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    [–] Compilation of close calls RokanPohan 11 points ago in nonononoyes

    You just wouldn't wait around to take the photo. Even after the grate saved it you'd still be in total panic mode

    [–] wow RokanPohan 1 points ago in comedyheaven

    Fun to fish up here in the Hollywood hills

    [–] [IIL] Sticky Fingers & Gang Of Youths [WEWIL] RokanPohan 1 points ago in ifyoulikeblank

    Don't know Sticky Fingers (as in the album?), but Gang of Youths really wear some of their influences on their sleeves so I'll run down the ones I know best:

    Japandroids - Really fucking energetic, super simple songs that are made great just be how genuine and raw they feel. Check out The Nights of Wine and Roses, and Younger Us

    The National - If you like Keep Me In The Open, you'll like The National. They're pretty much that song. Their Don't Swallow the Cap is soooooo similar to KMITO (and it came out first), but I'd also really recommend Humiliation, I Need My Girl, and Mr. November

    LCD Soundsystem - My favourite band (Gang of Youths are second). So fucking good. More dancey than GoY but stuff like All My Friends and All I Want are a decently similar vibe

    Bruce Springsteen - Probably their biggest influence, at least from what I'm hearing. I don't know his discography that well but his album The River is pretty universally adored. I'd check out Dancing in the Dark if you don't already know it.

    Arcade Fire - Most similar to Let Me Down Easy, especially the instrumentation. Hit or miss in my opinion but a lot of people fucking love them and when they do make a hit it's a fucking H I T. I'd try Keep The Car Running, Empty Room, and The Suburbs

    [–] Fuzzy Scottish Highland Calf RokanPohan 3 points ago in Eyebleach

    I mean fair enough, I'm just baffled knowing that most of the people liking the post are contributing to stuff like this

    [–] Look at this B O I I RokanPohan 18 points ago in vegan

    Oh, also, I'm getting downvoted to oblivion in the comments so help pls

    [–] A Vegan Rant - Newly Vegan RokanPohan 3 points ago in vegan

    While I totally agree, I will also clarify that I think getting frustrated and ranting to other vegans about stuff is still totally fine

    [–] Fuzzy Scottish Highland Calf RokanPohan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in Eyebleach

    If you're downvoting, why? I'm not trying to be aggressive or anything

    [–] Fuzzy Scottish Highland Calf RokanPohan -8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in Eyebleach

    *psst the dairy industry murders over a thousand male calves just like this every day*

    [–] Kate Bush & David Gilmour - Pull Out the Pin [Art Rock] RokanPohan 2 points ago in Music

    Still confused as to why this wasn't a single from the album. Way more conventionally listenable than The Dreaming or There Goes a Tenner

    [–] Found on r/boneappletea RokanPohan 2 points ago in comedyheaven

    Nah dw about it, was honestly a pleasant surprise

    [–] Found on r/boneappletea RokanPohan 3 points ago in comedyheaven

    wow never seen my own stuff reposted in the wild before that's neat

    [–] What actually goes on in r/hot? RokanPohan 25 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    You have to send the mods a picture of yourself and, if they determine that you are indeed hot, they let you in

    [–] Always obey moshpit ettiquette RokanPohan 3 points ago in Tinder

    Haven't heard all the new new stuff honestly. Movies is a decent tune though