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    [–] I'll get back to you on that. RockitDanger 12 points ago in TheSimpsons

    I cannot pass a Gym that says Gym without saying Gime either out loud or to myself. I think it's top tier Homer

    [–] FEF RockitDanger 6 points ago in Challenger

    Say what you will but after seeing the widebody kits on the Demon, Hellcat(s), and Scat Pack I can't go back to wanting one without it. They just look so tough like this.

    [–] The new episode comes out at 12:05 AM PST. RockitDanger 29 points ago in DisneyPlus

    I watched the trailer 13 times in a row with a bag of potato chips that expired June of 2016

    [–] Nostalgia trumps all RockitDanger 2 points ago in DisneyPlus

    I'm enjoying it but I've been buying digitally for a decade so I already own most of the MCU, Pixar, and Disney animated movies. I’m sure a lot of us do. So in that regard, the only “new” things on there for me are the nostalgia type shows.

    [–] Bose Soundbar 500 (w/ subwoofer) vs Sony HTZ9F RockitDanger 2 points ago in Soundbars

    I tried the Playbar and sub first because I love their "all over the home" setup when you add the speakers. Plus the speakers are $150 compared to Bose's high prices. But in my 2 story living room all sound was lost on movies so I did the Bose and I'm glad I did.

    [–] Bose Soundbar 500 (w/ subwoofer) vs Sony HTZ9F RockitDanger 2 points ago in Soundbars

    Dude the 700 is fantastic. It beat out the Playbar in my home usage and I'm a big fan of Sonos. Also every Atmos bar store demo didn't live up to the hype for me. I'm deciding if I should ask santa for the rear speakers to complete the setup or the 700 headphones for xmas

    [–] Guide on how to save even more on your purchases! RockitDanger 4 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    I recently found the Chrome extensions for Honey and Retailmenot so whenever I have something in the cart I click the extensions and they throw whatever coupons or discount codes there are into my cart. I've saved a bunch or at least gotten free shipping just clicking a couple extra buttons at checkout time

    [–] Elaine's new boyfriend snores very loudly, so she doesn't have sex with him because she can't get any sleep, which makes her bf suspect she's having an affair with Jerry; Kramer fills in for his friend as an MTA bus driver RockitDanger 33 points ago in RedditWritesSeinfeld

    Jerry, Elaine, and her Boyfriend are out for dinner. Jerry keeps saying to Elaine that she looks like she isn't getting enough sleep, making her boyfriend think Jerry is implying he and Elaine were up all night sleeping together. To further Elaines boyfriend's suspicions, earlier in the day, while Jerry was walking down the street, Kramer passed him while driving the bus causing a cloud of dust to be swept up and get into Jerry's right eye, so the whole time he's talking to Elaine about her lack of sleep it appears that he's winking but he's just trying to get the dust out of his eye.

    [–] (Offer) Peppermint HD iTunes (Request) Gladiator HD iTunes & Offers RockitDanger 1 points ago in uvtrade

    I'm not seeing much I don't already have. I'm in the US. That means I can't do Canada GP correct?

    [–] [Omega] My first true luxury watch, exceedingly proud. RockitDanger 24 points ago in Watches

    As a fan of all things space, watches, and cars, the Speedmaster seems a perfect fit for me. However, the new Seamaster fits my love of water and Summer and fills that sports watch vibe the Speedy can't. The easy answer is to get both but I've been back and forth for two years now to make one of these a one watch "collection". So, those with Speedys and Seamasters, ever wish you had the other?

    [–] hmmm RockitDanger 12 points ago in Corvette

    The money you save on $2 Long Islands and not having to buy condoms makes Applebee's a great spot to pick up chicks

    [–] GMT Master II RockitDanger 9 points ago in rolex

    The extra space under the bracelet is used to store his Hulk

    [–] DragPak! Next quarter mile killer RockitDanger 3 points ago in Challenger

    This is going to be a new trim level? I'm seeing some solid deals on the 1320's in my area. I think it's a "better" Scat Pack but they seem to be selling cheaper than the SP

    [–] Salvador Dali and his anteater in Paris. 1969 RockitDanger 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    The guy in the background with the blazer is the "time traveling hipster" sans sunglasses

    [–] Bro I think the simpsons is leaving Hulu Wednesday. RockitDanger 1 points ago in TheSimpsons

    All seasons. Plus Gargoyles and the original DuckTales. Those alone are worth $7 for me. Im cancelling Netflix to save $17. Add $7 for Disney, $5 for Boomerang, and $7 for DC Online and for $2 more I think I'm going to fit all the cartoons I can in every month