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    [–] Not to sound ungrateful but RustyPeach 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    No I haven’t, I used to fry it though with tomatoes and random spices and burned it though lol

    [–] Not to sound ungrateful but RustyPeach 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Never did that, we would just heat up the hot dog and put it on a slice of bread and fold it up or put it in mac and cheese. Hmm, I wonder if thats why I never try any other hot dog other than just ketchup and mustard because I never tried anything else growing up like even a slice of cheese.

    [–] Not to sound ungrateful but RustyPeach 11 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I still crave a mayo and tomato sandwich even into adult hood. And microwaved white bread pizza.

    [–] I'm out $600 after my(29m) best friend(31m) and his wife(29f) made me the door mat at their wedding. RustyPeach 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    I wouldn't believe any apology that comes out of his mouth. Look for apologies in action. Its easy to say, "omg I'm so sorry, I didn't realize what we were doing" and then keep doing it at future events.

    [–] My pc is lagging bro RustyPeach 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    FPS, MMOs and simulators, all depending on my current mood. And also do programming work on both.

    [–] My pc is lagging bro RustyPeach 6 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Not sure why you were downvoted, its true. I have both a 144hz and a 60hz monitor and have gamed on both. 144hz looks slightly smoother but its not that big of a deal switching back and forth.

    [–] Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE!- September 11 RustyPeach 1 points ago in malefashionadvice

    If I did the oak jacket, would I still do black denim or a brown denim?

    [–] Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE!- September 11 RustyPeach 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in malefashionadvice

    I have a pretty important event coming up and put off getting an outfit until too late. I have a pair of tod's similar to these: blue suede, but mine have a knot on top and I bought this shirt last week to wear to the event. The issue is I can't really find a pair of pants to complete the look. I thought a grey chino could work, if it was the right color of grey. There were also these but they didn't have my size to try them together and I can not find these in the US at all. If the shoes are an issue I can swap them out, but I would prefer to wear them. Otherwise I'm open to pant and shoe combo suggestions as well. Oh and a belt suggestion if any other color than black or brown would be better. Dont think I'm going to tuck the shirt in, but just in case i do or if it peeks out.


    Need: Pants, jeans, chinos, khakis, plenty of options.

    Edit: Smart Casual event.

    Budget: <$300, but if something is perfect than can go higher.

    Location: US, but just needs to be deliverable within a 8 days of ordering or if they have a NYC store where I can pick it up.

    I also have 30inch legs but am 6ft and squatted and deadlifted for years before a back injury and then c diff stopped me at the start of this year so I have bigger thighs and calves. Just wanted to add this in case it changes your idea of what kind of pants would look good.

    [–] New Ryland Video: Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever It Lands RustyPeach 6 points ago in ShaneDawson

    Nice of Ryland to provide that top comment giving props to Julien and Colin, though also a little sad he felt the need to to prevent those comments shaming him for it.

    For those that didnt know though, and to prevent any comment reply to this saying, "Well actually", they [Julien and Colin] weren't actually the first people to do it, just to register the idea with the writers guild. And the assumption/rumor for why a big part of their companies downfall is actually surrounding their attempt at owning that idea and claiming they came up with it and how they responded to people about it. RebelTaxi's video on it, 18 minutes and a gallery of the comments

    [–] /rant I am so tired of these wedding vendors and their use of gendered language. RustyPeach 1 points ago in LGBTWeddings

    10 days ago so sorry to give you a reply notification, but as a M/M wedding it felt the same way filling out some of these forms. For the photographer, we even told them we were a gay couple before hand but the company (which contracts different photographers) still sent forms with bride information in it (mother and father of bridge, etc). Its like, well now we have to pick which one will be the bride now? If this wasn't a rush for a photographer change last minute we would have switched to a different company. At least the photographer (the individual) we got is nice and doesn't have an issue with the right terminology. Same issue with Zola and the other wedding site.

    [–] Bootleg Opinions: Yuhua and Phi Phi critique the DRUK girls RustyPeach 29 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Yuhua fucking photoshoping their critiques to get their points across, like the fuck, instantly just elevated this show even more.

    [–] WIBTA if I wore a dress to work? (M34) RustyPeach 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA, but I want to add that you should put effort to make it look good. If you look like a jacked up beast in a flowerly green/yellow-ish dress that doesn't look appropriate, they will be able to call you out on it more easily. If you show up looking good, then the focus would be solely on the outfit and the unfairness of dress codes.

    Utilikilts are the easiest, but still can look bad but with a shirt still like here (pinterest link) you can pull off a business attire with more breathability. If you want to wear a dress, go for black at first, it is easier to transition to other colors that way if you want to keep it up. Make sure you have a belt to tie it in around your waist to make your form look better. If you have any female/non binary/men who know fashion friends they can offer you suggestions on what to wear. You could also do a black/white top, black skirt with a belt.

    [–] Then and now RustyPeach 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in freefolk

    1 million times yes! Fuck he's so hot.

    [–] AITA for not going to a "friends" wedding? RustyPeach 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    lot of guests with dietary issues

    We are dealing with that too and the menu the venue's catering has to offer isn't the best at dealing with them. If there weren't going to be vegan and gluten free (real allergy not just carb free) people there we could save a lot more, maybe $20-30 a person because I think we added extra appetizers and chose a slightly more expensive option that had more friendly things in them. Also wish we could bring in outside alcohol because I could literally buy multiple bottles of wine per person and champagne (and water) for cheaper then what they want for their open bar, but whatever. I have too many other things to stress about, I'll let that go for now. And at least if people want mix drinks the open bar will be able to accommodate them.

