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    [–] Telling my kids this was Halo 4 S3xyTrap 3 points ago in halo

    it's supposed to be bizarre.

    [–] MCC Multiplayer S3xyTrap 3 points ago in halo

    all of them

    [–] Let's face it. The Magnum was way more unique and distinct from a visual standpoint. S3xyTrap 3 points ago * (lasted edited 18 hours ago) in halo

    it's not the magnum, it's the sidekick

    the only two games it was a "small cannon" were CE and 5

    [–] I drew the Demon S3xyTrap 3 points ago in halo

    this is heckin sick

    [–] Never Forget S3xyTrap 1 points ago in halo

    i was about to comment about how much of a shitpost this is but then I realized lmao

    this is dope

    [–] 152 is suffering S3xyTrap 12 points ago in HaloMemes

    i started up my xp grind again last week and i have acquired almost 1 million xp since then

    im 300k away from 151, and then i have 15 million more to go

    yayyy ):

    (if anybody has any platinum packs or XP boost packs sitting around i will gladly take them pls)

    [–] The DMR sight doesn't work under water. S3xyTrap 4 points ago in halo

    you never know with this community lol

    [–] The DMR sight doesn't work under water. S3xyTrap 6 points ago in halo

    it's the gunfighter variant of the magnum

    [–] Is Gandhi hopping useful in Halo 5? S3xyTrap 2 points ago in halo

    pro's use everything to their advantage

    [–] Was humanity possibly intended to be forerunner originally? S3xyTrap 7 points ago in halo

    the "You are Forerunner" line is pretty much just Spark going fucking nuts

    [–] Halo 5 XP S3xyTrap 5 points ago in halo

    im about to finish 150, you have a long grind ahead of you man