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    [–] Can we get a picture/logo for the sub already? Ruhroh2000 4 points ago in kotakuinaction2

    No worries man, it was just something I noticed. I’m just glad this sub exists. Take your time.

    [–] [SocJus] Basilisk Online: "You don’t have to buy games from assholes, there are just as many good games by better people" Ruhroh2000 29 points ago in KotakuInAction

    His loss. Anyone can be a bad person for someone. People like him wont play Kingdom Come Deliverance, and maybe even Cyberpunk 2077. Especially if they find some obscure tweet from 2013 that jokes about one of the many people he wants to play savior for. Good riddance to anyone who takes this trash seriously.

    [–] Game Giveaway Ruhroh2000 2 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Can I have Conan Exiles?

    [–] Looks like Catherine has upset resetera.... Ruhroh2000 10 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Pretty much. Its an SJW bubble where everyone circlejerks each others “progressiveness”. And if you dont do that you get banned instantly. Its fun to watch the insanity in that forum, but sad at the same time.

    [–] SomeCallMeJohnny goes full SJW!!! Ruhroh2000 5 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Man fuck these resetera cunts. I just finished the first 3 “Legend of Heroes” games from Atlus. And these guys put loads of time into their stories and dialogue. If shit like this ends up ruining their future games im gonna be pissed AF.

    [–] [SocJus] Escapist Magazine: "Dune's Paul Atreides Is the Ultimate Mighty Whitey" Ruhroh2000 154 points ago in KotakuInAction

    “But why is Paul so ridiculously amazing and terrifying? The answer is pretty straightforward. It’s because he’s white.”

    Stopped reading after that, and I’m not even white.