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    [–] Why I play Vanilla RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in classicwow

    Plus it is pretty rare to have that many quests at once. We don't go to a quest hub and pick up 15 quests, we go to a quest hub to start a chain that auto-completes and accepts new quests.

    [–] My 2018 bag. And no, I'm not really good enough to carry 4 wedges. The ball retriever will get more use than the hybrid most likely. RoleModelFailure 9 points ago in golf

    Carrying 4 wedges isn't really a skill thing. But I would take a look at what degree your AW is. If it is 52 then the 54 is really unneccesary. Most setups keep a few degrees between clubs. 47 PW, 52, 56, 60. Or 47, 50, 54, 58.

    [–] I don't know why this fits here, but it does. RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    I never said that. The glossary does give you a good idea about the time, events, people, etc. But it’s like Wikipedia, it will give you a good overview but not go much beyond that.

    It’s a good thing, it does a good job.

    [–] I don't know why this fits here, but it does. RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    I meant the glossary. It’s good info but it’s like Wikipedia, just gives you an idea.

    [–] I don't know why this fits here, but it does. RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Games are pretty good at giving people a broad understanding of something. The Total War games do use a lot of history in the units, buildings, climate, tactics. AC blends enough history with their fiction to give you an idea of what things were like.

    [–] I don't know why this fits here, but it does. RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    I love the AC games, well most of them. They do a great job of using enough history to feel real but not too much that it limits their stories. It’s like a Wikipedia page, gives you some decent info to get your feet wet but not enough to write a 5 page paper on a topic.

    [–] I don't know why this fits here, but it does. RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    It’s basically a half assed Wikipedia in game. It gives you some good general information but doesn’t and can’t really go much beyond that.

    [–] Looking for a solid explanation on the differences of my woods swing and my iron swing. RoleModelFailure 2 points ago in golf

    Irons - Hitting down into the ball.

    Hybrid/woods - Sweeping the ball

    Driver - Hitting up into the ball

    Real simple slow-mo video showing moment of impact. I wish it showed a hybrid or a 3-wood off the deck. But you can see how the clubs dig down more earlier on in the video and slowly dig less and less and then the last iron is near sweeping.

    [–] What made you leave a guild? RoleModelFailure 3 points ago in wow

    Been with a guild since TBC/Wrath. Really awesome group of people that I had spent years with. I played on and off and they were always welcoming and warm when I made a return after months or a year. Then life started to get in the way and many of the core people started quitting. We weren't the biggest guild but we usually had people on. I spent all of Legion with them until around the holidays this past year. Nobody was on anymore and the few people who would get on ended up getting kicked by the guild master because they weren't playing by his rules. He was apparently begging for money and being a dick to people. The few people I was still close with all left and so I figured I'd move one of my more played alts over with them. The new group was active and awesome. Anytime I went to my old guild there would be maybe 1 other person on. The guild had just died. It was really sad. Eventually moved every char over to the new guild and have been loving it ever since. Usually 10-40 people on at a time, I have never been on alone. People are always down to run heroics, BGs, mythics, raids. It's extremely active and people are nice.

    [–] For conservatives at CPAC, the FBI is Public Enemy No. 1 RoleModelFailure 8 points ago in politics

    No you dummy.

    Russians = Good, Real Patriotic Americans = Good, Democrats/Liberals = Evil of everything awful. Literally trying to murder the world.

    [–] Oklahoma Republican: No Jewish or Muslim Chaplains Allowed RoleModelFailure 16 points ago in politics

    fatally shot


    That video is so fucking awful.

    "Sir, I have to tell you. I do have a firearm on me."

    5 seconds later shot multiple times from inches to a foot or so away. The moment he says he had a firearm on him the cop's hand went straight to his pistol and started to pull it out. It's horrifying.

    [–] What does a "bad guy with a gun" look like? RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I don't agree with what the kids were doing and definitely think they were in the wrong as well, I just firmly believe the officers did not use proportionate force. I don't think "kids" is too far though, they're in college and are around the 18-22 range. Sure none of them would consider themselves kids but I stopped considering myself a kid at 15. I also wanna be clear I absolutely don't advocate for any stalking/violence against these officers.

    Yea I agree with you here. I am glad they only used pepper spray instead of something more violent but even the maker of that pepper spray wasn't happy with how it was used. It also seemed like a fucking lot of pepper spray to be spraying 2 feet away into somebody's face. I work in higher ed and with students of all ages. It's hard to classify them as one thing because of the wide range of ages and maturities you come across. Young Adults is a good catch all term.

    I think we mostly agree on this story, I just believe the pendulum of blame is more on the cops side than you'd put it. It seemed to me like you were absolving the cops of all blame which I had to disagree with. They could've handled the situation much better, and I don't think anything that happened that day from what I've seen and read excused what happened at the end in the part that went viral.

