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    [–] World Cup 2026: 60 of the 80 matches will be played in the USA. Canada and Mexico only get 10 games each. RoleModelFailure 5 points ago in soccer

    Going to Man U - Liverpool game at the Big House and tickets were $65 I believe. Same price as some football, hockey, basketball games.

    [–] Trotz Confident He’ll be Back as Capitals Coach Next Season RoleModelFailure 30 points ago in hockey

    Nah we don't need another expansion team to go 0-12 in finals in their first 3 years.

    [–] Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case: Sources RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in politics

    Looked like war would break out because NK was doing what NK does and Trump was being a 4th grade bully on twitter and calling Un names and insulting NK.

    [–] This is how good Jordan Spieth is. RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in golf

    My buddy and I played a small local course last Friday and it was in amazing shape. Greens had a natural speed to them and the reads were true. We were putting like gods out there. Anything was makeable and if we missed it was generally within an inch to 2 feet away. We both made multiple 20, 40, 60 foot putts. It wasn't that we were having amazing days, but the speeds felt like how they should and the breaks were consistent with what we were seeing. It was easy to judge the break because the conditions were great to let the ball do what it would naturally. Shitty courses have weird breaks or sudden slow spots. Have to actually hit a ball hard on a downhill or your side hill breaks half as much as it should.

    It's amazing how good greens can shave strokes off even if they are harder.

    [–] Republicans demand vote on any North Korea deal RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in politics

    That's what he does.

    "I know more than the generals, I have a plan to defeat ISIS in 100 days." What is it? "You'll see."

    "We will repeal and replace Obamacare." With what? "You'll see."

    [–] What's your team's saddest positive stat? RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in nfl

    drown it out with the sound of you binge drinking

    That's how we do it in Wisconsin.

    [–] Crappy Australian Show asked for Fortnite stories, got spammed with hilarious responses RoleModelFailure 21 points ago in FortNiteBR

    If you've ever had a friend that was a teacher. Specifically 1st grade through 3rd grade. Then yes. So many parents will blame EVERYTHING else.

    I taught 9th grade. I had parents blaming me for their kid's 14% grade in my class when they came maybe 30 times in the semester and did next to no work. I had parents blame me for their child's 2nd grade reading level. I had parents blame me for everything.

    Same with my friends who taught 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and K-8.

    [–] Microsoft's Next-Gen Xbox Will Arrive in 2020 - RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in xboxone

    I live in Madison Wi, I am lucky to see 25/3 despite paying for speeds up to a lot more.

    [–] Trivia Tuesday RoleModelFailure 30 points ago in CFB

    Well, I used up my trivia luck on that last one. Thanks mom!

    [–] Week 1 Preview - @ Michigan State RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in usufootball

    MSU Fan here as well.

    I don't see us letting USU get 30 by the end of the game nor do I see us putting up 48. I see us getting into the 20s to maybe 7-10 and then dominating the clock and the run game. An entire scoring drive will take 10 minutes off the clock and we go up like 27-10 at the end of the 3rd. Then maybe another TD/FG scoring drive or a long 6-8 minute drive ends with a punt and USU only gets like 3 or 4 offensive drives in the 2nd half.

    I feel like with our returning starters and Dantonio we will get a lead then just run the ball and the clock barely letting them get a chance to score.

    [–] Trump: I told Kim he could have 'the best hotels in the world' RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in politics

    What era of Bond movies are we talking? Like I could see that opening up and harnessing the power of the sun or shooting a laser out to destroy the sun/moon. I could also see that entire building turning into a rocket ship and launching into space and then Bond fights not jaws Dave Bautista is somehow still around and he falls in love while space marines fight space mercenaries.

    [–] WoW Classic is gonna be a bit of a shock for some people. RoleModelFailure 7 points ago in wow

    A bag dedicated to ammo, a bag dedicated to all your hunter weapons, and half a bag dedicated to making sure your pet doesn't run away

    [–] WoW Classic is gonna be a bit of a shock for some people. RoleModelFailure 20 points ago in wow

    Or buy/craft ammo as a hunter.

    Or brew poisons as a rogue.

    Or level up Mace skill because you've been using swords only for 47 levels.

    [–] WoW Classic is gonna be a bit of a shock for some people. RoleModelFailure 16 points ago in wow

    I wasn't Leader of the X order, General of the Alliance Armies, Commander of Draenor, and Iron Chef. I was a broke as fuck paladin trying to get all plate gear but still wearing some mail, cloth, and leather shit that may have been bright yellow and green and some fire red and purples. I looked like a 2-year-old's attempt at coloring in between the lines.

    [–] Weekend warriors!!! RoleModelFailure 4 points ago in golf

    I feel like it's impossible. Maybe somebody who got to 0 and then became a WW. I'm a 6 and play maybe 3-8 times a month, no way in hell I'd get to a 0 without constant practice.

    [–] Nicknames people out of state call your school that no one in state does RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in CFB

    I think most of us are fine with the team being called Sparty. "Sparty is marching down the field" seems fine to me. But when people call us "Sparties" or something it seems so off. "I saw a group of Sparties walking in Madison the other day!" No, just no.

    [–] When saying on your left no longer works RoleModelFailure 5 points ago in bicycling

    The guy is riding in a bike lane. These people are walking in a bike lane. He’s an ass for honking at the people in the crosswalks but not for honking at people walking in a bike lane. Manners are great and all but they won’t work on people with headphones in or who are completely oblivious.

    My solution would be to tell these people to get the fuck out of the bike lane and onto the sidewalk because what they’re doing is not safe. When Im driving and people cut me off and drive recklessly? Horn. Somebody walks out in front of me while I’m going 35 through a green light? Horn.

    If I am walking in the middle of the street, blocking your lane, will you use your manners to kindly tell me I shouldn’t be there?

    Manners are great but these people are willingly walking in the bike lane when the sidewalk is empty (in most of those clips).