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    [–] Correct way to eat fried chicken SabbitRex 7 points ago in asianpeoplegifs

    Maybe best character, but best acting came from that little girl. My god. Her scenes at the end :(

    [–] A sister's love SabbitRex 0 points ago in aww

    Kids can be cute as well -_-

    [–] No mercy! >:( SabbitRex 1 points ago in funny

    Gets me so hyped

    [–] Chores are hard. SabbitRex 4 points ago in funny

    It just doesn't stop.

    [–] Don't break the chain SabbitRex 49 points ago in funny

    If the punishment is just a pillow to the head then I'm fine with feigning ignorance and getting someone else. Especially if the victim is Jerry. Screw Jerry.

    [–] Don't break the chain SabbitRex 103 points ago in funny

    Don't kid yourself.

    [–] Don't break the chain SabbitRex 22 points ago in funny

    Tbf, I think we all would have done the same thing.

    [–] Adorable Dad Reflexes SabbitRex 240 points ago in funny

    I love Ip Man! Was it Wing Chun that was used in 'The Raid' as well? Or is that a different style?

    [–] Adorable Dad Reflexes SabbitRex 6 points ago in funny

    Wing Chun. It looks very cool.

    [–] Adorable Dad Reflexes SabbitRex 74 points ago in funny


    And Baby Yebin videos are in the recommended section! Now I'm going to be lost for hours.

    [–] Adorable Dad Reflexes SabbitRex 45 points ago in funny

    Don't think that came out right lmao

    [–] A sister's love SabbitRex 18 points ago in aww

    Be happy that the child has such a great, caring sister :)