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    [–] [Spoilers] Citrus - Episode 7 discussion Roflkopt3r 1 points ago * (lasted edited 34 minutes ago) in anime

    That is some impeccable handwriting though. Did an artist actually write all of this by hand?

    [–] straight guys be like Roflkopt3r 1 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

    Obviously not literally, but the meaning is definitely there. Many guys use phrases like "that's gay" (by which they mean feminine) constantly to talk about why they dislike stuff.

    [–] Attacking the police station with a baseball bat Roflkopt3r 2 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    Agreed, this wouldn't fly in my country. Completely unnecessary risk of injury. It's going to cost taxpayer money and cops effort if they have to treat him or even hold him in a hospital, not to mention that we're just not into doing that to people even if they're criminals.

    It speaks to American police' bad stance on violence as well.

    [–] I Don't think that's how Roman Numerals work... Roflkopt3r 1 points ago in funny

    I don't think there is a good precedent for subtraction of composite numbers, but I think with how much more practiced people have become at basic mental math, it would be a fair adaptation for the 21st century.

    [–] Did ancient cultures have mirrors? What about spaceships? TiL discusses. Roflkopt3r 2 points ago in SubredditDrama

    It is their good right to take a willing customer's money in exchange for getting flayed. That's how we make sure everyone gets a chance. Ron Paul 2020.

    [–] Ok cowboy. Roflkopt3r 6 points ago in gatekeeping

    Duolingo tried to convince me recently. I would love to but I'm afraid I don't have the right legs.

    [–] Laura Ingraham, the gatekeeper! Roflkopt3r 9 points ago in gatekeeping

    Additionally, there is the hypocrisy of championing a reality TV starlet with no political experience or ability for president, while attacking someone who has helped building a positive future for so many.

    [–] "I'm not trans, I just wanna be a pretty girl sometimes" Roflkopt3r 6 points ago in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

    The actual transition is pretty serious, so it's reasonable for people to test the waters before making the choice. Add the fear of social stigma, and it takes a while for the egg to crack.

    [–] When trans people come up in Health class and the Ultra-Christian who sits next to me immediately raises his hand Roflkopt3r 1 points ago in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

    It's the other way around, they gather as one group because they have strong ~brain damage~ "opinions". Their main connection is to be afraid of change, so they cling to whatever seems traditional to them. And the main bulwark against change is a faith that thinks someone got everything right 5,000 years ago and nothing ever needs to change again.

    [–] I Don't think that's how Roman Numerals work... Roflkopt3r 2 points ago in funny

    I think it's valid to use subtraction there though, even though it's not the basic method. So 2088 could be written as MMXIIC instead of MMLXXXVIII

    [–] The president’s twitter banner is now a picture of him smiling with a thumbs up, next to the cops who arrived to the scene of 17 murdered teachers and students. Roflkopt3r 19 points ago in facepalm

    I think they just go along with him because they aren't experienced with situations like these, so they look to the president for reference? You can see how the further away they are from Trump, the more serious the looks.

    It's up to the president to set the tone for such an event, and he failed dramatically.

    [–] The net result of synthol and poor makeup Roflkopt3r 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in trashy

    We have to make so much to do in life, we can't always take the "proper" route for everything. It's a lesson that for example artists and programmers need: you can't always go for 100% on your own, you have to ration your time and learn where it is well invested and where you need the shortcuts.

    In general, people can try their best and still get fat because they are so busy working on other things that they can't also balance nutrition and workout well on top. It takes time to practice that.

    I fixed my own terrible shape when I found a schedule that would let me work out regularly and the mindset to stick with it, but I also see the circumstances and privilege it took for me to have that opportunity. It's not like that was the first time I tried. Sometimes I gave up after a couple weeks, sometimes it worked for a few months before fizzling out again. It took many attempts and the fortune of the right circumstances until I found a balance and attitude that worked long term. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make this experience. I can fully understand people who try a "cheap way out". Any change can help to find a new perspective and new routine.

    The only mistake is deliberate ignorance like that of this synthol kid.

    [–] The best Japanese learning book Roflkopt3r 2 points ago in LearnJapanese

    These apps are always just complementary anyway. But I found it was a great help with memorisation, which is so tedious otherwise.

    [–] How can i memorize Hiragana? (L5) Roflkopt3r 2 points ago in LearnJapanese

    Use an app. LingoDeer seems to be the best choice for Japanese, but Duolingo also works to some degree.

    An app won't teach you the language on its own, as you definitely need a textbook to give you the full picture on grammar and other things. But for pure memorisation and practice like learning hiragana, apps are awesome tools. They are great to work ahead a little or just to stay in touch when you can't find the time to learn "properly".

    You shouldn't leave it at just the app - definitly write them down on paper as well. But they will soften the process a lot and give you more moments of success to keep you going. And finally, success is when you see something in romaji and you immediately know how to write it in hiragana. That should be your benchmark, rather than only knowing them the other way around.

    [–] The best Japanese learning book Roflkopt3r 6 points ago in LearnJapanese

    I'm sure you won't regret it, it's reputable and popular and on pretty much every recommendations list. I'm currently learning with Genki and Duolingo (although I heard Lingodeer is better, but it's just supplementary anyway) and it feels pretty good compared to the learning experiences I had during my school time.

    [–] シツモンデー: Shitsumonday: for the little questions that you don't feel have earned their own thread (February 12, 2018) Roflkopt3r 2 points ago in LearnJapanese

    Thanks for the answer! I'm not quite there yet, I only started in early January so I don't think that would be the right type of practice before I have a better vocabulary and get through all essential grammar topics. But I'm looking forward to it!

    [–] Swort Art Online premiers (free-tv) on major German tv-channel Roflkopt3r 1 points ago in anime

    The German Dragon Ball dub was also pretty good in comparison to the Japanese and English ones, but I suppose that doesn't tell much with how notoriously bad those were.

    I think there were some other decent ones but that might just be nostalgia. A lot of what seemed good or tolerable back then is awful now.

    [–] Swort Art Online premiers (free-tv) on major German tv-channel Roflkopt3r 1 points ago in anime

    It makes me somewhat nostalgic though. I came across one of my first favourite anime series (Hellsing/2001 TV version) and movies (Ghost in the Shell) in similar programming slots.