mpg. Gas mileage is important but so is comfort and comfort features. You can get a lot of Ram for not a lot of money. Best of luck

    [–] C8 Ferrari Spec? RockitDanger 3 points ago in Corvette

    The blaze silver with red interior post has been my favorite so far. But this is somehow more than just black with red interior, which has been my favorite combo for car colors since the 2005 Mustang. This looks so cool. Good job

    [–] It’s just not the same... RockitDanger 1 points ago in Corvette

    I'm not trying to be an ass but those are the same spaces of years so pricing usually does stay the same going back X years

    [–] Three teens giving up their evening to push a lady’s car for 5 miles. RockitDanger 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Three teens walking in the middle of the night to get donuts and they saw smoke coming out of a car? Yeah, they thought it was weed

    [–] Fortune favors the bold RockitDanger 2 points ago in gifs

    They should've given him a dollar. He earned it

    [–] Hey all. I wanna start collecting movies digitally. What are some legit sites i should start looking into for 4K hdr movies? I found but they reference several third party sites. RockitDanger 3 points ago in MoviesAnywhere

    You can. I've done a good bit of buying there and in each thread I make sure there's been buyer/seller interaction (all trades initiate for everyone to see) and see if they have positive sales feedback within that thread (often a reply with "Good transaction" from a few users is there). There is also good identifying user flair. The users and mods also do a fantastic job of picking out the baddies. But even if you get screwed over for $10 the money you save over a few buys vs iTunes or Vudu dwarfs it. (Knock on wood)

    [–] Garbage man does a few jumps before throwing out a trampoline :) RockitDanger 2 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Even when life has you down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, there will always be the little things

    [–] 50% off Abercrombie Jeans RockitDanger 1 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    These have 2% elastane, which is very hit or miss. Do A&F jeans feel like denim or jeggings?

    [–] Bought my fiancé his first set of clubs. RockitDanger 2 points ago in golf

    I saw on websites these were going to be $139 on prime day and do I checked all day but never saw them at that price. Is that what you paid?

    [–] Fellow Fans RockitDanger 1 points ago in Chevelle

    That Nonpoint-In the Air Tonight is a guilty pleasure of mine

    [–] ANNIVERSARY: The Dark Knight was released 11 years ago today, forever redefining the superhero genre. RockitDanger 43 points ago in DC_Cinematic

    Man that last line, while Batman rode off on his Batcycle, followed by "The Dark Knight" title card just gets me every time. I have honestly watched that final scene a dozen times just to see it happen.

    [–] Helped a client Konmari their garage! So satisfying. RockitDanger 29 points ago in konmari

    Working on mine for 6 years. Seems when I get it clean we start Konmariing other parts of the house and things find their way to the garage to sit for a while before they actually leave. It's like konmari purgatory

    [–] My neighbor keeps scalping my lawn while mowing his and It’s becoming a real problem. RockitDanger 14 points ago in lawncare

    I like this. Did the same with my neighbors across the street because on trash day they have an overstuffed can every time and they have loose trash every time. Like no bags, just trash. So it blew in my yard and I'd pick it up. Then I said something after picking it up. Last month I just collected it and threw it all at their front door. Watched them come home and step over it entering their door. As nice as we all should be some people just don't understand. If it bothers you be upfront. If that doesn't work be just as big a dick as they're being. Shit, drop your deck and mow into his a few times. He'll get the point then

    [–] TIFU by using the FaceApp everyone’s been raving about RockitDanger 1 points ago in tifu

    The Face App picture his son sent his wasn't of his son, it was actually him from the future, and now he sees what he'll look like at the time he murders his son,

    [–] Ready to take on the summer time towing. RockitDanger 1 points ago in ram_trucks

    Damn these things look like the early 2000s Z71's so much. They look so good. Every new generation Ram has looked terrible to me...until a year later when they're the best thing I've ever seen. The new Rams definitely fall into that group for me. Loving them now

    [–] After a fresh wax (there’s a car in there) RockitDanger 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    All I can see is car now but for 10 seconds all I saw was some type of fin in the middle of the road. Great work