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    [–] We are former senators. The Senate has long stood in defense of democracy — and must again. SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    I think I heard Mueller say that (in an interview recorded in 2016 but I'm not sure. I know he spoke about integrity being essential). Either way, brilliant quote. Thank you for sharing.

    [–] ‘There was no Plan B’: Trump scrambles to find chief of staff after top candidate turns him down SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in politics

    ‘There was no Plan B’

    I know this has nothing to do with the article, but Republicans generally do not favor Plan B.

    In all seriousness, Vanity Fair doubly reported on this and now WaPo (not necessarily in terms of who published first, just what I saw on rising).

    Also, lol:

    Among some of Trump’s current and former advisers, the chief-of-staff search is something of a running joke.

    “It’s a well-oiled machine,” quipped one Republican close to the White House who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly, a reference to the president’s claims that oft-documented chaos does not exist. “I don’t even know why they need a chief of staff. I guess they need somebody to pour the oil in once in a while, but that’s a part-time job, right?”

    [–] A Top Trump Insider Concludes the White House Is Doomed SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    That he decided to walk away suggests Ayers had a particularly dim view of Trump’s political prospects. Ayers, after all, has a high risk tolerance: despite pressure to divest his interest in his consulting firm, he declined to relinquish his ties to his company, creating a web of potential multi-million-dollar conflicts of interest.

    I don't want to give too much weight to this, but it is interesting to consider.

    Despite what most Republicans are saying on Fox News, I think it's beginning to sink in that there's realsmock here, a level that suggests an intense inferno.

    And some of them like Ayers, assuming this analysis is valid, are running.

    [–] “It Got Back to Trump That Kelly Was Bad-Mouthing Him”: After Firing John Kelly on Impulse, Trump Learned He Had No Plan B SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    A senior White House official told me, in a sign of the depth of the current difficulties, that even former chief of staff Reince Priebus has been brought up as a possible replacement for Kelly.

    You know it's bad when they're considering bring back in characters from previous seasons.

    [–] Trump-Mueller showdown will be a historic test of America's institutions and rule of law SaganSpeaksForEarth 7 points ago in politics

    In a sense, yes.

    But they have already been tested in many ways, and have failed.

    Trump has done all kinds of things with nothing stopping him and with the damage done.

    However, in other ways our institutions have held up.

    And I get what's coming now is far more serious.

    So yes a real test is coming, but it's not the first and many of the prior ones have resulted in failure.

    I have faith, though. Especially because of Mueller and the House.

    [–] Donald, Chuck & Nancy: The Sequel SaganSpeaksForEarth 2 points ago in politics

    Yeah that's what I don't get.

    I apologize, as I am heavily paraphrasing here, but the other day I heard someone on MSNBC argue that senators like Schumer need to go on hunger-strike if need be. As in, even if they don't have the numbers, they need to do everything possible to stand up for the American people.

    And I've thought about this for a while. Like with the Gorsuch nomination, tough luck for us: Republicans had the numbers, Judge Gorsuch was qualified even if we don't agree with his politics.

    But with, say, a bill protecting Mueller. How are they not on the Senate Floor every day and every night?

    This isn't about whether we should raise taxes or some policy difference like that.

    This is about a compromised executive branch that congress is currently refusing to act as a check and balance on.

    This is as serious as it gets.

    I can't believe that for the most part, the last 2 years have gone on business as usual.

    Like, the President is still pardoning turkeys and shit.

    I don't care if Schumer doesn't have the numbers. The future of the republic is at stake.

    And given climate change, the future of our planet.

    They should all be doing more and could be doing more. However unlikely it is for some particular thing to be effective, we won't know unless we try. And even if it really has no impact, at least history will show our generation and its representatives did everything possible.

    Yet, it's not like that.

    To be clear, I am not suggesting they do anything illegal or immoral. But enough with the facade.

    This is not normal.

    [–] Mueller is close to answering Russia collusion question that could end Trump’s presidency SaganSpeaksForEarth 8 points ago in politics

    Hahaha I love it. Mildly interesting: Sagan actually originally never said billions and billions. But eventually said it in response to how many people thought he had.

    [–] Has anyone ever had their board disappear after killing them? SaganSpeaksForEarth 2 points ago in aoe2

    This is the only explanation I'm aware of. But pending another comment, I think what you did OP was in fact kill them with your TC or at least not with your villagers.

    [–] Mueller says Trump ex-lawyer Michael Cohen made 'substantial' efforts to help special counsel probe SaganSpeaksForEarth 2 points ago in politics

    I agree, but I think it's important for the future of the Republic that people understand this isn't your typical run of the mill corruption case. There has to be no objective way to ever argue "both sides" as no other Democratic or Republican president as far as I know in the last 100 years was the puppet of a foreign power.

