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    [–] I'm on week 3 off a few years daily adderall use and I'm dragging ass. Caffeine gets me out of bed but it doesn't help later in the day. How addictive is Armodafinil? I need to get some work done... SUPR3M3B3ING 1 points ago in StopSpeeding

    Most of the time we aren’t getting enough nutrients and vitamins. I’ve been off my meds for 3+ weeks due to me blowing through my script so quickly. I started taking L-Theanine + caffeine, D3, B12, NAC, Mangesium, L-Tyrosine, and a few other things. Along with actually being able to eat it’s been a godsend. Enough energy to at least get me through the day even if I’m not as productive as I’d like to be.

    [–] tips for staying productive through a tolerance break? ADHD SUPR3M3B3ING 1 points ago in Stims

    Honestly just tough it out. I blew through my script in 8 days this past time. It sucks. I started running. Im taking a heavy regimen of supplements. I’m drinking so much caffeine. I’m drinking even more water. I’m actually eating a healthy diet. I work in a cafe so I’m face forward for 8 hours a day starting at 6:00AM. I have to be on for customers. If I can pull it off I’m sure you can too. It’s definitely going to suck but it’ll pay off in the end.

    [–] [FS][USA] PRICED TO SELL! NEED TO SELL TODAY! PUERHOMME Balenciaga Speed Hunters Hoodie (L) / Aich’s Triple S Breds (44) / Retail Nike x Off White Grim Reapers (10.5) / Retail Nike x Carhartt Air Max 95 WIP (10.5) SUPR3M3B3ING -1 points ago in FashionRepsBST

    Like I said I had some pretty significant bills fall on my plate so I’m trying my best to make what I can from what I have. I’m in no way trying to gouge people. You can see it from my other items I’m selling. I paid around $140 so I figured $110 wasn’t terrible and I’m absolutely willing to negotiate. I don’t get why you have to get hostile when I’m being perfectly reasonable.

    [–] Oof SUPR3M3B3ING 1 points ago in malefashion

    Oh absolutely. There are people here who absolutely KILL it with thrift fits but for every one of those guys there are way too many others who think thrift = automatic style.

    [–] [FS][USA] PRICED TO SELL! NEED TO SELL TODAY! PUERHOMME Balenciaga Speed Hunters Hoodie (L) / Aich’s Triple S Breds (44) / Retail Nike x Off White Grim Reapers (10.5) / Retail Nike x Carhartt Air Max 95 WIP (10.5) SUPR3M3B3ING -10 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in FashionRepsBST

    Tbh I totally forgot what I paid for it. I’ll change the price!

    Edit: Just found my invoice. $98 for the hoodie plus $33 S&H. Definitely not a steal of a price but I’ll be eating a decent chunk from PP fees and shipping.

    [–] Oof SUPR3M3B3ING 3 points ago in malefashion

    If you’re JUST dressing for yourself then why be posting on forums? My point I was making here was you can shout “subjectivity” from the roof all day but it isn’t going to get critiqued from a fashion standpoint because it’s objectively bad based on the content of this subreddit.

    [–] Oof SUPR3M3B3ING 20 points ago in malefashion

    I made this more in the context of when people post here with clear low quality content and can’t seem to grasp why they get sent other places. I understand that fashion is subjective but over the years I’ve seen some pretty terrible stuff posted here.

    [–] My pee is 100% clear all of the time SUPR3M3B3ING 19 points ago in waterniggas

    Did you just suggest that this person drink LESS water? Blasphemy.

    [–] I made a 16 minute in-depth analysis of a CDG H+ runway show. I’d greatly appreciate feedback. SUPR3M3B3ING 3 points ago in japanesestreetwear

    Damn this is a great in depth analysis and I immediately subbed. Do you study fashion? From the way you break down everything it’d be crazy if you aren’t. I’m just now starting to experiment with Japanese brands and bought my first CDGH+ pants. Outside of the heavy hitters (such as Kapital, N(N), Visvm, etc.) are there any smaller or newer brands you’d recommend looking into that are complimentary to CDH’s more basic aesthetics? I’ve been wanting to build a more clean workwear/Japanese based wardrobe and it’s definitely a task searching through Grailed to find appropriate pieces.

