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    [–] Another find while doing deliveries SDMasterYoda 0 points ago in firealarms

    I haven't run into many of those so haven't come across that. The worst pull stations IMO are the allen keyed Fire-Lite BG-10s. They fail due to the cheap (Simplex grey box equivalent) plastic cracking around the allen screw, as well as the gasket around the plunger rotting and preventing it from going into alarm.

    [–] I didn't realize S-Video would be that much of an improvement SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in crtgaming

    DVI-A and VGA are literally the exact same signal, just the pins in different places.

    [–] Another find while doing deliveries SDMasterYoda 5 points ago in firealarms

    It may not have been pulled. Those old pull stations have some play in them.

    [–] The building I’m in has As-builts of it’s old fire alarm system from 1986. I think it used to be a pyrotronics system XL3 SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in firealarms

    There were basically no requirements back then compared to today. They'd have one loud horn that was expected to cover an entire side of a floor without regard to walls getting in the way or the sound being absorbed by furniture and cubicle walls. No ADA as well so strobes were those terrible incandescent bulbs behind the white plastic that you can only tell are flashing while directly looking at them. Sometimes the lights in the building would be set up to flash with the alarm to work as strobes for the building. Works great to keep people from seeing where they're going to escape a fire.

    [–] My Nintendo collection. SDMasterYoda 6 points ago in gaming

    The NES and Panasonic GameCube are the toasters.

    [–] My Nintendo collection. SDMasterYoda 18 points ago in gaming

    The Wii U is highly underrated. It has some great games. Hell, many of the good Switch games are from the Wii U. Switch is definitely better, but the Wii U is great.

    [–] Oh Mr. Hammond... How you’ve changed. SDMasterYoda 100 points ago in thegrandtour

    The reason he had that Cadillac is simply because he's the "American" of the group.

    [–] With Link’s Awakening Deluxe announced for the Switch, who here wishes it had come out for Wii U? SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in wiiu

    The Switch is WAY better than the Wii U when it comes to UI speed and loading times. The Wii U has unbearably long load times for everything, the Switch is much quicker and you can instantly get to the system menu from any game and quickly and easily browse the eShop and news channels and instantly pop back into a game, not to mention the instant suspend anywhere in any game and having an actual fully portable mode.

    I like my Wii U, but the Switch is much better. The only hardware benefit of the Wii U is being able to dual screen with the tablet, which was very rarely used well.

    [–] Turns out Nintendo's got one last MAJOR release for the Wii U. SDMasterYoda -3 points ago in wiiu

    Why would you buy anything on Wii U if the Switch version is available?

    [–] I got super lucky at my local second hand store today. SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in Gamecube

    Dump the disc and get a setup to load Game Boy Interface. Much better quality than that disc.

    [–] AMD dismisses Nvidia’s DLSS for its “image artefacts” and “harsh scaling” SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in Amd

    Yes, but no TV, monitor, or video card does that (Except this one from Zisworks). They use a universal scaling algorithm. Nvidia and AMD would need to implement integer scaling into their drivers for it to work like that.

    [–] AMD dismisses Nvidia’s DLSS for its “image artefacts” and “harsh scaling” SDMasterYoda 3 points ago in Amd

    In that case, you just do the standard scaling that's already done. You wouldn't use integer scaling for resolutions that don't have a perfect integer scale.

    [–] Testing System Sensor DNR Duct Detectors SDMasterYoda 2 points ago in firealarms

    NFPA 72 requires smoke entry into the chamber to test smoke detectors.

    [–] A wall collapsed in Iran due to poor materials being used for construction SDMasterYoda 5 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Modern cars are designed for roll overs and the like. The passenger cabin is designed to be a cocoon of safety. Also, older cars have much thinner pillars which allows for better visibility, but less strength.

    This is only talking about countries that actually have safety standards for their cars. There are some cars made for developing countries that are made to be cheap and don't comply with the safety standards of developed nations.

    [–] Clarksoooon! SDMasterYoda 77 points ago in thegrandtour

    There's even a to scale shadow of Hammond above him.

    [–] Everyone in this subreddit in a nutshell SDMasterYoda 15 points ago in crtgaming

    Composite is bad, RF is very very bad.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? SDMasterYoda 132 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    He's a comic actor. He wasn't really shitting himself. He's done some hilarious crude material himself. Aubrey was the first one to get the joke, before he even finished saying it.

    [–] How can I connect a VCR to my BVM-D20F1E cheaply? SDMasterYoda 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in crtgaming

    The BKM-25P or BKM-27T are the better option if you can find them. They accept both Composite and S-Video. (That is assuming you're using PAL consoles, if you have NTSC consoles [Looking at your post history, you have an NTSC SNES] you want the BKM-24N or BKM-27T)

    [–] do older games pose a risk for burn in? SDMasterYoda 1 points ago in crtgaming

    Unless you leave something running on the same screen for months/years at a time. You aren't going to have burn in issues.