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    [–] After playing since launch, I've finally completed my critterpedia without any time travel! SUBZERO-08 2 points ago in AnimalCrossing

    Congrats! Which hemisphere? Didn't realize the rest of the diving critters were up this month if it's Northern.

    [–] Alternate main menu, "Demons" locked in the gallery? SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in demonssouls

    You have to pick the opposite ending of what you did the first time.

    [–] X900H and X9000F Soundbar - Audio cutout issue SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in bravia

    Thanks! Is the main benefit of eARC just for 4K Blu-Ray content?

    [–] HTS200f Soundbar sync delay with x750h tv SUBZERO-08 2 points ago in bravia

    I have the same soundbar with an X900H and the soundbar has no delay when turning on the TV.

    [–] In your opinion, how good is the sound quality of the X900H 65” TV speakers? SUBZERO-08 2 points ago in bravia

    They're bad. I upgraded from a 2010 Samsung Plasma which I never had any complaints about the speakers in. I immediately noticed how tinny the audio sounded on the X900H, especially with voices. It was driving me nuts so I bought a soundbar. Well worth the investment and it sounds way better.

    [–] Deleted Scenes on Crave (HBO in Canada) SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in TheWire

    Watched this for the first time on Crave last month and didn't realize they cut something from that. Anyone have a YouTube clip of this?

    [–] Sony X900H HDMI 2.1 Discussion Megathread SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in bravia

    Yep, it's bullshit. I bought this set because it was advertised as PS5 ready with VRR coming in an update.

    [–] Sony X900H HDMI 2.1 Discussion Megathread SUBZERO-08 5 points ago in bravia

    Contacted support an hour ago and got this response. Sony Response

    [–] Samsung T50M soundbar with Sony TV volume display issue SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in Soundbars

    That's disappointing, but thanks for the information. They should just allow a setting to hide the volume indicator.

    [–] X900H: Turn off on screen volume adjustment display? SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in bravia

    I just tried this but the volume display is still showing on my TV. You just set up/down volume mappings for long and short press to No Action? Or was there some other step?

    [–] Pixel 5 Gaming Performance Question - Clash Royale & Brawl Stars SUBZERO-08 1 points ago in GooglePixel

    Cool, thanks! Yeah I really dislike the touch controls on most mobile games, so I tend to just stick with the simpler ones. Looks like the Pixel 5 should be just fine for my needs then.

    [–] Genuine Question for Supercell: According to Clan Wars 2 design, what should we do with our clan? SUBZERO-08 5 points ago in ClashRoyale

    I work in games too and honestly I don't think there was much of a plan. The entirety of Clan Wars 2 seems poorly thought out.

    There were certainly aspects of it that I like, such as the competitive aspect of facing off against the same clans and becoming "rivals" with some, but after 5 weeks of the same with no payoff at the end it just doesn't feel rewarding.

    It also tore my clan since launch apart and we did a merge with another clan, but many of our players who had been with us the whole time quit in the process, including the leader. Honestly, it was pretty sad to watch it all happen.

    [–] Pre-ordered Pixel 1 in 2016 and still using 😬 SUBZERO-08 2 points ago in GooglePixel

    The integrated Google Assistant and news feed on the left swipe is what I miss most! I definitely took how useful it was for granted until I didn't have it anymore.