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    [–] Framed my favorite of the E3 2019 swag posters RooinMachoonall 2 points ago in borderlands3

    Is this poster for sale anywhere or is it an E3 exclusive type deal?

    [–] Any one know where I could get some size 16 wading boots? RooinMachoonall 1 points ago in flyfishing

    For sure it's a struggle unless someone else on here knows of something I'm just going to have to keep using regular tennis shoes

    [–] Just got a draw in the closest game of my life my friend was recording luckily. (loud) RooinMachoonall 3 points ago in Mordhau

    i got almost 600exp and i dont recall how much gold i got, i probably could have got more but i was using a all throwing knives character (i was ROOIN on the scoreboard)

    Edit: oh it doesnt show the scoreboard

    [–] My end game. Delta squonk and Profile rda RooinMachoonall 1 points ago in Vaping

    I personally buy the wotofo brand profile shoelace cotton then you can just slide it under the mesh and fluff it out and trim up the cotton around the edges

    [–] Araki has G R E A T O taste RooinMachoonall 61 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    Why do I always click on the spoilers knowing damn well I'm gonna be spoiled...

    [–] Landfill and recycle both go into the same can at Starbucks RooinMachoonall 1 points ago in assholedesign

    Look at the crease on the bag starting at the top then down past the divider it follows the same path exactly the same way the creases in the bag are the same it's one bag