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    [–] What was your "oh shit i am gay" moment? RustyPeach 6 points ago in gaybros

    Paul Giamatti in Big Fat Liar. Before that, it was the soldiers in Mulan when they all ran into the rivers, I wanted to see them naked but didn't care what Mulan looked like. Especially the chubby guy and the mustache guy.

    [–] Is Ben&Jerry's a high end, mid tier or low tier ice cream brand? RustyPeach 3 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Haven’t had that. I absolutely love the churro. Brambleberry crisp is like a blueberry muffin ice cream which are my favorite muffin so it’s great. After typing my above comment I just ordered 4 pints of their newer flavors online. It’s so fucking good

    [–] Is Ben&Jerry's a high end, mid tier or low tier ice cream brand? RustyPeach 8 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    If you have Jeni's ice cream at a whole foods near you, it might be $9-10 if you are lucky, they sell for $12 online direct. This is one that other stores in NYC will sell for $14-15. It has higher fat content, higher quality ingredients and more unique flavors. When I travel to Ohio its a must stop, along with Graeters which is slightly more expensive than Ben and Jerry, probably $7-8. Now some of that is transportation costs for the increase, but being so expensive they also take up shelf space so they raise the cost even more, but buying from them directly, again its $12. All of this to say, if you can find a pint near you when you were about to buy a pint of other ice cream, at least try it once. Its not an every week treat, but its a more intense and creamier taste.

    [–] TTV jerk lets teammate bleed out instead of reviving him. I am instant karma. RustyPeach 4 points ago in apexlegends

    For the most part I will agree he is a jerk, and probably is in 99% of cases, but there could be more to the story. I played a game yesterday, I found purple armor but someone on my team had 4 kills with white so I was going to pass it along. I grabbed it, dropped it right next to him and pinged it while he was watching the enemies through a scope. The third person in the team just comes out of nowhere, thought they were farther away, and takes it. Unfortunately they never went down, but I would have watched them bleed out, take the armor and then revived them.

    [–] Drag is the New Black RustyPeach 3 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Someone call peaches! Loved this!

    [–] GYO Rules and Mods RustyPeach 2 points ago in gayyoungold

    When I give image-references to multiple times of being told to keep rule discussions to PM with mods, and questioning why threads were deleted, please explain how I am supposed to believe that your first point is truthful when I don't have any other answers and i have "TheGuyWhoKnocks" in a PM who agrees that how this was handled was wrong. I don't want to hide anything from this community and mislead them, hence why posting this "chapter and verse" because they wont know what happened otherwise. I'm happy to post the screenshots I have of the facebook post as well if you feel like I picked and chose what to post, unfortunately dont have the rest of the comments though because again the post was removed in the middle of the night after discussions were taking place in the comments.

    I also bring up questions that are still not answered by your reply, and instead are being deflected. And this is now the fourth time I have not gotten an answer to

    but that subreddit has 3 mods vs. this subreddits 8, so what would happen if all 18.6 thousand subscribers moved to that subreddit and start to post?

    Why not explain what is so complex?

    Why was Xthreat's thread deleted for discussing rules? Link There is a single post by a now banned user, but nowhere else in that thread was there anything beyond reasonable discussion. Why not just remove the post like in every other subreddit and keep the conversation going?

    Why was this thread immediately removed.

    Why was this thread removed.

    Why was this facebook post removed?

    You want to move forward, then be more open and give a real reason with references. I apologize if you took offense to me calling you a liar, but I dont believe you right now when you say you want more open discussions.

    [–] GYO Rules and Mods RustyPeach 2 points ago in gayyoungold

    So I’m going to say a few things about this drama and try to keep things open and respectful. The issue is with this:

    “We as a group want to maintain civil discourse and allow disagreement. We should be able to talk and listen to each other. That said, there are diplomatic ways to approach issues, especially hot button issues like pics posts.”

    You have proven multiple times over the past few days that this is in fact a lie. You do not want discourse and disagreement about the rules. Any thread with disapproval or trying to start discussions of the rules has been removed, including a post on Facebook where we were discussing the rule and response. I asked in this image : HERE “How is the sub supposed to be able to discuss rules with each other if you constantly ban and remove them?” and you responded with, “The rules are decided by the mods not the community.” So please explain to me how we should, “be able to talk and listen to each other.” Especially when you posted this at the end of your facebook post.

    Going back to the Xthreat “This sub and its rules” post which started this whole mess, not counting the 5 months ago issues between “youyouyou” and “headshrinker” over the original picture move, this was a very diplomatic discussion about the rules and how this community feels about it. It fits exactly into your statement, “We as a group want to maintain civil discourse and allow disagreement.” The mod Dyslexik posted your cookie-cutter message about “Why no Pics?” and received two responses. LINKED HERE Very appropriate conversations, no hostility. It wasn’t until his second post that it went off the rails. LINK HERE He calls us condescending for bringing up concerns about the rules of this sub, very hostile, telling us to grow up, and expects recognition. “there are diplomatic ways to approach issues, especially hot button issues like pics posts.”

    TheGuyWhoKnocks LINK HERE took over for Dyslexik and echoed the mods point, “In the future, if you do have concerns, I suggest you bring them up to us privately via PM, or report posts that you believe are breaking the rules.” Now in reading the entire thread and all 40 comments there is only a single comment with any wording that would be consider beyond reasonably inflammatory, yet the entire thread gets removed why? Also, before any moderator posted, this thread was very peaceful in agreeing. Not to mention the next two threads mentioning discussions about the rules, along with the facebook thread were all removed. Again, nothing inflammatory was said in that facebook thread but it gets removed and the user is banned, why? People were asking legitimate questions or agreeing with the poster. And one of the reddit threads was removed almost instantly before someone could even write a comment “We as a group want to maintain civil discourse and allow disagreement. We should be able to talk and listen to each other.”

