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    [–] From your perspective, what is the most cushiest profession within military life? And can other redditors in the said profession, defend your position against the claimant? Saint_Neenerman 11 points ago in Military

    Not all flag officers are entitled to aides-de-camp or other staff (chief staff officers, etc.). Very few have security details. All that depends on their job/billet, not their rank. Each will have at least a senior enlisted flag writer that moves with them from job to job. And they may share staff with other flag offices in the same command (driver, secretary, etc.). Most of them work all the damn time, one-star flag officers particularly, since they are new to the club. The joke is a one-star's job is to fetch coffee for the four-stars. Part of flag officer promotion is their reputation among the other flag officers, so they spend time on networking/kissing ass or resign themselves to the fact that they aren't going far in the flag world. Also, three and four-stars have to be holding a job that requires the rank, so a four-star may have to put on two-star for a while if he/she leaves a position and their next position isn't open yet. Same goes for retirement. Three and four star retirements require Senate approval, otherwise you retire with two. It's a whole different world when you go from O-6 to O-7. Source: was an aide in the US Navy for 18 months, and it sucked. Thought I was taking a job where I would be paying a lot of golf with the boss. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.