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    [–] VVVVV steam code giveaway! RookieCooki3 1 points ago in steam_giveaway

    Homemade Potato Chip Salad Recipe

    [–] Weekly No Stupid Questions Thread - February 03, 2020 RookieCooki3 6 points ago in deadbydaylight

    Otzdarva is a great streamer, he makes sure to make every stream educational and it helped me quite alot

    [–] my first greenscreen meme :D RookieCooki3 6 points ago in YuB

    Goodjob! I was planning on making one too ^

    [–] It’s about a friend, I swear RookieCooki3 59 points ago in memes

    Insert Communism Joke

    [–] Big oof RookieCooki3 4 points ago in teenagers

    The possibility of it being fake exists, but sometimes the tick marks dont turn blue on whatsapp for me either. Dont know why

    [–] Yub Fanart (is also on instagram) RookieCooki3 2 points ago in YuB

    Woah! This looks really good! Goodjob internet person =)

    [–] See you soon. RookieCooki3 6 points ago in PvZGardenWarfare

    Where was this information about the new characters teased?

    [–] The tables have turned RookieCooki3 2 points ago in memes

    India and some other asian countries I'm pretty sure

    [–] Question About The Danganronpa Despair Arc RookieCooki3 2 points ago in danganronpa

    Happy to know I followed the order correctly! I'll be done with Goodbye Despair soon, after finishing both the future and despair arc, I saw a few YouTube videos and discovered about Goodbye Despair, Thankyou again!