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    [–] Recordings of Robbie and Tony’s DJ set at Vivid 2011 or the associated Triple J interview? RunDNA 1 points ago in theavalanches

    I have the interview somewhere on my computer. I'll link it when I get home.

    If you search through the old posts I think soneone also posted it a year or two ago.

    [–] Pre-emptive history correction: The Avalanches’ second album was not going to be called ‘Loveless’ RunDNA 2 points ago in theavalanches

    That was a silly mistake on their part.

    btw, thirdofmarch, I have a disappointing update on your old post about the episode of 'Under Melbourne Tonight' from 1997 in which The Avalanches performed.

    I contacted RMITV and a helpful gentleman there did a search of their tape archives for me. Unfortunately that particular episode is missing from their archives.


    [–] Australia 1770 RunDNA 25 points ago in australia

    Remember Queenslanders, you are all New South Welshmen at heart.

    [–] Is it truly fair to rule out re-submitting links, even if they are ancient, on another subreddit? RunDNA 12 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    It does on desktop.

    I just tried resubmitting the top article there and I got redirected to this page:

    If I clicked the link circled in red I can submit the article again.

    [–] Found photo from trip to D.C. "Anchorman" Museum RunDNA 2 points ago in movies

    Damn, the Anchorman section has finished now.

    Thanks for the info.

    [–] Is it truly fair to rule out re-submitting links, even if they are ancient, on another subreddit? RunDNA 9 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    Are you sure you can't resubmit it?

    Normally there is a button that says "This has already been submitted, but resubmit it anyway" or something like that.

    /r/movies could be different though. I don't know.

    [–] My friend's pez Presidents. Check out 45. RunDNA 2 points ago in funny

    TIL that U.S. history can be divided into 3 stages:

    1. Clean-shaven,

    2. Beards and moustaches,

    3. Clean-shaven again.

    [–] Is Reddit trying to become the new facebook? [support article in comments] RunDNA 6 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    Slightly off-topic (I only found this out yesterday) but you can now view the old style of user pages by default by opting in as a beta tester (see /r/beta) and changing your preferences.

    See this post:

    [–] When do you think we'll hear LP3? RunDNA 8 points ago in theavalanches

    I predict a specific day: 19 September 2020.

    [–] Works every time RunDNA 116 points ago in funny

    That card would also be very useful for prisoners on death row.

    [–] A closer look at the #TEN_GOP controversy: Only 23 of the posts were made BEFORE the election. Only 5 of these made it to front-page of The_Donald, meaning they comprised 00.015% of front-page posts on the sub. RunDNA 1 points ago in conspiracy

    Thanks for your analysis. You make some good points.

    For completeness sake I should mention the fact that (because of Reddit's shitty search function) the list I posted of the 241 posts yesterday was incomplete. There were actually many more, which the resourceful /u/f_k_a_g_n was able to find using BigQuery.

    So as well as those 23 posts made prior to the election, there was also another 55 lower scoring posts made before the election for a grand total of 78 posts.

    Those 55 extra posts would all fit in your third group, so they would not really affect your rhetorical strategy of focusing on front page posts, but here are all 78 posts in a list on GitHub kindly made by /u/f_k_a_g_n:

    (Note: as OP said, all these posts are inactive so there's no possible brigading, so hopefully it is fine that I post the links.)

    [–] Never seen Godfather 3 RunDNA 2 points ago in Godfather

    If you watch it, let us know what you thought afterwards.