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    [–] Bridge roulette RumbleTiltFin 6 points ago in SweatyPalms

    No chance in hell

    [–] Creating plasma in a microwave oven RumbleTiltFin 5 points ago in chemicalreactiongifs

    Doesn't look like the first time plasma has been created in that microwave

    [–] TIL that Dandelions are not only completely edible raw and cooked but also packed with nutrients and may have many other benefits to their consumption. RumbleTiltFin 91 points ago in todayilearned

    Quick list of the benefits for you:
    1. Highly Nutritious
    2. Contain Potent Antioxidants
    3. May Help Fight Inflammation
    4. May Aid Blood Sugar Control
    5. May Reduce Cholesterol
    6. May Lower Blood Pressure
    7. May Promote a Healthy Liver
    8. May Aid Weight Loss
    9. May Fight Cancer
    10. May Support Healthy Digestion and Treat Constipation