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    [–] My son accidentally left his favorite stuffed animal, Hamilton, on my dad's farm. My dad had a little fun making a story out of it. Saint_Neenerman 4 points ago in aww

    I had that problem, until I read something along the lines of "that stuffed animal was your best friend at one point, they deserve better..." At they time, they were sitting in a plastic storage bin. I have learned to let go of most of my material possessions, to focus on having what I truly desire, so Henry and Boo Boo sit in a place of honor in my bedroom. If they need to be someone else's best friend one day, I would happily see them on their way. But with their missing pieces, handsewn repairs from my Mom the stuffed animal surgeon and general threadbare appearance, I am not sure how much attention they will capture. But they will always have a home with me. They earned it. They will never be thrown away, and I am a grown-ass man who shaves and pays bills and shit.

    [–] 57 Bel Air Saint_Neenerman 1 points ago in BarnFinds

    I think that is an excellent deal. During the downturn, I saw people selling their near-complete projects for $10k, now people want $5k for a rolling frame.

    The only criticism might be 4-doors over 2, but 2-doors, post or no, command a premium, which you clearly didn't pay. Personally, I think having 4-doors can be equally desirable. You might not build the quintessential hot rod, but you will build a car that more people cane enjoy at once. Color me jealous.

    [–] On This Day In 1976, The Chicago White Sox Played A Baseball Game In Shorts Saint_Neenerman 1 points ago in sports

    Mortgagor/mortgagee, franchisor/franchisee, grantor/grantee..whatever legal relationship you are discussing, it doesn't preclude one or both entities from being companies, partnerships, LLCs, etc. You don't own the franchisee, you ARE the franchisee, in the legal form that you choose (sole proprietor, corporation, etc.)

    You're aren't being downvoted for being a bad person, you're being downvoted because you're wrong.

    [–] In two years Saint_Neenerman 3 points ago in FunnyandSad

    NATO 3-color woodland (which I believe people are referring to as BDUs) and desert camo were used by all US branches, some longer than others, as well as Allied nations.

    [–] Bi glitter hearts on my thigh Saint_Neenerman 1 points ago in trollbi

    I didn't know there was Bisexual Pride Flag. Kind cool.

    [–] Has a Movie ever moved you so much it's almost or literally changed your life? Saint_Neenerman 2 points ago in movies

    I skipped it when it came out because I thought it was about fighting. I had a few close friends say I really needed to watch it, and I didn't understand why it was so important. I think it successfully and artfully provides several themes to the viewer, but the message it delivers about materialism and attachment is profound.

    [–] Lawyers on guilty clients Saint_Neenerman 3 points ago in legaladviceofftopic

    To put a finer point on it, it was always irrelevant as to defending him. In the US, if the lawyer knows they are guilty/committed the act, that is relevant as to "how" to defend them, but not as to whether to defend them or not.

    An interesting part of US law generally is that at some point you may have to make a strategic decision to have your client tell you if they did it. If the client has confessed to you, you can't stand in front of the court and say "s/he didn't do it!" You can only suggest alternative theories, which may send non-verbal signals to the jury. To combat that, you can hire an additional attorney, tell the client NOT to tell the new attorney that they committed the crime, then have the new attorney who has no active on constructive as to that fact stand up and tell the jury "s/he didn't do it!" It's better if that attorney was on the team the whole time, but this is the epitome of lawyerball. If you are wondering why the lawyer can allow the new lawyer to state something in court that the lawyer knows is false but cannot allow anyone to take the stand and say the same (supporting perjury), it's mainly because the perjury has to be sworn testimony. Not every jurisdiction allows for the "unknowing attorney" exception, but most do in the US. There are more intricate/confusing (to me) rules about whether the new attorney can call someone who is going to lie on the stand and what the original attorney must or should do about it. Good times.

    What bothers me is that people get really, really passionate about these intricate rules and whether some arcane precept of law is being violated and act like it's absolutely the most important thing ever, as if the earth will cease rotating on its axis if we don't spend thousands of hours debating these issues at professional conferences and in boring publications. Meanwhile, someone is still dead.

    [–] Lawyers on guilty clients Saint_Neenerman 18 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in legaladviceofftopic

    This may seem like "lawyerball" but you aren't trying to help them get away with a crime. You are making sure their rights are observed, thus ensuring the system is working as effectively as possible.

