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    [–] Behind the Scenes at Your Local Vape Shop Ryusirton -2 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Whats the big deal? It's not really that bad. Have none of you ever worked fast food or at a convenience store? This is nothing. The only thing that seems ridiculous to me is reusing the tester tips, because they're really cheap.

    [–] Wanted Cat Ryusirton 3 points ago in comics

    Lol at your downvotes. Nice opinion, sucker. I bet you put 'dead or alive' on your pet posters too, you silly contrarian troll you

    [–] North Carolina Police Obtained Warrants Demanding All Google Users Near Four Crime Scenes Ryusirton 1 points ago in news

    Sure I might, because I'd be an emotional train wreck. People are sometimes willing to break the law and for closure and revenge. You shouldn't have to give up your privacy because I miss my mommy

    [–] It's July 9th Ryusirton 0 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    I'm enjoying your posts this morning

    [–] Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he's leaving Facebook Ryusirton 1 points ago in technology

    I would not infer that the commenter gives a fuck about Steve Wozniak deleting his Facebook, but rather that they give a fuck about what content is shared on this sub (or on r/all).

    Have you ever had a conversation and someone said "I don't care"? Do you believe that when they say that phrase they're actually implying that they want you to continue talking about the topic you brought up?

    [–] FEMA Is Almost Out of Money and Hurricane Irma Is Approaching Ryusirton 2 points ago in news

    After we still blaming Bush for anything? I kinda miss his speeches

    [–] Currently on special slayer task from Morvran and decided to ask for some help. Ryusirton 0 points ago in runescape

    Upvoted for opinions. Outsourcing is a good thing though, and it has nothing to do with how shitty comcast is. Comcast is shitty though.

    [–] I swear to fuck. Ryusirton 0 points ago * (lasted edited 5 years ago) in electronic_cigarette

    Ew smoking is nasty fuck you

    That's really in your top 2? Stop hanging out with assholes man

    Edit: I misplaced the quotes with my eyes. So sorry, team

    [–] Every woman in the Senate just demanded Mitch McConnell hold a vote on sexual harassment legislation Ryusirton 5 points ago in politics

    Yeah I paused at that too. They're just trying to make it sound as bad as they possibly can. I don't think they need to with sexual harassment, as it already sounds pretty damn bad to me, but whatever

    [–] Currently on special slayer task from Morvran and decided to ask for some help. Ryusirton 1 points ago in runescape

    You telling me that if you had a business, and you could cut costs by 75%, you wouldn't?

    The money a business saves through outsourcing doesn't just sit in the bank. They invest it into growing their business which can replace the jobs lost from the outsourcing.

    [–] Remember the fallen ones. Ryusirton -1 points ago in runescape

    Are you hearing yourself man? You are 93% of the way there.

    [–] This Tinder ad Ryusirton -1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Uh their ankles are exposed dude

    [–] I like this yoga class. Ryusirton 0 points ago in Unexpected

    The reasons are very clear and I don't believe your claim that you aren't aware of them.

    One thing I've noticed is that there are people who are against ear cropping but ok with tail bobbing (maybe those I know are just an anomaly and it's not common), so I wonder if there's a reason for for those feelings that I'm not aware of.

    I think natural ears look better than cropped ears and I convinced myself that cropping became popular as a result of using dogs for fighting so that their ears couldn't be a vulnerability.

    Theory totally made up in my own head, so don't attack me if you've actually looked it up and there's definitive proof that that's not the case. I am absolutely not presenting it as fact

    [–] Don't let the state control your morality Ryusirton 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in conspiracy

    The Holocaust was not legal

    E: I thought war crimes existed during that time but it seems like maybe they didn't or they did it's hard to to decipher these things without any putting effort into learning them