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    [–] Imagine my shock RockitDanger 25 points ago in Libertarian

    Employee pay rise, pay more for fries

    [–] This little light of mine - I’m gonna let it shine! RockitDanger 2 points ago in ar15

    Do you eat them? Is it gamey? And do you shoot them in the heart of the head? All just curious questions. Congrats on your successful hunt

    [–] Pals with paws RockitDanger 2 points ago in rarepuppers

    Big Barkers Big Sitters of America

    [–] Bedroom accent wall with floating nightstands. Ontario, Canada RockitDanger 1 points ago in AmateurRoomPorn

    Have a similar (flat) color in cans in my garage. What are your other wall colors? Any reason why you didn't paint the entire from this color? Asking for future me. Looks great

    [–] What movie surprised you with how good it was? RockitDanger 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Predator (2018). It had horrible reviews. But the comedy was top notch and the action was so much fun. The crew nailed their roles and stayed true to their characters throughout. More often than not I look to the popcorn flicks for entertainment and this one did not disappoint

    [–] Need to get a game for my 9 year old nephew RockitDanger 3 points ago in 3DS

    I had 3D land. Fun but not what I wanted. Granted nsmb2 and haven't stopped playing it. That or Mario kart 7 are my absolute favorites. But I have my 3ds as a Mario box so I'm biased

    [–] Just starting out and loving it! RockitDanger 1 points ago in vinyl

    Science Fiction is so good. Was able to grab the clear version from Urban Outfitters. My favorite is Deja Entendu but SF is so well made.

    [–] 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition RockitDanger 5 points ago in carporn

    Saw a 2006 Gulf Livery (Dont think it was a Heritage) go across the Barret Jackson block earlier today for $465k. I love the new GTs more than anything. Instant collector car. Beautiful

    [–] Waxed and put Bead Maker on 2 weeks ago. Snow grime came right off RockitDanger 8 points ago in AutoDetailing

    Spx3000? I want to do this but would feel so stupid if I messed up my paint. Does a pressure washer eliminate me actually washing my car?

    [–] The only babygirl I need right now RockitDanger 2 points ago in ar15

    I like your grip. Was that part of the gun when purchased?

    [–] Current apartment set up. Not bad with full ambient light. RockitDanger 4 points ago in hometheater

    Oh man. Years ago had a guy below me get a system black friday. Started out okay. I knew he was playing it but it's an apartment, I'm young, and I'm the police to no one. But then he started cranking it up. My coffee table and the things on it would rattle. Felt it through the couch. Started politely knocking and pleasant exchanges. Ended up doing the floor stomps, followed by cranking up the bass even more and we were essentially the Hatfield/McCoy's of the complex. He moved within 6 months and it was a glorious nights sleep

    [–] [Hamilton] Inspired by some recent posts RockitDanger 2 points ago in Watches

    Dude. The Commuter was pretty good. Im a fan of his but read rough reviews. I liked it. I was also impressed with Predator 2018. It was a blast

    [–] What gets way too much credit? RockitDanger 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I hate the reviews of games that don't have certain features the gamer wanted. Thats not a review. That's wishful thinking, an opinion at best. Same with movie reviews before the movie is released. You're not reviewing the movie, you're reviewing what you want or think it will be. Again, that's not a review.

    [–] G30: Like a glove RockitDanger 2 points ago in Glocks

    How much with the stippling already done?

    [–] Wait.. RockitDanger 7 points ago in funny