    [–] AITA for not going to a "friends" wedding? RustyPeach 44 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Buffets are still priced per person, not to mention if there is an open bar which is also per person. Just saying. Our wedding is going to be about $85-115 for per person which is buffet style with passed appetizers before the buffet actually comes out + $120 per person for 4 hours of open bar.

    [–] AITA for telling my cousin's parents that a top of the line computer is not needed for Computer Science? RustyPeach 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA, but your cousin is also NTA, just immature and doesn't know why your parent's might not be able to buy him an Alienware. He's 17/18 and going off to college and probably doesn't realize how the real world works, I'm not going to fault him for wanting a gaming laptop for school work and for play. I got one for my computer science degree that was more than what I needed but I used it as my personal machine for gaming in the dorm room as well. Those years of having that computer and playing with friends was extremely important to me, but I bought it with a scholarship check.

    All the above being said, I think you should have a discussion with Sam and your parents on an appropriate laptop so they dont give him something that he can't use and his parents waste their money. Schoolwork for him probably wont need the terminal until like end of 2nd year/3rd year, but having a refurbished mac pro is a great programming machine that I still use today. Or a windows machine with enough of a SDD/SSD+HDD to dual boot linux. But I would not trust my mom or my aunt to be able to buy their kid an appropriate laptop.

    [–] What if you suddenly feel a touch on the shoulder following with the words: "are you sleeping during my class?". You open your eyes and you are at your 7th grade math class, all of the life leading up to this point was just a dream and you are a 7th grader. What are your thoughts? RustyPeach 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'd be sad, but also happy? There are a lot of things in school I would want a redo at. I didn't really enjoy math and school until like 10th grade when I realized I should care about it unlike my older siblings. If I had started in 7th grade, couldve done more advanced classes for the transcript, AP classes and scholarship applications so I could have afforded to go to a better school and had more self confidence in my abilities. I would also have a better idea of what I wanted to do with my life early on so I could focus more and more attention there. It would really really suck to lose my fiance and dog, but I also know exactly how to meet him again (thanks online dating!) so I'm not too worried about that. Same with my dog, I know exactly when he will be available for adoption and at what time to show up. Everything else in life I would probably be able to improve by going back in time (relationship with family, friends I fell apart from who I miss now, etc).

    [–] AITA for bringing up my headaches to my mom from her smoking? RustyPeach 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA - I think you are right in the situation, just in a tough spot that may lead to it being ESH at times when it comes to communications. We dont know how you brought it up with your mom, but if your relationship is anything like my sisters and mom's which it sounds like from other comments, you may very well have brought it up in a way your mom considers to be "asshole-y" which pissed her off. I've had to at times coach my sister on how to approach certain topics with my mom because I know she wouldn't react well with how my sister wants to approach things.

    I live in an apartment building and when people smoke that shit rises up to my apartment and its absolutely awful. It gives me a headache as well. I totally see where you are coming from and your side, not to mention any other effects of smoking that close to your window. Its a shame you aren't working right now because I would tell you to go buy an air filter for your window so you can show your mom how much of that smoke is coming up to your room.

    [–] My dogs use team work to play fetch RustyPeach 1 points ago in aww

    My dog will do the same thing at the dog run ever since he had knee surgery and can't run as much anymore (once he starts doing it I keep him away as its a behavior I dont encourage, and if I can't get his focus back we leave the dog run). I wonder if that same behavior happened here and now its just a habit between the two.

    [–] Rpdr UK will finally flip the roles RustyPeach 39 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    I dont mind, I like it because it gives me an opportunity to look the area up and learn more about it. Same with references.

    [–] Easiest way to get from Manhattan to Provincetown, MA. RustyPeach 1 points ago in AskNYC

    You should be fine on Friday. The only traffic on Friday is near New Haven, and depending on the route you take Hartford and Providence, and if you leave during rush hour and will travel through choke points. We leave on a Saturday morning, which is a heavy travel day too for leaving NYC, and once you get past New Haven its pretty clear sailing barring accidents and construction work.

    [–] Easiest way to get from Manhattan to Provincetown, MA. RustyPeach 4 points ago in AskNYC

    Take a train to Boston then take the ferry. Its going to take a long time though. Plus the two Ferry services are only at 3 different times a day to Ptown. They at least stagger but if you get to Boston at like 3pm, you are going to have to wait hours there. The amtrak is 4-5 hours to Boston.

    We drive there, its about 6-7 hours which is about the same as way the Amtrak + waiting + ferry will be. Are you going to be staying there? How long will you be staying there?

    [–] How Chick Fil A worker's was when they heard about the New Popeye's Sandwich RustyPeach 5 points ago in videos

    As a gay guy, I give a shit. Haven't stepped foot in one since I found out. Same with Salvation Army, when we had to donate items from a family member who passed I made sure we did not go to the Salvation Army. It's not hard to go to a different fast food place or store, or avoiding a product from a company like Nestle. And especially with where CFA was giving their money before 2012.

    [–] The bride was in tiers RustyPeach 2 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    As someone who has lost an engagement ring in the ocean, you don’t think in those moments. Luckily it wasn’t a diamond ring, but still sucked