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    [–] MRW another white person walks into the Theatre to watch Black Panther. Rumblet4 20 points ago in reactiongifs

    It’s not a big deal but the black community is really proud of it. Which is why it’s all over the media

    [–] Pre EOC scape was the most fun scape imo Rumblet4 4 points ago in 2007scape

    I loved everything about Runescape Pre-Hp change

    [–] safety first Rumblet4 10 points ago in motorcycles

    The kid can be replaced

    [–] Roses are read, soon it is May Rumblet4 1 points ago in boottoobig

    That’s it boys, the limit is 61.

    [–] Dissapointed in Iphone X Rumblet4 0 points ago in iphone

    Yea but you have to hold down for a second instant of instant

    [–] IPhone X Is SLOW CHARGE? Rumblet4 -2 points ago in iphone

    The battery seems to last about the same. I had a iPhone 6s Plus so the battery was actually bigger. I’m just going to return the iPhone X tbh. The slow charging isn’t for me. Not going to buy a faster charger when my small charger already charges my 6s Plus with the iPhone X fast advertised speed.

    [–] IPhone X Is SLOW CHARGE? Rumblet4 0 points ago in iphone

    Sorry I had a iPhone 6s Plus. So the battery is bigger than the iPhone X. And the iPhone 6s Plus battery lasted me all day

    [–] IPhone X Is SLOW CHARGE? Rumblet4 -3 points ago in iphone

    So if I buy a fast charger my iPhone 6s will charge in 30 mins to 100% and my iPhone X 1 hour and 30 mins to 100%?

    Like I don’t understand why they advertised faster charging when the iPhone 6 charges faster.

    Or is there a reason the iPhone X charges slower?

    [–] IPhone X Is SLOW CHARGE? Rumblet4 0 points ago in iphone

    But why does it charge half as slow as my iPhone 6s? With the same brick? Seems like my iPhone 6s already had fast charging since it takes little over an hour to get to 100% but reading websites says iPhone X takes up to 3. Did they nerf it so we have to buy the fast charger?

    [–] Why is traveling to Brazil so expensive? Rumblet4 1 points ago in travel

    Yea prices go down during more travel

    [–] Electricity restored to 75 percent of customers in Puerto Rico. Rumblet4 17 points ago in worldnews

    Where do you get such cheap electricity in Texas!! I’m paying $200-300 a month right now during winter and $150-200 not during winter

    [–] My uncle and my father - Guatemala City, Guatemala - 1960 Rumblet4 6 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Just because it's used in Spain doesn't mean it's proper. To terminology is wrong.

    [–] Story Time - Week of February 05, 2018 Rumblet4 1 points ago in Tinder

    Canes is nearly empty here in Texas. Bushes chicken is on a whole other level here.