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    [–] Favorite Leslie (s5) moment? SageLaruto 4 points ago in Masterchef

    I love when he tells Cutter "I can afford to stay home." LMAO!

    [–] When Rhett shaved his beard for Buddy System SageLaruto 11 points ago in rhettandlink

    Rhett has a good sense of humor about it and laughs at himself.

    [–] I found this in a masterchef episode with my friend we thought it was insane SageLaruto 1 points ago in Masterchef

    It's just Ben saying "wow, I love duck" when they reveal a duck dish... 23 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

    [–] My favorite and least favorite contestants from S1-S6 SageLaruto 4 points ago in Masterchef

    That was Ryan. I didn't get his immediate alliance with Tali. He claimed they were "the best chefs" there but I think he just wanted to bring Tali with him to the top just to knock him down.

    [–] Rhett and Link plushies. SageLaruto 9 points ago in goodmythicalmorning

    You know what would be cute? Crochet Rhett and Link dolls!

    [–] WHAT DO U HATE MOST ABOUT ALR SageLaruto 6 points ago in AmberlynnSnark

    How she acts like she's still in high school, like a ditzy teenager who thinks drinking and saying things like "slay" makes her cool and young somehow.

    [–] Tucson police make arrest in Christmas Eve Walmart arson SageLaruto 5 points ago in Tucson

    Thank goodness no one was hurt and I'm glad they caught him!

    [–] 4 ply ! 4 ply ! When I cry ! SageLaruto 8 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    When my tear ducts give issue, I can't use just any tissue!

    [–] 10 year documentary behind a pay wall? SageLaruto 1 points ago in goodmythicalmorning

    I get where you're coming from. We can simultaneously understand that GMM is a business at the end of the day and can be grateful for their free content while also be a tad disappointed, especially if you can't afford to join the MS.