    In theory, in the US, the prosecution cannot pursue charges unless they believe they can and will prove all elements of the charged crime and obtain a conviction. As a defense attorney, when I verify that my client`s various rights have been observed, I am not trying to use a "technicality" to exonerate the accused. If all the rules are followed and the prosecution indeed has a case, I shouldn't be able to prevail. Maybe they didn't properly execute the warrant such that evidence was illegally obtained (matter of law for the judge to decide) or the veracity of a witness is in question (matter of fact for the jury to decide, if a jury trial), but that's not my problem. I am not trying to prove my client is innocent, rather, I am trying to prevent a determination of guilt by challenging anything that might not be up to standards. If everything is up to speed, then there should be nothing I can do to prevent it. Recall, the prosecution cannot ethically proceed if they don't reasonably believe that everything is, in fact, meeting the various standards.

    If I don't do this, then innocent people might get railroaded by sloppy prosecutions. And yes, the various state and federal systems in the US don't work as they should theoretically, but it's better than many places. If you want to rant about incarceration rates in the US though, that's a function of private prisons, plea bargaining, and elected officials wanting to be tough on crime, or some such nonsense.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, even the framers of the US constitution knew the legal system was too complex for the average Joe (which is why, along with other historical reasons, you are entitled to an attorney in certain circumstances), so a lawyer steps into the shoes of their clients to defend them as if they were defending themselves armed with their knowledge and experience. In essence, the lawyer is supposed to think they are on trial and do everything they can to defend themselves, trying to make the system fair. Again, it has and continues to fall short, but it's always improving.

    [–] What makes a signed document binding? Saint_Neenerman 4 points ago in legaladviceofftopic

    Usually, in the US, you don't need a notary unless required by code/statute or if the document is to be recorded in the public records.

    [–] What first name is not used anymore? Saint_Neenerman 1 points ago in AskReddit

    And my axe-shaped TV on which I shall also watch it.

    [–] Big sunken boat in lake Saint_Neenerman 21 points ago in interestingasfuck

    If it is large enough carry a boat, it's a ship...probably. Unless it's a submarine, because then it's a boat. Please don't ask me why. Yvan eht noij.

    [–] (Georgia) I recently moved into a house that is the only one in the neighborhood not a part of the homeowner's association. Now, I'm constantly getting sent fines and being harassed by the president of the HOA. They're threatening to tow my car. Saint_Neenerman 14 points ago in legaladvice

    Real estate attorney here, but not your real estate attorney.

    This is less a real estate issue as it is a trespass and nuisance issue. After you meet with your attorney, make sure a letter goes to the HOA. If she is acting within the scope of her role as HOA overlord, then any damages you suffer may be an HOA responsibility, not just Crazy Karen's. The other owners may like to know that and shut her up for you.

    While you are at it, give a call to your county/city code enforcement office. They really aren't in league with Lucifer, and they can tell you what high-visibility county/city regulations exist that Crazy Karen could actually use to mess with you (immobile cars, etc.). Even then, the code enforcers will come by usually at least once as a courtesy. They mainly care about unlicensed home-based businesses and visible refuse. And not getting hassled by Crazy Karens

    But lawyer up ASAP. Letterhead works well and is worth the money. Just negotiate a flat fee first from the lawyer, make it clear what s/he is going to do for you and what it will cost.

    [–] (Omaha NE) Bought a house that belongs to a homeowners association, which we're being told is just a loose affiliation with no dues. Do we need a lawyer to get this is writing? Saint_Neenerman 8 points ago in legaladvice

    Not just to interpret it, but even to help determine if it encumbers the property. Just because they say the property is subject to the weird HOA document doesn't make it true. In most jurisdictions, the HOA document would need to be recorded in the public records. There may be special circumstances in your jurisdiction whereby an unrecorded document may impact the property, but in that case, it is usually in personam, not in rem. Lawyer up, but make sure you discuss fees up front, or even a flat fee arrangement. This should not be complicated.

    [–] (Omaha NE) Bought a house that belongs to a homeowners association, which we're being told is just a loose affiliation with no dues. Do we need a lawyer to get this is writing? Saint_Neenerman 14 points ago in legaladvice

    Hire an attorney to review the contract*** and the subsequent title commitment. If the Seller is not providing title insurance, please talk to your attorney to understand what that means. The seller should be responsible for providing good title, which is established by agreeing to the terms of the title commitment, which becomes a title policy at closing. The contract should provide a period to review the title commitment and terminate the contract if you are not satisfied. If the covenant appears as an exception, you are subject to it in the title company's opinion, which is all that really matters. Have the attorney explain the implications of the covenant along with other exceptions, standard or otherwise. Please at least talk to a real estate attorney. I would not rely on the agent's opinion.

    Edit: ***before you sign the contract