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    [–] [SERIOUS] Teen girls of Reddit, what can your father do to help you open up and talk to him about your life, emotions, and problems? SAT0725 1 points ago in AskReddit

    ITT: Contradictory advice all over the place. "Really open up to your daughter!" and "Share your vulnerabilities with her!" Also "Don't open up too much to your daughter, it's not fair to put that kind of pressure on a kid!"

    [–] [SERIOUS] Teen girls of Reddit, what can your father do to help you open up and talk to him about your life, emotions, and problems? SAT0725 -1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah explain to me what an "over the top" reaction is to someone who molested your daughter? Because as a father and the brother to a sister who was molested by her father, there's not a lot you could do to that guy that I think would be considered "over the top."

    Also -- not meaning offense to OP -- but her saying "I wish he wasn't so overprotective of me and made me stay inside for fear of me getting raped" and then also saying she kind of blames him for her actually getting molested and not feeling like she can tell him is a little confusing. Like, maybe your dad was on to something and he wasn't being overprotective? Because you actually did get abused, so...

    [–] What actor/actress instantly ruins a movie for you? SAT0725 7 points ago in AskReddit

    ITT: Literally only the highest-paid, most popular actors in Hollywood.

    [–] Why did you initially stop using Facebook? SAT0725 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A few years back it came out that Facebook had done a secret study where they showed X number of users only negative posts and X number of users only positive posts, then tracked those users' behaviors and found that those who saw negative posts began acting negatively and those who saw positive began acting positively. Essentially the study -- which again, was done without the subjects' knowledge -- showed that Facebook is able to manipulate people's emotions by curating their feed. Super scary.

    A similar Facebook study -- also secret -- had the company show messages to X number of users' Facebook friends saying their friends had voted in the election and they should too. They found that users who saw the message were significantly more likely to vote than those who didn't. Which means if they wanted to, Facebook could only show such messages to users who agree with the company's politics, essentially swinging elections however they want to.

    These are just two examples. Facebook runs studies like this on an ongoing basis without our knowledge all the time, every day. I only have an account because I use it to manage my platforms for work.

    [–] What commercial is so bad, it has the opposite affect on you and you'd never buy their product? SAT0725 1 points ago in AskReddit

    ITT: Everyone who doesn't understand how advertising works. The fact that you remember the commercial and brand is all that matters. Psychologically speaking, you're more likely to consider that brand for purchase in the future when you're exploring that product category simply because you remember it.

    It gets dicier when you're talking brand image developed over time, when associations come into play. ("I don't want to drive a Subaru because I'm not a hippie," etc.) But generally speaking on an ad by ad basis, a bad ad for Coke you remember will actually make you more likely to buy a Coke, even if you hated the ad.

    [–] What's an American issue you are too European to understand? SAT0725 2 points ago in AskReddit

    To be fair, the two parties do essentially the same thing and just pretend to disagree on token social issues so they can keep the country's aggression wars and foreign intervention going while the public is distracted. Get the public to believe the other side is evil because they're for or against abortion or trans rights and they'll be too busy fighting to notice that politicians in both parties like destroying other countries, deposing their democratically elected leaders and taking all their resources while lining their pockets in the process.

    [–] Trump: The Most Corrupt President in US History SAT0725 1 points ago in politics

    you can’t have it both ways

    That's my point. Obama sneezes and this sub can't wait to praise him to the top of Reddit for it. Trump does the same thing and Reddit shits all over him. Trump's done very little that Obama didn't set the precedent for. Anyone who actually follows politics and doesn't understand that either willfully ignores it because they have an agenda or they haven't graduated from high school.

    [–] Trump: The Most Corrupt President in US History SAT0725 -6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in politics

    Remember when Obama let the banks hand pick his cabinet? Remember when he spent the last year of his presidency actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton? Remember when one of his final acts as president was to approve $39 billion in military aid to Israel? Remember when he promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay as a candidate, but then just kept using it when he got elected? Remember his unprecedented prosecution of whistleblowers? Remember his unprecedented expansion of an illegal domestic spying program? Remember Fast and Furious? Remember when he built hundreds of miles worth of wall on the border with Mexico? Remember when he separated immigrant families at that same border? Remember when he banned transgender soldiers from serving in the military for 99 percent of his presidency? Remember his development deal with Netflix worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

    But yeah, Trump saying a bunch of shit on Twitter but never actually doing anything is way more corrupt than all that...

