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    [–] AITA for expecting my parents to pay for my food? RokanPohan 4 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA Your parents are ignorant and clearly just can’t be arsed altering the way they live in the slightest. Good on your for giving a shit about the planet and animal welfare

    [–] [Discussion] I'm unsubscribing after seeing the response to the Future Bass thread. RokanPohan 20 points ago in listentothis

    He felt that the issue was so important that it deserved its own thread. Which it is. Fear of judgment is one of biggest thing that stops people sharing the music they love and properly solidifying a unique music taste

    [–] "What's your favourite MCU film?" RokanPohan 1 points ago in AlignmentCharts

    I've seen it twice and could not tell you the plot. Only scenes.

    [–] My 69 Song, 420 Minute Summer Playlist RokanPohan 3 points ago in makemeaplaylist

    I clicked this expecting memes but wow that's a solid fuckin playlist you got there OP

    [–] "Sorry we don't have any Coca-Cola, is __________ okay?" RokanPohan 3 points ago in AlignmentCharts

    Good through Evil is essentially a scale of how likely the person being spoken to is to want the thing being offered to them

    Lawful through Chaotic is mostly just a scale of how surprised you'd be if you were offered each thing, apart from NE because Pepsi is pretty much the most neutral evil beverage imaginable imo

    [–] AITA Making my vegetarian daughter make her own meals RokanPohan 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA It's very easy to cook most meat meals with the meat cooked on the side, only to be added in right at the end.

    [–] thanks Professor Drogon RokanPohan 12 points ago in freefolk

    Fuck there goes that internship sorry dad

    [–] Hanging On But There's No Way Out RokanPohan 3 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Wow 500 upvotes?? On MY comment???

    [–] Hey it's Carly and I'm ready for you to AMA... RokanPohan 1 points ago in popheads

    Don't have a question, just want to say that you're absolutely smashing it. This new album is awesome and it's so great that you're still taking risks and exploring new stuff. Also Boy Problems is maybe the best pop song ever made.