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    [–] Just got triforce sibling tattoos Ruhroh2000 187 points ago in gaming

    The red one looks like its infected.

    [–] The Potential! What they could look like. Ruhroh2000 16 points ago in witcher

    Really doing my best to like Yennefer

    [–] An unpopular opinion Ruhroh2000 4 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Toby is the devil incarnate

    [–] My tumblr SJW friend Ruhroh2000 2 points ago in SJWstories

    This sub honestly gives me hope. Stories like this tell me that plenty people on the far left still have logic in their minds. As for your friend, I know it sucks but you cant enable her. She has to find a new job eventually. Having mental issues sucks, but if she doesnt work on it and only sits home it will only get worse. Also I'm glad you got past your mental issues and are doing good, that just shows its possible for your friend as well.

    [–] What did you guys do to Conrad? Ruhroh2000 1 points ago in TheWalkingDeadGame

    I killed him, but that game was a buggy mess. So at the end of the game I just saw him walking in the background as if nothing happened.

    [–] I think Lilly is right and AJ will get Clementine killed eventually. Ruhroh2000 6 points ago in TheWalkingDeadGame

    But then how are we gonna see her sacrifice herself to save AJ in episode 4? She's gonna die just like Lee, and were all gonna bawl our eyes out. It will be the end of a generation.

    [–] Piracy added to bad sales Ruhroh2000 12 points ago in TheWalkingDeadGame

    You'd think they would have some kind of anti-piracy system set in 2018.

    [–] Emily Grace Buck (ex narrative designer) going crazy on Twitter Ruhroh2000 15 points ago in TheWalkingDeadGame

    Who the fuck cares if she's on the left or the right? This isnt r/politics She was part of an amazing game and thats that.

    [–] What if another video game company takes over the twd game? Ruhroh2000 9 points ago in TheWalkingDeadGame

    Its not looking good, many of them are already looking into other jobs from what I've seen on twitter. Even if someone ended up buying the franchise, as long as its not the same people working on it, it wont feel genuine. It would at least need the same voice actor for Clem.

    [–] You don’t even know my real name Ruhroh2000 14 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I tried watching it, but it felt like I was betraying Michael Scott.

    [–] Does anyone else get insanely annoyed by Michael Scott? Ruhroh2000 2 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I feel exactly the same. I got so annoyed at him first watch. But now he's just a lovable nut to me.

    [–] Hottest Girl on The Office go Ruhroh2000 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Erin imo. Allthough when she dances it looks like shes having a seizure.

    [–] good old fallout new vegas Ruhroh2000 2 points ago in gaming

    Bethesda made the basics so Obsidian could play around without having to make a game from the ground up.