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    [–] German Engineering Sagax388 1 points ago in polandball

    To this day, “defenestration” is still one of my favorite words and i enjoy telling the background of the word to people.

    [–] Really out here playing mind games 🤔 Sagax388 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    This is what Damian Lewis’s character in Dreamcatcher would do.

    [–] Senator Corker abruptly changed his vote to “yes” on the tax bill -- just after GOP lawmakers added a provision to the bill giving his real estate shell companies a special new tax cut Sagax388 5 points ago in MarchAgainstTrump

    Tell them about Marsha Blackburn who will probably be the prime republican candidate to run for his seat in 2018. She’s a U.S. House Representative who is in the pockets of the telecommunications industry and already received close to $700k in campaign donations from them over the years. She’s strongly against Net Neutrality and municipal broadband initiatives. She also wrote a bill to prevent the FCC from preempting state laws that blocked municipal broadband and she introduced a measure to the House to dismantle an online privacy rule that had been adopted in October 2016. The measure repealed the rule which required broadband providers to obtain consumer’s permission before sharing their online date which includes browsing history. It passed the House in a party-line vote after a similar measure had passed in the Senate. She also proposed legislation which expanded the requirement to include both to internet companies and broadband providers.

    [–] Filming a Middle Age Festival with a Drone Sagax388 2 points ago in funny

    Plot device accuracy, one could say

    [–] 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' - Official Trailer Sagax388 1 points ago in movies

    But he didn’t die in the book because he’s one of the main characters in The Lost World book.

    [–] Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Expansion Announcement Trailer Sagax388 28 points ago in civ

    Yea, the first season was pretty good but I don’t know what the fuck happened with the second season. I’m still sad that it got cancelled.

    [–] Highest PPG by active players vs one team Sagax388 3 points ago in nba

    I’d be mad, too, if I had to stand in the middle of a field during a pitch black night with only a bag four times.

    [–] How to ruin the internet Sagax388 26 points ago in howto

    The kind who eats a Kit Kat without breaking it apart.

    [–] How to ruin the internet Sagax388 13 points ago in howto

    A derogatory term for someone who supports a person, idea, or entity purely for financial gain e.g. Ajit Pai, the current FCC Chairman placed by our president and who use to be a corporate lawyer for Verizon.

    [–] Currently the residents in Barrow, Alaska are saying goodbye to the sun. Until January 22nd. Sagax388 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    As good as Blair Witch Project was, I don’t believe that it could be solely credited with a resurgence in horror film. It shares the late 90’s limelight with several successful movies such as The Sixth Sense, The Haunting, Sleepy Hollow, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Last Broadcast (which served as inspiration for BWP). Of course, it’s so hard to pinpoint the cause of the resurgence mainly due to how broad the horror genre with its many sub-genres (slasher, supernatural, monster, found footage, etc). On a lighter note, BWP was definitely one of my reasons for falling in love with the genre (I was 10 at the time)!

    [–] Currently the residents in Barrow, Alaska are saying goodbye to the sun. Until January 22nd. Sagax388 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    The Grudge or more specifically Ju-On. The Others, Cabin Fever, House of 1000 Corpses, Wrong Turn, Dawn of the Dead remake, The Descent, and Hostel are some honorable mentions.

    [–] Salah goal vs Southampton (1-0) Sagax388 -3 points ago in soccer

    Return the slaaaaaab or suffer my curse!

    [–] Protection. Sagax388 3 points ago in dankmemes

    Phi Kappa Psi?

    [–] Thanksgiving is Ruined Starter Pack Sagax388 10 points ago in starterpacks

    I mean, it’s not just Canadians; all of the commonwealth pretty much refer to Americans as “Yanks” .

    [–] "Ho, Ho, Oh hell!" Sagax388 3 points ago in evilbuildings

    Sounds eerily similar to Saturnalia