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    [–] If it ain't the invisible cunt Sami1398 23 points ago in freefolk

    In 2020 no date announced yet but they released a teaser 3 weeks ago that went unnoticed

    [–] No God please no Sami1398 15 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in oldfreefolk

    They wouldn't even have to read the books to know that theory just simply Google it considering it was the most widely speculated key plot among book readers

    [–] No God please no Sami1398 114 points ago in oldfreefolk

    Not announced yet but Netflix did hire them for $200 million to produce and write tv shows for them

    [–] No God please no Sami1398 264 points ago in oldfreefolk

    It's just a meme but they're currently signed with Netflix right now for other projects