    [–] What is the “I study animation so I can draw my own porn” of other majors? SUPR3M3B3ING 12 points ago in AskReddit

    At least in the US I think we’re much farther away than that unfortunately. MDMA therapy has already been in the works for a bit (within Europe I believe) and psilocybin mushrooms are beginning to be studied too for their effects. This is my personal opinion but there’s clearly some kind of benefit within PTSD therapy from what they’re seeing. I also believe there was a recent study where psilocybin mushrooms had shown to noticeably reduce depressive symptoms. Regardless, our politicians are STILL demonizing marijuana right in the face of decades of scientific evidence that it has numerous medical values that aren’t in our current market. I’m 100% sure the moment that it finally becomes federally legal (which it will) that the same politicians will turn and make different drugs their scapegoat.

    [–] Guy who never takes any risks starterpack SUPR3M3B3ING 3 points ago in starterpacks

    As a 25 year old guy who just bought a house and has a decent job without a college degree, I’m legitimately jealous of sanitation workers, plumbers, construction workers, etc. As cliche as it sounds they’re real salt of the earth guys who are genuinely kind and they all make respectable earnings from their work. I work in a cafe and serve a lot of them on a daily basis. They’re consistently the most respectful towards everyone I see them interact with and (big surprise) they in turn receive it from everyone. Maybe it’s because I’m from a small town but I’d much rather work towards being a small fish in a small pond that everyone respects rather than a big fish in a small pond that has an ego issue. I’m beginning to see more and more in my town how rewarding it is for guys in their mid-life years to pour back into their hometowns they grew up and still live in.

    [–] Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow SUPR3M3B3ING 4 points ago in malefashion

    What’s wrong with the trend? I for one was definitely not keen on it at the beginning either as I wore nothing but skinny jeans. Now that I’ve started experimenting I’ve realized how creative you can get with baggier clothes. Both of the skinny and baggy styles have a lot to offer.

    [–] What’s the human equivalent of “Koalas can’t recognize eucalyptus leaves unless they’re on the tree”? SUPR3M3B3ING 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I’ve literally been looking for my phone before while talking to my girlfriend...on the phone. She asked why I was so frustrated and I said because I can’t find my phone and I had to leave the house soon. She asked me how I thought I was talking to her. Man that hit me hard.

    [–] I took my normal dose today and had odd side effects... SUPR3M3B3ING 11 points ago in adderall

    Green tea contains a decent amount of caffeine so if you didn’t eat properly the day before and had adderall+caffeine this morning that’s your culprit. I work in a coffee shop and this happens all the time to me if I don’t eat right that morning because stimulants+stimulants on an empty stomach usually don’t work well together.

    [–] ILPT: Are you a teenager who got caught drinking and driving? Go to court and tell them that you made a huge mistake and don’t want to ruin your chances of getting into the military. The judge will give you a reduced sentence/drop the charges. SUPR3M3B3ING 2 points ago in IllegalLifeProTips

    Nah to be honest it doesn’t matter. I got a DUI at the fresh age of 21. Full time employment, volunteered in my community a lot, and a clean slate. Still got a middle of the road punishment with 1 year probation, no license for 3 months, had to stay insured for 3 years straight (like $150/month for liability), and will just now 5 years later be able to get full coverage insurance again. My car is on its last leg and I can’t even think about getting into a shitty finance deal because I can’t even get full coverage. You know how much this has made me adverse to drunk driving? A whole hell of a lot. Honestly, looking back I’m grateful I didn’t get jail time but would have understood. That shit is dangerous and selfish. I’m so glad I didn’t get off with the slap of the wrist.

    [–] What term gets thrown around too loosely? SUPR3M3B3ING 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Lol I meant you spelt OCD as CDO when describing someone who wanted their letters in order.

    [–] ILPT - Don't shop lift SUPR3M3B3ING 15 points ago in IllegalLifeProTips

    Gotta be careful though. I once had an old lady literally check the codes against every item in my cart (even though I hadn’t stolen anything). Had to stand there for like 12-15 minutes as she checked. She even missed an item and accused me of stealing it. I had to show her on the receipt I purchased it. All it takes is one bored old lady to ruin it.