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    [–] Is anything possible with this car? Rollingrexross 2 points ago in CarAV

    Get a Bluetooth to aux adaptor, I use the sound bot works fine

    [–] Arsenal have reportedly declared interest in signing Gareth Bale this summer. Rollingrexross 3 points ago in ArsenalFC

    No chance it’s possible he’s on £650,000 a week. How are we to match that and the £200,000,00 release fee.

    [–] Xhaka number question Rollingrexross 0 points ago in Gunners

    God fucking damn it. I just brought his jersey on a whim because I like his hair. Cock

    [–] Where can I find one of those Merci Arsene shirts? Rollingrexross 1 points ago in Gunners

    If he doesn’t want it. I’d certainly appreciate it.

    [–] No BS! Brass Band -- 3 AM Bounce [brass] (2016) Rollingrexross 30 points ago in listentothis

    Worked the rva block party; more than likely was your bartender 👍

    [–] Why Sack Wenger Now? Rollingrexross 2 points ago in Gunners

    Well if we lose to athletico tomorrow it would’ve stopped all the continuous complaining by fans that he needs to get fired. Either way win or lose now the fans are happy which makes his life and the clubs life easier.

    In total it was easier for him to resign pre match then post match imo.

    [–] looking for a mansion and would like a company car as a bartender 😆 Rollingrexross 3 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    It’s in a closed group for people who reside in Richmond. He’s a real person with a real profile and apparently works for “mental slavery at google ministries”.

    And no I didn’t write it for karma 😒

    [–] It's worth a shot. Rollingrexross 1 points ago in gifs

    This is the best thing on Reddit this week

    [–] Xhaka out sick Rollingrexross 5 points ago in Gunners

    Xhaka isn’t a defensive mid. We’ll be in trouble without him. No deep lying playmaker. He’s in a league above eleneny