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    [–] me_irl STENA1 21 points ago in me_irl

    ah, I see you're a man of culture as well

    [–] I need to clean out my friends list.. STENA1 13 points ago in trashy

    ok the simple Google search proved me wrong, it's not Impossible but it's definitely REALLY HARD due to the testosterone levels being low in space.

    [–] I need to clean out my friends list.. STENA1 2 points ago in trashy

    bro you forgot the /s otherwise how do you expect people to understand it's sarcasm

    [–] I need to clean out my friends list.. STENA1 40 points ago in trashy

    actually, in space you can't ejaculate, it has been proven

    [–] nice STENA1 2 points ago in Sakartvelo

    post this on r/awesomeoffbrands, cuz that's where it belongs

    [–] Good guy Chinese cops STENA1 271 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Glorious Chinese police never do anything wrong - sent from a Huawei phone

    [–] Blursed_ vending_machine STENA1 39 points ago in blursedimages

    It would've literally cost you 0$ not to say that

    [–] Blursed_ vending_machine STENA1 19 points ago in blursedimages

    why the fuck would you ever think to create a vending machine for stuff made out of material so fragile it shatters when you drop it from ankle height

    [–] Whoopsies 😬 STENA1 34 points ago in ComedyNecrophilia

    Quirky 🤪 Ned Joining ✔️ the KKK 👋🏻🧒🏻

    [–] too soon? STENA1 124 points ago in TheRealJoke

    Ok but why the fuck would you want a portrait of a sex offender on your wall

    [–] Fallout 76 BAD STENA1 2 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    ok this one is actually funny not gonna lie

    [–] Gotta keep those Georgian traditions clean STENA1 4 points ago in Sakartvelo

    მაგნაირის გაკეთება მინდოდა პროსტა ბრეგაძე რომ საავადმყოფოში წევს მაგით 😂😂

    [–] it all they know STENA1 1 points ago in ComedyNecrophilia

    you forgot about washing their pussy in the sink