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    [–] Repairing gear really needs rebalancing. It's cheaper making a new item as of now. Rrxb2 5 points ago in fo76

    At that point if you have the right perks just call yourself ‘The Walking Stash’ and sell your services as a body guard and mule.

    [–] WHITESPRING for Unofficial Trading HUB Rrxb2 1 points ago in fo76

    Good god, whatever you do, DO NOT PASS THE MANOR. Just don’t. Thank me later.

    The lawn is big enough. You don’t have to suicide for more land.

    [–] The anti-griefing measures allow further griefing Rrxb2 5 points ago in fo76

    u/DirtyMercy should also be notified.

    Junk extractors are used. The payout is eh with one, but god tier with 3. Check in every 10 minutes and scrap it all for a near endless source of screws and other assorted shit.

    They do take 10 power a piece though, so that’s 30 power devoted to just extractors. Beef it up with some turrets and you’re good.

    [–] The anti-griefing measures allow further griefing Rrxb2 7 points ago in fo76

    Endgame resources. Junk on demand. Hell even just the exp from defending it.

    [–] Sometimes I play tuba to my raw adhesives to make them grow faster Rrxb2 2 points ago in fo76

    Nope, but that’s why a adhesive farm always requires upwards of 8 small water purifiers.

    [–] Actual Game-Breaking Bug Rrxb2 15 points ago in fo76

    I’m pretty sure they left the account in the capable hands of a bot.

    [–] Anyone else? Rrxb2 -1 points ago in gaming

    Yes. r/fo76

    [–] Anyone else? Rrxb2 25 points ago in gaming

    I thought we did in Skyrim? And they majick’d themselves into a giant robot by accident?

    [–] What is graphene? Stronger than steel, thinner than paper, graphene could be the future of tech Rrxb2 1 points ago in TechNewsToday

    Personalized medicine?

    Big Pharma and Doctor Bonesaw would like a word with you...

    Fusion on the other hand looks hopeful. If big oil doesn’t sabotage it.

    [–] Oh yeah Rrxb2 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    My apocalyptic world: “Yo, I know I’m a fat ass, but feed me and give me what I need and I’ll try to make shit. Like gunpowder from piss and charcoal. Hydrogen bombs from pennies and acid plus a few wires (or paper clip) and a battery.

    Not my apocalyptic world: “I’m gonna be the fuckin HERO! Lemme just grab this handgun and I’ll know EXACTLY where to go!”

    Addendum: I’ve handled guns before. I know the basics of medical skills. Indeed, I’d be the perfect ‘support’ character in an apocalypse. Which means I’m always the first one to go.

    [–] Mutation Questions Rrxb2 1 points ago in fo76

    I guess bye bye action points lol

    [–] Mutation Questions Rrxb2 2 points ago in fo76

    I believe Starched Genes lvl 2 allows you to ‘lock down’ mutations.

    [–] PSA: If you own a workshop for awhile Grahm will make a stop Rrxb2 2 points ago in fo76

    Correction: Grahm’s bramin sniffs you out and leads him to you.

    Praise the cow.