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    [–] HOMEMADE GAME THREAD: Rays (61-59) @ Yankees (75-45) - August 16, 2018 Sanlear 2 points ago in NYYankees

    NEW YORK -- After receiving a cortisone shot in his right wrist on Tuesday that he says is "definitely" helping, Aaron Judge has a goal of "ramping things up" before the Yankees head to Miami for a two-game series starting Tuesday.

    At this point, Judge isn't quite sure what "ramping things up" would mean in just the short amount of time between Thursday and Tuesday, but he said he is hoping that it could include taking dry swings or playing catch.

    Judge said he was hoping that the original estimate of a three-week stint on the disabled list would be accurate, but with Thursday marking three weeks since he was hit on the wrist by a pitch from the Royals' Jakob Junis, it's taking longer to heal than he and the team had expected.

    "I'm not frustrated with the pace, I'm frustrated with being out," Judge said. "But the pace, you never know. I got a broken bone, it's still fractured. So [I] got to give it time to heal and I got to make sure I'm 100 percent before I go back out there, because I don't want to have a setback when I come back."

    Although Judge has only been able to run on the field and take some swings underwater, he said he's been able to find other ways to help his teammates while remaining patient through this process.

    "I just got to keep myself busy during the games," Judge said. "I try to do anything I can to help the team. Even though I'm not out there playing, I want to try to do stuff to help the team win -- if that's either talking to a guy, motivating a guy, saying a little something or picking something up, just trying to keep myself busy."

    The slugger said that he is able to grip and hold a bat, but when asked if he feels well enough to start swinging just yet, he answered, "I'd be out there if I was."

    [–] HOMEMADE GAME THREAD: Rays (61-59) @ Yankees (75-45) - August 16, 2018 Sanlear 1 points ago in NYYankees

    I think you’re right. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember that happening in the old stadium.

    [–] HOMEMADE GAME THREAD: Rays (61-59) @ Yankees (75-45) - August 16, 2018 Sanlear 2 points ago in NYYankees

    I was thinking that when leaving the stadium after Monday’s game. “They shouldn’t be playing Sinatra. We lost.”

    [–] Filming has wrapped on the third season of HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Sanlear 1 points ago in television

    They never actually canceled it although a third season was in doubt until fairly recently.

    [–] State of the subreddit Sanlear 1 points ago in NYYankees

    It’s a roller coaster.

    [–] How do you create a subreddit community on mobile? Sanlear 2 points ago in redditmobile

    You need to use the desktop site to create a subreddit.

    [–] any new info on beningo? Sanlear 1 points ago in wfan

    Maybe Jerry Recco could be the new co-host (assuming Joe isn’t returning). They seem to work well together.