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    [–] New Monero Pillow Design SamsungGalaxyPlayer 1 points ago in Monero

    I like the ɱ symbol, but the yellow color is very Zcash-y.

    [–] Andreas Antonopoulos on why Bitcoin likely won't ever have privacy similar to Monero SamsungGalaxyPlayer 20 points ago in Monero

    Overall, this video is a short and shares a clear message. However, his comment about exchanges is a naive way to look at compliance. Something something whitepaper.

    [–] any suspicion about XMR coin infilated ? SamsungGalaxyPlayer 1 points ago in Monero

    This seems like something for r/xmrtrader since it's related to price.

    [–] Hi all! As the cryptocurrency most dedicated to freedom of speech, I think you will like this SamsungGalaxyPlayer 3 points ago in Monero

    If the coin is small enough and if the narrative is only one way, people either won't care about the shitcoin or they will comment in another forum with different moderators.

    [–] Specialized instant Monero exchange which donates the profit to Monero Foundation SamsungGalaxyPlayer 13 points ago in Monero

    Exchanges donating a portion of their related exchange volume seems like a good idea to me. I'm surprised to hear you pitch "all" the profits here.

    [–] Samourai wallet about Monero SamsungGalaxyPlayer 21 points ago in Monero

    Bulletproofs were good for research in that way. Researchers made awesome improvements, and now they are implemented. Hopefully people are motivated by seeing their cool innovations used in practice, not just on paper.

    [–] Samourai wallet about Monero SamsungGalaxyPlayer 37 points ago in Monero

    Everyone making a very small difference on Bitcoin privacy should be encouraged to assist Monero in making huge changes :)

    A ton of people are spending a ton of effort on Bitcoin privacy that will sadly never be realized. Hopefully we can inspire people to focus their efforts on projects that actually implement stuff and provide real (not potential) privacy.

    [–] June monthly report from Sarang Noether SamsungGalaxyPlayer 11 points ago in Monero

    Will MakerDAO or anyone else make the recording public?

    [–] What do Americans think is normal for everyone, but actually it's not normal for anyone but Americans? SamsungGalaxyPlayer 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in AskReddit

    I have been charged for tap water in Europe before. Even if it's mostly in areas trying to rip off tourists, we don't have the equivalent in the US.

    Edit: this appears to be an Austrian thing in cities