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    [–] I'm getting an abortion next Monday Rory-y 2 points ago in confession

    I didn’t say I was pro choice but okay :/

    [–] Ummmmmmmmmmmmm ok!!! Rory-y 30 points ago in imveryedgy

    Because autism is funny, but it would have been better if they then proceeded to rape a dead hamster

    [–] Ummmmmmmmmmmmm ok!!! Rory-y 1 points ago in imveryedgy

    That is a real possibility

    [–] I'm getting an abortion next Monday Rory-y 18 points ago in confession

    Stop using the word “baby” because let’s be honest the fetus/embryo is 4 weeks old and is not classed as a baby so using the term “baby” is a lie you use to try and make your argument stronger.

    I’m not even sure where I stand on abortions to be honest as I haven’t really made my mind up because it’s so complicated (although I would probably lean towards pro choice slightly more). But when ever I see the pro life argument “killing babies it pisses me off because it’s just not true

    [–] Fated engram glitch Rory-y 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Thanks, sorry I’m a new light player so I just wasn’t sure :/

    [–] Happy Christmas, luv. Rory-y 2 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Thank you Norway. That’s very nice of you :)

    [–] Happy thanksgiving Rory-y 1 points ago in MakeMeSuffer

    I hate this sub, why do I do this to my self

    [–] Cursed_consent Rory-y 1 points ago in cursedcomments

    Do Americans really take offensive to cunt? And as a British person, people really don’t say cunt that often compared to other words, we will leave that to the Australians

    [–] Superior Technology? [HUMOR] Rory-y 3 points ago in ClashOfClans

    I thought the same when I first found it

    [–] Lochness is looking thicc today Rory-y 9 points ago in unexpectedbillwurtz

    Good work soldier. Keep it up

    [–] [HUMOR] Cursed_bel- oh sorry wrong subrettit Rory-y 3 points ago in ClashOfClans

    if you watch youtubers videos on the scatter shot it isnt as strong as it is in the video. I think it 2 shots bowlers and baby dragons.

    [–] [NEWS] Introducing the Scattershot! Rory-y 1 points ago in ClashOfClans

    this is going to shake up the meta, cant wait to see what wil happen