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    [–] Is it possible to gain muscle while intermittent fasting? If so, how? Rone52 1 points ago in intermittentfasting

    I have been weight training for 12 years, powerlifting for the last 2 years. I've been 16:8 for two months SW:262 CW:235 and I have had mild strength gains. But, my training intensity has increased as well.

    [–] Said no to fries Rone52 5 points ago in intermittentfasting

    These are the type of decisions that help win in the long haul!

    [–] '14 Road glide and 98' Road king halfway through a 6,000 mile trip Rone52 2 points ago in Harley

    We're not doing coast to coast. We started in Illinois and are doing a big loop (2-laning as much as possible). Illinois-Missouri-Kansas-Colorado-Wyoming-Utah-Idaho-Oregon-California-Arizona-New Mexico and back!

    My evo blew a rocker box gasket, we were able to pull the tank and replace that. Otherwise the ole girl has been hanging tough!