    So door number two seems far more important. However, again, the point you make is great and relevant. Thank you.

    [–] Mueller says Trump ex-lawyer Michael Cohen made 'substantial' efforts to help special counsel probe SaganSpeaksForEarth 2 points ago in politics

    Yes but a former federal prosecutor and an investigations reporter moments ago on MSNBC suggested it is still possible that his jail time, in terms of what comes out of SDNY, may end up being less than what it seems now due to the certain mechanisms that can take place after sentencing.

    However, both still said they do think he will likely serve time and it won't be a few days (I'm paraphrasing all of this of course).

    [–] Document: U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York and Special Counsel's Office File Michael Cohen Sentencing Memo SaganSpeaksForEarth 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in politics

    // GOVERNMENT’S SENTENCING MEMORANDUM The Special Counsel’s Office (“SCO”) provides this memorandum in connection with the sentencing of Michael Cohen scheduled for December 12, 2018. On November 29, 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to Congress, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001(a). The government does not take a position with respect to a particular sentence to be imposed but submits that it is appropriate for any sentence of incarceration to be served concurrently to any sentence imposed by the Court in United States v. Cohen, 18-cr-602 (WHP). The defendant’s crime was serious. He withheld information material to the investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election being conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (“SSCI”), the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (“HPSCI”), and the SCO. The defendant lied to Congress about a business project (the “Moscow Project”) that he worked on during the 2016 presidential campaign, while he served as Executive Vice President at a Manhattan-based real estate company (the “Company”) and as Special Counsel to the owner of the Company (“Individual 1”). The defendant admitted he told these lies—which he made publicly and in submissions to Congress—in order to (1) minimize links between the Moscow Project and Individual 1 and (2) give the false impression that the Moscow Project had ended before the Iowa caucus and the first presidential primaries, in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations being conducted by Congress and the SCO. In recent months, however, the defendant has taken significant steps to mitigate his criminal conduct. He chose to accept responsibility for his false statements and admit to his conduct in open court. He also has gone to significant lengths to assist the Special Counsel’s investigation. He has met with the SCO on seven occasions, voluntarily provided the SCO with information about his own conduct and that of others on core topics under investigation by the SCO, and committed to continuing to assist the SCO’s investigation. The information he has provided has been credible and consistent with other evidence obtained in the SCO’s ongoing investigation. Offense Conduct The defendant’s offense conduct is set forth in the Information and the Presentence Investigation Report (PSR). We underscore particular facts for purposes of sentencing. The defendant’s lies to Congress were deliberate and premeditated. His false statements did not spring spontaneously from a line of examination or heated colloquy during a congressional hearing. They started in a written submission that he chose to provide to both houses of Congress ahead of his appearances. These circumstances show a deliberate effort to use his lies as a way to set the tone and shape the course of the hearings in an effort to stymie the inquiries. The defendant amplified his false statements by releasing and repeating his lies to the public, including to other potential witnesses. The defendant was scheduled to appear before both intelligence committees in closed sessions. Prior to testifying, the defendant made a public appearance at the U.S. Capitol and released his prepared opening statement, which falsely claimed that the Moscow Project “was terminated in January of 2016[,] which occurred before the Iowa caucus and months before the very first primary.” By publicly presenting this false narrative, the defendant deliberately shifted the timeline of what had occurred in the hopes of limiting the investigations into possible Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election—an issue of heightened national interest. The defendant’s false statements obscured the fact that the Moscow Project was a lucrative business opportunity that sought, and likely required, the assistance of the Russian government. If the project was completed, the Company could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian sources in licensing fees and other revenues. The fact that Cohen continued to work on the project and discuss it with Individual 1 well into the campaign was material to the ongoing congressional and SCO investigations, particularly because it occurred at a time of sustained efforts by the Russian government to interfere with the U.S. presidential election. Similarly, it was material that Cohen, during the campaign, had a substantive telephone call about the project with an assistant to the press secretary for the President of Russia. The defendant’s false statements to Congress began in approximately late August 2017, when he submitted his written statement about the Moscow Project to SSCI and HPSCI. His false statements continued through his oral testimony before the committees in October 2017. And when Cohen first met with the SCO in August 2018, he repeated many of his prior false statements about the circumstances of the Moscow Project. //

    Holy shit.

    [–] Federal prosecutors file sentencing memo for ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    lol, I tried to post the link within a few seconds of hearing it dropped on MSNBC.

    I was beaten by dozens of people. I love this sub.