    Now in private messages with a mod along with once in that aforementioned Facebook thread, I have been trying to get answers for a question and never got a real response. And the one on facebook was removed before I could see it, and I am told it wasn’t anything beyond, “its our decision.” The mods of this community think that the GYOpics is going to be easier to moderate, but that subreddit has 3 mods vs. this subreddits 8, so what would happen if all 18.6 thousand subscribers moved to that subreddit and start to post? Dyslexik says the reason for removing the pictures is to allow for more text-based discussions, right now on the front page there are 3 threads from 4 days ago, 3 from 3 days ago. Do you think it’s time to reconsider how this subreddit is being ran? The mods here think the problem is people do not know about the GYOPics, that is not the case, it’s a case of not wanting to move to another subreddit because the members of the community know it’s an awful idea to split them in the first place.

    I will also add this picture from talking with “TheGuyWhoKnocks” on discord with the slippery slope on why we can’t talk about rule discussions in the open. This is referencing my first paragraph about why we can’t discuss the rules with each other in the open, and how you mods want everything to be done in private instead, going against your paragraphs about “The rule regarding pics…” DISCORD IMAGE LINK

    There are other concerns about actions that have been takin in the last 72-96 hours by members of this mod team but I’m not going to include them as it would in my opinion go too far and take away from the discussions about, well discussions,, but the removal of any thread, banning of users who want to discuss how this subreddit is ran is a problem. This subreddit is dead without the users (more than it is right now), and the current mod team’s actions has pushed even more of us away.

    [–] [Spoiler] Question about Alice and the first Beast encounter RustyPeach 3 points ago in brakebills

    Take the finale wellspring scene, alice is god powered up and she still is defeated pretty easily. Everyone else has decent magic chops, and the beast still wipes them all out. If his goal was to kill them in that first episode he should have, and could have easily. I dont think he was intending on killing them there, just scaring them.

    [–] Women of Reddit, have you ever had a run in with an Incel? If so, what happened? RustyPeach 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Well its not illegal, and its a free service and they are using that selling for profit. Once law makers make it illegal, then if they continue sure throw him in prison. But he doesn't deserve to be in prison right now because he technically isn't doing anything illegal and its something everyone consented to.

    [–] Has anyone else moved to NYC from a suburban area and has developed anxiety about returning home? RustyPeach 2 points ago in AskNYC

    Grew up in farming town, moved after college. I miss the quiet and the air of the suburbs, miss having land and control over what happens on that land (I like gardening and not a fan of how the nearby parks have decorated a few places, also just want to actually garden). So no, I dont have anxiety about returning to that home, but that may also because I have a lot anxiety about returning to my family and that may overshadow it. I also like not having to drive anywhere and having things to do versus having to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere interesting.

    [–] Gyopics, who's going to even see my photo.... RustyPeach 2 points ago in gayyoungold


    I was also against the pics being moved away. I thought there was enough push back and photos were allowed again but maybe they changed that behind the scenes back to banning photos.

    Also, currently looking at possible wedding venue for my partner and I, can I dm you to ask about your experience with planning a gyo wedding?

    [–] The track record of every winner of drag race RustyPeach 7 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Again, said this during the 6 way lip sync but no winnder has lip synced more than once. Its why I hate when queens say they will lip sync to the crown if they have to. No, if you lip sync more than once besides the finale you are basically going home. You might get top 4 but wear your best shit on the show and dont save pieces for future runways because you may not get to them, show the world your best self so that you get that social media presence and booking and stop focusing on winning the crown.

    [–] Giant corporations during Pride Month be like RustyPeach 3 points ago in gaybros

    22 Brands Selling LGBT Pride Apparel In 2018, Ranked By Highly Subjective Criteria. A lot of these pride companies that sell pride merch actually donate proceeds. Yeah, a lot of big ones dont, and some may support anti-lgbt causes, but if you do even a little bit of research you will see that some big companies actually care. Just look at what Levi's has done for the AIDS/HIV community since the 80s.

    [–] Giant corporations during Pride Month be like RustyPeach 15 points ago in gaybros

    Yeah, my fiance's (fortune 500 near top of list) company has a huge LGBT support group lead by the LGBT executives from the VP (maybe executive VP), oppose anti-LGBT laws and use their power to do so, even extended benefits to same sex couples before lgbt marriage was legal. And a lot of other large companies have done the same. Just because people may not like how the company is doing elsewhere doesn't mean they dont support their LGBT employees. HRC has a great reference list as well.

    [–] How do you do, fellow gays? RustyPeach 3 points ago in gaybros

    I will say I don’t know what percentage they donate but it’s more than a lot of companies, and definitely a fuck Tom better than donating to anti lgbt causes.

    [–] How do you do, fellow gays? RustyPeach 32 points ago in gaybros

    Just realize that some of the big companies actually do care and donate money from these pride sales. HRC has a huge list of corporations that they score here. Nike has donated millions from their shoe line to LGBTQIA causes. Abercrombie and Fitch partner with the trevor project. H&M is a huge one, recently having Aja as one of their models too boot!

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Chapter 108 Raw RustyPeach 1 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Holy shit this art. Especially the 2nd to last page, fucking amazing.