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    [–] Discussion Thread: Midterm Election Polling and Predictions SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    Honestly it was because of this sub.

    I still get downvoted a few times for some conservative views I lean toward. But in general, the discussion has been rich and enlightening.

    But definitely being part of this community has inspired me to become more politically aware in the US context and to vote.

    I am in my 30s.

    First time voter, as are my mom and dad.

    Voting D all the way down.

    I so look forward to a time when we can have policy debates again.

    Until such a time:

    Vote R for Russia & Rape

    Vote D for Democracy

    [–] Jeff Flake isn’t sure he believes Kavanaugh SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    Yeah, a lot of people here are rightly not suprised at Flake.

    And some of us are also sad and disappointed.

    I was waiting for him to stand up and do something real.

    I sent him an email sharing my disappointment and disapproval.

    Right after he came out asking for the FBI check.

    Then what happened later proved he had no integrity.

    It hurts with Flake because you know there's a conscience somewhere in his brain.

    In the end, he chose to betray his duty.

    What a fucking let down.

    And unfortunately, an expected one even if some of us like myself had some hope for some while.

    [–] Discussion Thread: Midterm Election Polling and Predictions SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    I mentioned their race because I think voter suppression is real, and I think one group such a mechanism targets is black people in America.

    You're a fellow American. I feel happy when a fellow American is this enthusiastic about voting, even if it's not for the party I would want him or her to vote for.

    Because you're an American, I thought it would bother you to know that this is happening and it's your party doing this. I'm an independent. But yes, full disclosure, voting for every and any Democrat I can vote for.

    Now it seems we disagree about what happened. It may also be that I'm just wrong and that your explanation is actually accurate. Since you raised this point, I'll have to look it up now. If you happen to have a source handy, I would appreciate that.

    And yeah, I do feel the same way. I'm glad you feel that way!

    But if it is true that the Republican Party is suppressing the vote, and in many cases doing so along racial lines, I would hope that any true conservative would be appalled by that and vote AGAINST the party becuase he or she puts the country first.

    It's not that I'm asking you to become a Democrat. Just to vote against the GOP as it is now, destroy them, and then rebuild a better conservative party, but one with integrity and one that doesn't actively try to keep people from voting based on lies and delusions.

    [–] Discussion Thread: Midterm Election Polling and Predictions SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    Yeah, first-time voter here, didn't care about politics too much before 2015/2016.

    Still learning a lot. It's looking like it really started going downhill before that.

    But hey I mean Carter had a peanut farm, I don't think we could have risked such a level of conflict of interest by electing him a second time and letting him to his thing.

    Can you imagine a president with such a conflict of interest? Making me nervous just thinking about it.

    [–] Discussion Thread: Midterm Election Polling and Predictions SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    If Gore had not been cheated out of his presidency, we'd probably be in a better position now.

    Except we got Bush. And now Trump. What you speak is absolutely our biggest challenge as humans, and one that we all need to come together to address. And we are running out of time.

    But for the next few weeks all that matter is voting, getting the people you know or love or just one said hi to to vote, and particularly convincing them to vote for any and all Democrats.

    You are right, these elections are the most important. Which is why in order to address your concerns, we need to fucking win first.

    Once we do that, I'm sure we'll have all kinds of obstacles and issues.

    But to face them, we need to win first.

    [–] Discussion Thread: Midterm Election Polling and Predictions SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    Does it bother when a certain group of people have their names purged from the voter rolls, and it just so happens 70% of them are African-American?

    [–] Discussion Thread: Midterm Election Polling and Predictions SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in politics

    Honestly, I have nervous energy running all through me. I'm so excited.

    First-time voter, independent, and live abroad. Voting Democrat all the way through (California).

    I literally just got off the phone with the county's office and they confirmed my registration. I also got my mom and dad to register too. First time voters as well and you betcha ass they are voting D.

    I have run into burning buildings and such, but nothing compares to how good I feel now.

    I was a little worried at first. Actually, a lot. I had no idea about any of this stuff, so I read, I asked questions, and ran into some trouble along the way (nothing to do with the system itself, just me). Managed to get in me and my family's registration forms before the deadline, and for days I kept checking online and calling and nothing was working out (various websites online said I wasn't registered, and literally nobody would answer the phone at the county's office, even through I tried many times, sometimes waiting 10 minutes before the call would disconnect).

