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    [–] Tara Reid's botched liposuction (since repaired) Rosinathestrange 11 points ago in Botchedsurgeries

    There are many different body types. Lots of women have a rectangular/athletic type figures with little to no defined waists. There is nothing wrong with that.

    [–] Did the public like Sophie? (season 2 question) Rosinathestrange 7 points ago in LoveIslandTV

    It's something I've observed as I was late to the love island game. People get swept along with the mob, but looking back she wasn't that bad. She was confused and very fragile mentally when Katie came in. I think she did care about the public opinion but not because she wanted to win, because she was very sensitive about other's opinions.

    Very hypocritical of the islanders to give people like Liv and Terry a pass on their questionable behaviour but not Sophie. It's a popularity contest and she didn't relate as much as the others did imo.

    [–] Chelsea answering questions on instagram Rosinathestrange 1 points ago in TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

    I had a fucking letter posted, addressed by his mother and in a repurposed envelope just so I wouldn't bin it straight away. 😂

    [–] Chelsea answering questions on instagram Rosinathestrange 2 points ago in TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

    I get similar. Block everything and cut contact. Its better that way.

    [–] WILD Theory about Cate and Ty moving in together S3 Ep1 Teen Mom OG. Rosinathestrange 5 points ago in TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

    I dunno why everyone thinks Tyler was set for great things tbh..he's the child of a drug addicted wife beater. His sister was a stripper and also a drug addict. The cards were stacked against him.

    Besides, blaming someone else for your lack of ambition and drive is bullshit. Tyler is a grown man. He is his own person. His failure to do anything of value with his TM money is on him.

    [–] Me (26F) and boyfriend (27M) of two years. I still feel like the consolation prize and inferior to his ex and I don't know how to get over it. Rosinathestrange 4 points ago in relationships

    I had the same! As well as a whole host of other abusive behaviours my ex was obsessed with his ex. After 4 years together he was still posting cryptic blog posts about her on the day of her wedding. Safe to say this was one of the last straws and I got tired of being treated like shit.

    Like you, I am now in the best relationship I have ever been in! It is as easy and breathing and I know that I am his favourite person and he is mine. If I had known how good things could be I would never have wasted nearly 5 years on such a loser. But we live and learn right!?

    [–] My girlfriend says she has fallen out of love with me for things I’ve done, but was talking to another man behind my back Rosinathestrange 15 points ago in relationships

    I was you, but I am now 1 year out. I am free and now with someone so amazing and kind. Please message me if you need help, advice or just someone to talk to. Stay safe.

    [–] My girlfriend says she has fallen out of love with me for things I’ve done, but was talking to another man behind my back Rosinathestrange 32 points ago in relationships

    You sound exactly like my ex. He too was abusive. He treated me like shit and accused me of cheating when I finally left him.

    You will never understand the damage and trauma you have caused her. You have made her question everything about herself to the point where she genuinely believed she was only worth your abuse.

    Leave her alone. She has finally escaped you because she realises she is worth more than you.

    Your I can change is bullshit. You can change now she's gone but not before you abused her '10 times'? Which I also call bullshit on. I guarantee there was more.

    Oh, my ex also kept my dog. In the end I let him, because like you he also tried to use him as a weapon to try and manipulate me. Your ex will do the same, because she needs to be well rid of you.

    [–] Kail just living her best life Rosinathestrange 2 points ago in TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

    Nah she was very open about those and posted it on instagram. She doesn't usually have them!

    [–] r/badgeneralanatomy Rosinathestrange 1 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    'I can't suck your dick anymore. It would make me sick.'

    [–] David on Facebook calling all trans people perverts Rosinathestrange 1 points ago in teenmom

    Look on the brightside, even one of the WBBC clan ended up escaping and having her mind changed. We live in the age of instant information, hopefully some of these kids will find out David is wrong by themselves.

    [–] 🤮Farrah showing off her sweaty crotch on Instagram. She really will do anything for attention. Rosinathestrange 12 points ago in teenmom

    What is even worse is that someone would pay money for those shorts. My friend regularly got men on tinder offering upwards of £100 for her used gym gear 😷

    [–] Female orgasms are a myth. Rosinathestrange 2 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    Ok, real talk. Whyyyyyy do men do this?! Like, I know its a porn thing but there is nothing sexually arousing about it 😂

    [–] Female orgasms are a myth. Rosinathestrange 1 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    In my personal experience, as an orgasm having woman, it depends how turned on I am. This can result from a number of things such as initial attraction, their desire for me (its contagious!), foreplay and how comfortable I am made to feel during.

    On my own it is literally just a matter of time and will happen every single time. With a partner, its complicated. I have been in the 'babe my jaw/hand/cock is aching can we stop' situation, but also the almost instant, explosive, multiple orgasms situation.

    [–] Tyler gave an interview saying he wasn’t ‘over the moon’ when he found out Cate was pregnant. Rosinathestrange 1 points ago in teenmom

    Coming off the pill for me felt like clouds in my mind were clearing. I always felt like i had a headache/cloudy mind and within a week that had lifted. I miss not having a period, but I don't miss that feeling.

    [–] Yep. Totally real..... Rosinathestrange 8 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    You've just destroyed my childhood.

    [–] Have you been blocked by a cast member on social media? Who and why? Humor me, I’m bored 😐 Rosinathestrange 3 points ago in TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

    One way ticket on the fame and money train. The man had a autobiography published! That's a narcissist's dream isn't it? He had a big part on the show and was a public figure, enjoying the benefits of a six figure wage.

    [–] What topics do you feel have been beaten to death by teen mom fans that you wish we would move on from and not keep rehashing over and over? Rosinathestrange 35 points ago in teenmom

    Oh my god yesssssss 😑 How hard is it to understand and how many 'Lol Kail is such a savage bitch for posting xyz' threads do we need before people understand that THEY DO NOT POST THEM THEMSELVES 😂