    I'd put the blame in the middle. I am not absolving the cops but I don't think they are 100% to blame here. I am sure they and the university could have handled the entire situation better and by this point I am sure mistakes were made on both sides to end up where they were.

    Those young adults (better? Haha) were not physically resisting or breaking laws outside of trespassing so I don't believe they should've been treated that way. I believe force should be used when necessary, not because students are sitting in your path and you're mad they're not listening. They should've taken the ones they were arresting and tried to walk around. Then if met with actual resistance, like them pushing back, some force would be more justified. At that point spray what you need to spray to do your job. Instead they walked up to students who were just sitting there and unloaded spray while walking up and down the line.

    I think this is where I have issues with people using this incident. They weren't resisting arrest or breaking laws other than trespassing but they were getting in the way of police trying to arrest people. I think it was more than just students sitting and blocking the path. They moved there in order to block the cops and try and stop them from arresting people. I am glad that is all they did instead of actually using force, I think sitting there was a great way to demonstrate. But I also acknowledge that it does give excuses to the other side. If I see somebody getting arrested on the street and I prevent the cop from following through with the arrest, I may be in the right because the arrest is unlawful but I am also now giving excuses and reasons to the police to escalate the situation. I am not trying to absolve the cops or blame the students, I want the situation to be looked at to understand that this isn't black and white and that actions have consequences. You may be on the right but that doesn't mean the cops won't use your actions against you.

    There are a lot of examples of people clearly being abused by police and there are examples of people who say they have been abused by police but in longer videos/more explanation turns out they were wrong. This I would put in the middle. The cops went above what I would say they should have but I also recognize that the students are not 100% innocent and their actions could be used by the police to justify what they did.

    If you read this much thanks for the thoughtful discussion so far, definitely got me thinking. I'll have to look into it again it's been years since I've even thought of this story. I'm glad two people on Reddit who disagree can still have a civil discussion

    Same here. Granted I have received some nasty comments from other people. But whatever, that happens. I hope you have a good weekend! Go watch some /r/Eyebleach first though.

    [–] Long before Spider-Man, Sam Raimi cast Liam Neeson as a wilder, grosser superhero RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in movies

    to destroy the one Singh

    Even Tiger Woods had trouble beating [the one Signh] (sorry, because of the parentheses in the link the formatting doesn't work.)

    Also, it wasn't India, it was Fiji.

    [–] Germany defeat Canada 4-3 to reach their first ever Olympic gold medal game. RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in hockey

    The only reason I don't want Germany to win is because Datsyuk is awesome. I miss him.

    With that said, I really hope Germany fucking pounds OAR into the ice and back to Russia because it would be just way too fucking good. And if they do I know Datsyuk will take it like a boss and be happy for them.

    [–] Germany defeat Canada 4-3 to reach their first ever Olympic gold medal game. RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in hockey

    Vancouver needs to go back to black, red, yellow and Seattle needs to follow the Seahawks and Sounders and go with that electric green. Seattle Sea Lions. The neon green, navy/blue, and silver just work so fucking well together.

    [–] What does a "bad guy with a gun" look like? RoleModelFailure 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Yes, that is exactly what I am doing. I am saying they did absolutely nothing wrong. No man, it may seem like I am defending the cops but I am trying to point out that the situation was not as clear as the short video clip portrays. It wasn't a cop walking up to a group of students protesting during occupy Wallstreet and just pepper spraying them in the face. The cops made some arrests and then the students surrounded them and wouldn't let them take the arrested people away.

    What I was doing was pointing out that the UC Davis incident was not a good example of police brutality and police doing the wrong thing. It's not a good example because it is not as black and white as most people believe it to be. That pepper spray was a bit over the top IMO, it's supposed to be used from much farther away and I don't really think pepper spray is a great way to get people to move. I've been pepper sprayed, I couldn't see shit and was crying straight fucking fire down my face. It didn't make me want to move, it made me unable to do anything but hold my face and suffer.

    There are so many examples of police murdering people, planting evidence, lying, abusing their power that we don't need to use examples like UC Davis where there is an argument for the other side. Daniel Shaver was murdered because cops were giving him contradictory orders and shouting at him with guns drawn. He was crying his eyes out and trying to comply but when he tried to pull his pants up they executed him. There really is no excuse for the cops there, sure he wasn't following orders but that doesn't mean they can shoot him. Philando Castile is another example of police getting away with murder. Within seconds of being told in a calm manner that he has a gun the cop shoots him. Or the cops shooting the guy at a gas station in North Carolina(?) when they asked him for his driver's license. He reaches into his car to get it and they shoot at him multiple times.