    But, and I don't know if I should be happy about this or not, (edit here) but it looks like they hadn't even gotten to my emailed forms yet (the woman even said something like yeah, we've been getting so many emails at that email - which is one basically for overseas voters. So, perhaps a lot of first time voters?). When I eventually got through, the lady who answered was super helpful and attentive, asked me about which email I sent the scanned forms to, she took a minute, and said ah there they are. And added, "alright, you're good!".

    Of course, I'm going to call back in 48 hours if I don't get the ballots sent to me and my folks and I won't just let this slide (gotta fax/mail in the ballots before the elections!). But I'm still very hopeful.

    I really don't care how blue California is or not. I don't care if my vote will actually make a difference.

    All I know is I'm voting, my vote matters to me, and my only hope is that every American every where in the Republic and across the world feels like me.

    Because it's other people who shared these sentiments first that got me curious about voting and then ultimately obsessed with it.

    I regret to say, any American I know where I'm at now either considers the citizenship just another passport or is apathetic or alienated. And unfortunately, I don't know that many. So I couldn't get anyone else to vote.

    But my mom and dad are first time voters too. I hope that counts for something.

    Yes, I'm rambling and this is probably incoherent. I did say I'm full of energy at the jump, though.

    Note: Because I couldn't get through to anyone, I just decided to call the Secretary of State's office. A very helpful and kind dude walked me through everything, spoke to the county, got me a number to call, and that was that. So if you run into trouble, my advice is, call anyone who would listen. You never know the help you might receive on the other end (and this is especially true for voters abroad, who can't exactly walk down to their local election officials' offices).

    Edit: Added a missing sentence/spelling

    [–] Obama goes up against Trump in fight for Nevada Senate seat SaganSpeaksForEarth 2 points ago in politics

    I would recommend you watch all of this speech. What was really nice about this is how clearly Obama laid it all out. And you could tell was incredulous at times, frustrated at others, but also hopeful.

    We really can do this. There are first time voters like myself (despite being in my 30s). You just need to vote.

    [–] I'm Jack Bryan I directed the documentary Active Measures - available on streaming platforms SaganSpeaksForEarth 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in IAmA

    I've seen a bunch of your interviews related to the documentary but had no idea about any of this. You got a source that you'd consider a fair wrap up of these events?

    Edit: Oh. lol Jack...Ryan.

    [–] I'm Jack Bryan I directed the documentary Active Measures - available on streaming platforms SaganSpeaksForEarth 3 points ago in IAmA

    Let me tell you, your documentary has had a profound impact on my personal life. I'm an American abroad (dual national). For 2 years now, I went from "hmm, something weird with that Trump fella and Russia" to "the President is compromised; he is a Russian asset".

    I got there by following the news closely, and hopefully, critically. It's an undeniable fact that Trump has ties to Russia. There is absolutely no way that Russia did not attempt to work the Trump angle and that this has been going on for years and years.

    What your documentary has done for me personally is pretty awesome. A few close friends of mine, in addition to my partner, know me as an informed person but couldn't quite figure out what the fuck I was talking about every time I went off about Trump and Russia.

    For 2 years now that jokingly thought I was crazy.

    Showed them the documentary. They all had a few moments of silence afterward.

    And the gist of their reaction is "Jesus, I had no idea the evidence was this clear. I thought you were just being hyperbolic or getting too excited about politics. But this...this is real".

    My question to you is: How in the fuck is this not the number 1 story every where all the time in any context on US media and in US culture?

    OK, I know how extensively the media covers this.

    But Jesus Christ. Our President* is compromised. He is literally a Russian asset!

    How are we continuing on like it's business as usual? How are we able to have any normal moments, like the President giving someone some medal or signing a mundane law.

    This is not normal.

    [–] Record shattered: More than 27,000 show up for first day of early voting in Clark County SaganSpeaksForEarth 5 points ago in politics

    The problem is that they've been saying that for over 20 years. "This election is too important to vote 3rd party."

    For me, it's simple. The President* is compromised by a foreign intelligence agency. He's a Russian asset. Witting or unwitting, it's what he is.

