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    [–] I loved the spring freshness at this local waterfall, Lier, Norway [1371x1920] [OC] Ron_Jansen 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Waterfalls are nice and powerful during spring. Add the fresh greens and I'm sold ;-)

    Tech stuff: D810 + 14-24 mm f/2.8 with f/6.3 – 1/6 s – ISO 200 – 22 mm. CPL. Two exposures for focus-stack.

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    [–] A glacial pothole during 267 s of sunset at the Norwegian south coast [OC] [2048x1367] Ron_Jansen 2 points ago in EarthPorn

    This is a sunset long exposure of a large pothole directly next to the sea. Potholes can be found at several locations in Norway. They were formed during the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago, when stones and gravel carried by glacial meltwater began to grind holes into the bedrock. In a few of the potholes these grinding stones still remain. This one here has a diameter of 6 meters and a depth of 6 m.

    I used a long exposure with a 10 stopper filter to bring out the evening colors reflecting from the rocks, give the seawater on the left a similar look to the still water in the pothole and intensify the colors in the sky.

    Taken with a D810 + 14-24 mm f/2.8 , f/14 – 267 s – ISO 64 – 14 mm. 10 stop ND filter (Haida 150x150 mm ND1000)

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    [–] Dracarys above the clouds, an amazing sunset on Madeira, Portugal [1536x1920][OC] Ron_Jansen 0 points ago in EarthPorn

    These are not normal lupines I think. Someone named them in a comment. I don't know if they are native, I hope so.