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    [–] What's up with PS5 having ray tracing? SDMasterYoda 15 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    8k is perfect for retro gaming because it is a perfect integer scale of all the most popular resolutions. 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 4k. That allows for 1:1 upscaling of pixel art graphics using nearest neighbor interpolation.

    [–] Finally got my Retrotink SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in crtgaming

    Try turning the sharpness down on the TV, it will get rid of the halo around everything. Also, it may just be the camera white balance, but the color seems way off.

    [–] I work at Best Buy, look at this advanced VR system we got today! SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in oculus

    That's what I'm saying. At places like Target, there is a back room with extra stock so the shelves can be refilled. I understand not all stores are like that, but that's why so many customers ask.

    [–] I work at Best Buy, look at this advanced VR system we got today! SDMasterYoda 6 points ago in oculus

    As a former Target employee, I don't understand the hate for this. We had a backroom with stuff in it.

    [–] Cyber Mouse SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    These anti-theft protections are getting ridiculous.

    [–] Automatic Voter Registration led to a 93.7% increase in new registrations in Georgia, according to NYU Law School's Brennan Center for Justice SDMasterYoda 18 points ago in Georgia

    That doesn't mean anything. What is the statistic of people that actually voted? Of course there was an increase in new registrations, the people that didn't care to register previously were automatically registered.

    From the actual article:

    Still, little is known about the impact of the new registration system on voter turnout. The Brennan report did not study whether more voters actually cast ballots.

    [–] Tommy Pickles hasn’t aged well SDMasterYoda 0 points ago in WTF

    Joel and Ellie couldn't save him.

    [–] Weekly /r/FireAlarms Discussion - Codes & Norms, what are those? (March 2019) SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in firealarms

    What model duct and panel? The FDBZ492-HR has a tamper switch under the cover that you need to make sure you hold down. Also, Siemens detectors in general take a stupidly large amount of smoke to go into alarm, especially the new FDOOT ones. If you activate ASD on the panel, it can help them go into alarm quicker for testing. Look up the manual for the panel you're working on, but for MXL panels, under the test menu is "ASD_Devices"; If you activate that, it will put a trouble on the panel, but allow you to test the devices using considerably less smoke. Make sure you turn it back off when you're done testing.

    Siemens panels and devices are garbage. I hate them with a passion.

    [–] Screenshot of on of my many dormitory evacuation videos. Door holders didn’t disengage SDMasterYoda 3 points ago in firealarms

    Could be set up to only release on a smoke alarm, might be selective and only drop on the floor of alarm, or a few other possibilities.

    [–] I’ve dealt with this about 20 times in two months SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in firealarms

    If they're in a building and have been trained on them sure, but in a place where it's the just a random person involved in pulling it, I can almost guarantee it has stopped someone from pulling a legitimate alarm.

    [–] What’s the funniest fail you’ve seen, whether it be during an inspection or while just visiting the building? SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in firealarms

    I was testing in a school once and was looking for devices inside a classroom. I walked in a classroom and towards the closet at the back of the room, basically just looking at the ceiling the entire time. Tested the smoke detector and turned around to leave, only to see this.

    Scared the shit out of me for a split second, then I couldn't stop laughing. It's hard to see in the picture, but there is fake blood on the green sheet as well as a "bloody" knife. This was part of a criminal justice class in this high school.

    [–] I’ve dealt with this about 20 times in two months SDMasterYoda 6 points ago in firealarms

    They make the same cover without a buzzer and it's just used as a weatherproof or protective cover. It's not wired in to anything, just like the vandal covers.

    [–] r/OSHA will never surprise me SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in firealarms

    Are fire hoses still allowed in Canada? Here they're not allowed; They want people to leave the building, not try and fight the fire. Old fire hose boxes typically have the hose removed and are just a valve for the fire department, and they're used as an extinguisher box.

    [–] Got this for 3 USD. My first svideo compatible CRT. Time to order the cords 👍 SDMasterYoda 3 points ago in crtgaming

    S-Video to component/RGB isn't a small jump. It's smaller that composite to S-Video, but it's a good improvement. If you can mod it for RGB, it is worth it.

    Component to RGB has no perceivable difference. There is no reason to mod RGB into a component set unless you just have the parts and don't want to spend money on a transcoder.

    [–] No AA + Deblur SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in crtgaming

    Tim Worthington's newest N64RGB board has the deblur function.