    [–] (Serious) What’s the creepiest post on Reddit? SAT0725 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I've honestly felt like this a few times. There was very specific occasion in college when I was driving and 100 percent shouldn't have been and I woke up in my running car in a random parking lot with no memory of how I managed it. For some reason I've often thought I probably died but somehow my consciousness just kept going and I never knew it. That's just one of a few similar experiences. Another one is when I was trying to cross a busy road on a tractor and I had no business trying to drive a tractor. I had to get it up a steep hill then stop at the road, then wait for traffic and cross. But the space between the hill and the road was too narrow and I couldn't stop, and I looked up to see oncoming traffic that would've splattered me all over the road ... except somehow I stopped the tractor just in time. Again, no idea how I managed it, and I often think I didn't.

    [–] A really detailed guide to writing high performing Facebook ads (x-post from /r/shopify) SAT0725 1 points ago in marketing

    "You should generally try to have a 50x average order value worth of ad spend for a month, as a very very general rule - so for example. if your product makes you $20, then have an expectation to spend $1,000 in the month."

    I'm not sure how I feel about this one. If one purchase nets you $20 and you're spending $1,000 per month, you'd have to have 50 sales just to break even. It depends on your product or service I guess, but expecting 50 purchases off a $1,000 ad spend seems pretty idealistic.

    [–] The US Navy canceled a routine Black Sea patrol after Trump complained that it was hostile to Russia SAT0725 1 points ago in worldnews

    Thank you for this. If I wasn't so certain the majority of pro-war commenters on Reddit were paid trolls I'd have a really dark view of our future. It's hard to have intelligent conversations with the people who argue that the U.S. needs warships all over the world because other countries are "too aggressive." How can they not see the irony in such comments?

    [–] Hello everybody, I'm a young entrepreneurial musician. For the past couple of years, I've been preparing to take my music career to the next level, with a marketing campaign at the crux of its development. Details inside, I'd love to pick some of your brains! SAT0725 1 points ago in AskMarketing

    The answer to all your ad/resources questions is: It depends. Every specific answer depends on your specific goal. Is your goal to sell music? Is your goal to promote upcoming events? Is your goal to have people download your latest single? To give you their email addresses for a contact list? Every "problem" usually has a different unique solution.

    [–] Creative marketing examples SAT0725 9 points ago in marketing

    One thing I'd recommend in your search is to pay close attention to what's really creative/guerilla marketing and what's just throwing lots of money at something. Too much "guerilla" marketing these days is just a clever saying on a billboard or a bus stop. True creative guerilla marketing is high-return, surprising and unexpected. Look up the Situationists and "the spectacle" if you want to go down a kind of philosophical rabbit hole on the issue.

    [–] What associations does Instafam brandname evoke in you? SAT0725 4 points ago in AskMarketing

    Sound cringey to me. Anything with the suffix "Insta-" sounds gimmicky and anything abbreviated "fam" sounds like someone trying to be a VSCO girl or something. But it depends on your audience. You really need to ask your target demographic.

    [–] "Ghost apple" formed when water froze around the rotting fruit SAT0725 0 points ago in pics

    They fell out the bottom (or were eaten), leaving the apple/ice shell.

    [–] People who knew serial killers before they became one, what were they like, and did they have any weird habits? [SERIOUS] SAT0725 13 points ago in AskReddit

    The graphic novel "My Friend Dahmer" by Derf Backderf is an amazing read and worth checking out. The author was kind of "friends" with Dahmer in high school and the book is all about what he was like when he was young from the perspective of someone who knew him and saw him pretty much every day. It's a really thoughtful book that asks a lot of tough questions, like all the students knew Dahmer was drunk all the time so how could the adults not know, and why didn't they do anything about it?