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    [–] Looking for actors/actresses with atleast several horrors on record Roller_ball 3 points ago in horror

    Dee Wallace and Lin Shaye are both in Critters and I'm assuming they were in other horror films too.

    [–] Who are the best EDITORS in horrorlit? (Past or present) Roller_ball 1 points ago in horrorlit

    It seems like the text in your post doesn't fully match the answers given. A lot of the answers here are editors of anthologies who choose short stories for their books (and I agree with the top comment that Ellen Datlow is probably the best.)

    It seems you are more referring to developmental editing. It is going hard to answer that because editors are purposely kept out of the spotlight. Audiences really like the idea that a book is from a singular voice so often have no idea how little or how much an editor has contributed to a work. Also, typically we don't know who the editor is unless we read the copyright page.

    [–] Question for you guys about the Hancock movie.... Roller_ball 2 points ago in flicks

    It's neither overrated nor underrated. The first half is fine and the second half is dumb. That's the general consensus and I agree with it.

    [–] TIL That more than 60% of Japanese couples choose a Christian style wedding while less than 1% of Japanese residents are Christian, leading to the creed: “Born Shinto, live nonreligious, wed Christian and die Buddhist.” Roller_ball 2 points ago in todayilearned

    The glass stomp is a fun way to end it and anyone that wants to do it should go for it. I'm not sure what the symbolism is. I've heard everything from showing the fragility of marriage to mourning the destruction of the first temple to frightening away dybbuks. I'll assume it is the dybbuk symbolism that attracted you to the tradition.

    [–] Stan Lee’s daughter: ‘No one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney’s executives’ Roller_ball 2 points ago in news

    There was some bad blood between Ditko and Lee, but that was more just creative differences -- Ditko basically wanted Spider-Man to be like Howard Roark from The Fountainhead.

    [–] Truth hurts Roller_ball 1 points ago in vegan

    Thank you.

    [–] Best of 2019 So Far? Most Anticipated For Remainder of Year? Roller_ball 2 points ago in horrorlit

    More horror focused, less focused on deeper issues.

    All stories a loosely connected and involve people/things escaping or entering hell.

    I liked NALM more, but I'd recommend Wounds to someone not familiar with Ballingrud.

    [–] Remember MillenniuM? Roller_ball 18 points ago in horror

    I love the episode where a bunch of demons just hang around a donut shop and talk about how they messed with humans.

    [–] We did it Reddit! Roller_ball 34 points ago in coaxedintoasnafu

    It's worse than that.

    Not seeing it on reddit = nobody is talking about it

    Suddenly appearing on reddit = nobody is talking about it except reddit.

    [–] Just released today..George Carlin from (1989). Check out what he says about Trump. Roller_ball 1 points ago in ObscureMedia

    This is the first I've ever heard that term used as a worldview prior to The Matrix movies. A image on a computer is just a matrix of numbers, so it made sense in the film and then the film popularized it. I'm wondering if it was used much as a non-math/non-computer science term prior to those films.

    [–] Lil Nas Xs reaction to Billie Eilish taking his number one spot on billboard after a record 19 weeks. Roller_ball 6 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    It started out a decent sub that was against shaming girls for enjoying typically female interests and then turned toxic pretty quick into getting angry any time a 14-year-old on twitter goes through a creative phase.

    [–] GARDEN STATE (2004) - Fifteen Years On Roller_ball 2 points ago in iwatchedanoldmovie

    I really liked this review. I'm finding more and more youtube videos to be either overly negative nitpicking or unwavering praise. It's nice to see a review that looks at a film and separates the good and bad elements.

    [–] GARDEN STATE (2004) - Fifteen Years On Roller_ball 1 points ago in iwatchedanoldmovie

    It definitely started the trend of the indie mixtape movies.

    Oddly, I kind of miss those movies.

    [–] Which is the correct answer for this number puzzle? Roller_ball 4 points ago in puzzles

    The tragedy is he could save the others, but not his own.

    [–] Best horror movie of 1983 (in your opinions) Roller_ball 2 points ago in horror

    Never heard of it. Thanks. I'll check it out.

    [–] What are some effective policies to reduce the high cost of higher education in the US? Roller_ball 0 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    Administrator salaries are too high, but they are typically a fairly negligible fraction of the budgets.

    If there is an area to cut out fat, it is infrastructure. Campuses are often sprawling areas with huge buildings where any classroom is only occupied a tiny portion of the day for 4 days a week.

    [–] What are some effective policies to reduce the high cost of higher education in the US? Roller_ball 2 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    I think most states might not offer explicit programs, but do allow students to take classes at CC in addition to their high school classes.

    [–] Best horror movie of 1983 (in your opinions) Roller_ball 2 points ago in horror

    I kind of liked the tonal inconsistencies probably because it was in the midst of the 80's slashers but still felt like it had its own unique tone when so many other slashers just felt formulaic.

    There are also some scenes that really stuck with me. I think the frozen lake scene is one of my favorites. So many horror scenes rely on being cornered, being in the darkness, and not seeing the villain. Seeing the villain coming from the distance in daytime light worked pretty effectively.

    [–] Do Martin Scorsese and Harvey Keitel have the longest working relationship of any director/actor combo in history? Roller_ball 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in flicks

    Maybe. The best I could come up with is Wallace Shawn has a 41 year relationship with Woody Allen.

    edit: Fun fact - You (or at least I) would have thought that Johnny Depp collaborated with Tim Burton the longest, but he's beat out by Danny DeVito (26 yrs) --Batman Returns (1992) to Dumbo (2019) , Winona Ryder (24 yrs)-- Beetlejuice (1988)- Frankenweenie (2012), and mostly Michael Keaton (31 yrs) -- Beetlejuice (1988) to Dumbo (2019). Johnny Depp has only (22 yrs) primarily since he hasn't been in a Burton film since Dark Shadows in 2012. Johnny Depp has been in the most Burton films - 8.

    Fun fact 2 - the actor with the longest working relationship to Francis Ford Coppola is Tom Waits. One from the Heart (1982) to Twixt (2011) (29 yrs)