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    [–] It’s weird that you have one hand that knows how to do everything and your other hand just sits there like “Idk how to use a pencil” Rrxb2 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Wait wtf so I’m left handed and given 90% of things at school are designed for right handed people I can use my right nearly as good as my left.

    And people have issues brushing their teeth?

    [–] How oysters are able to filter (and ultimately clean out) water through their digestive system Rrxb2 1 points ago in gifs

    Oh you think they dumped it into the river.... no, mostly they just shit on the streets and let it rot.

    [–] It just hit me how strong crossbows are Rrxb2 7 points ago in DnD

    Oh my fucking god. Oil jars are already op.


    [–] The most amazing picture I've seen Rrxb2 2 points ago in Eyebleach

    Holy shit how is this comment not auto closed with 50 downvotes? Reddit, you OK?

    [–] Melee peeps. How you get such high weapon damage?! Rrxb2 1 points ago in fo76

    The only food buff that doesn’t stack is Carry Weight iirc. Or possibly duplicate effects.

    I know separate foods don’t interfere.

    [–] When the entire gym needs to know how smart you are too Rrxb2 3 points ago in iamverysmart

    I’ll raise you one higher.

    Why is Harriet Beecher Stowe?

    [–] My pup playing with her favourite toy Rrxb2 5 points ago in Eyebleach

    Can confirm. Family breeds them. Getting new pup in 2 weeks who tested negative even as a carrier to all genetic diseases.

    However my favorite pup, Queen B, is a carrier.

    She also likes to drown people with kisses and suffocate them with snuggles when she feels like it.

    [–] Best tweet I've seen in a while Rrxb2 36 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Eh gov regs are down rn just dump that shit in the river

    [–] I wish I had multiple personality disorder Rrxb2 11 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    You better say “I’m u/TheSebtacular, and I was the most meta human alive.” when this style of wish pops into existence once more.

    [–] My crazy teacher tried to shove me in the army, so I broke the bureaucracy Rrxb2 2 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    I mean. DNA-based flash drive? It’d cost like 40mil for an entire database, but certainly possible, if not at all practical.

    [–] All police should be like this legendary Aussie copper Rrxb2 77 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    The secret is that Australians are already dead.

    And the only reason their walking corpses don’t melt is lots of water.

    [–] Waiters and waitresses, what are some signs you’re serving a first date? Rrxb2 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Chips and queso. Perfect food for when you’re talking to someone. Or want to make a power move and push more cheese to your side of the pan.

    [–] Giuliani: "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign" and Russians Rrxb2 14 points ago in worldnews

    The main complaint was libs dragging in people who don’t want to vote.

    How dare they remind people about the election!

    [–] Giuliani: "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign" and Russians Rrxb2 120 points ago in worldnews

    I was in the car with my dad.

    He was listening to a talk show which was covering the ‘Blue Wave’, and how liberals cheated by getting more people to vote.

    Despite that literally being called democracy.

    [–] CB tries to steal my dog Rrxb2 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Very different from r/assholetacks of course.

    [–] 2 guys 1 ticket Rrxb2 30 points ago in funny

    Especially diamonds!

    [–] Viability of an all-cleric party? Rrxb2 3 points ago in DnD

    As an oath bound spellcaster

    but muh spell slots

    [–] Anyone else want them to bring back Anti-Material rifles from FNV? Rrxb2 3 points ago in fo76

    Lasers are gr8 because they can be spammed to a small extent

    Lasers are ass because they have less damage than fucking pistols and break quicker than a horse in BoTW

    [–] Where's the dual wielding? Rrxb2 2 points ago in fo76

    Enough plinks will eventually get the job done. Alternatively, they can also fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

    [–] Viability of an all-cleric party? Rrxb2 3 points ago in DnD

    Aaand next character idea.