    GOP has put voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the spreading of lies on steroids. The first two are very much undemocratic.

    Even if what you say is true, that voting will never go away, voting that is fair, free, and respects one person one vote is already eroding.

    I don't care what happened for decades. Right now, this is the most important election and if we lose it, we may lose the Republic.

    When have you seen so many former living US presidents speak out publicly and strongly against the sitting president or his policies?

    Most importantly, we know the election systems were hacked in many states. We don't know anything more.

    We can't take anything for granted. Even if you live in a state where Democrats win by a large margin, you still need to vote for the Democrats and get everyone you know or love to do the same.

    At the very least, you need to vote that way.

    Of course, it's your right and your choice. But this is why I feel I need to vote for the Democrats.

    We won't have a need for a third party when one party entirely hegemonizes the 3 branches of government.

    [–] Record shattered: More than 27,000 show up for first day of early voting in Clark County SaganSpeaksForEarth 22 points ago in politics

    When people like you spew crap about 3rd parties never being viable, you just buy into that propaganda.

    As an independent, third-party supporter I feel you. But now is not time. It really, really isn't.

    We won't have elections if the Democrats don't win this one. If you can't see that, then as someone else said, the GOP thanks you for your vote.

    [–] Record shattered: More than 27,000 show up for first day of early voting in Clark County SaganSpeaksForEarth 26 points ago in politics

    I'm an independent and a third-party voter.

    100% of people like me need to understand what you're saying.

    Vote R for Russia & Rape.

    Vote D for Democracy.

    That's my take on it, at any rate.

    [–] Carl Bernstein: Trump preparing to call midterm elections 'illegitimate' if Democrats take power SaganSpeaksForEarth 25 points ago in politics

    There's been multiple reports that Sessions will be fired after the midterms, which can start a chain reaction that leads to the limiting of Mueller's probe by either replacing Sessions with a lapdog who has no need to recuse himself (giving Mueller a new boss) or just straight up firing Mueller.

    Now, of course this means nothing on its own. So much can happen from now until then.

    In other words, we cannot know if this will actually happen, but that this is what Trump has indicated he wants to do is indeed factual.

    Let me grab you a source my Northern brother/sister!


    [–] Erdogan says Turkey will reveal full truth over Khashoggi’s death on Tuesday SaganSpeaksForEarth 2 points ago in politics

    Well said. The key thing is that out of context, it is a factual statement that America has a dark history. But in terms of what Trump said is simply whataboutism.

    [–] The Trump administration reportedly wants the government to revoke civil rights protections from transgender people SaganSpeaksForEarth 7 points ago in politics

    Fun fact: qaeda means "the base" in Arabic.

    Brilliantly played, adanishplz. His base has many similarities to Al-Qaeda members. As an American I never would have wanted to say that about fellow Americans, but this is the timeline we are in.

    [–] Relationship between Tegan Price and AK SaganSpeaksForEarth 0 points ago in htgawm

    Correct, but more like she needed to devote all her time to work so couldn't maintain a serious long-term relationship. Which is sad.

    [–] Beto O’Rourke adopts Trump insult, branding GOP opponent ‘Lyin’ Ted’ SaganSpeaksForEarth 1 points ago in politics

    I see the cult has trained you well.

    Here's the thing. Let's not only assume he fled the scene of accident, let's assume he did so naked while covered in a burning US flag.

    I know your cult hates that.

    Does it EVEN compare to the shit Cruz has done?

    You're all disingenuous. You don't give a shit about truth or what's better for our communities.

    You're a cult. And no amount of reason or discussion will reach you. We just have to outvote you, and then teach about your kind in history books.

    Problem is you're all corrupt mother fuckers. Voter suppression. Gerrymandering. Dark money from PACs. You make it harder for us to be a democracy. This is a feature, not a bug.

    [–] Beto O’Rourke adopts Trump insult, branding GOP opponent ‘Lyin’ Ted’ SaganSpeaksForEarth 23 points ago in politics

    He thinks he's cute when he calls Beto "beta". He thinks he's edgy by changing the name from Lyin' Ted to Lion Ted. He thinks he thinks.

    This is a specimen with no capacity to reason. Behold, a bot, troll, or Republican.