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    [–] You’re up next buddy. SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in gaming

    It was a joke about soccer not being popular in the NA.

    [–] So Activision has secretly added Loot Boxes to BO4. It is now a $60 game, with a $50 season pass, that also has a battle pass you can buy tiers on, direct purchases in game, and now supply drops. Seriously, stop buying Activision’s Games people. SarcasticCarebear 2 points ago in gaming

    You should actually listen to Kotick and the shit he says. I'm basically using HIS philosophy when I say that.

    Whoever came up with that, it was their job to come up with it. Why the fuck would they get a raise for doing their job? Besides that it was probably a VP of some shit anyway already getting a ton to find ways to bend you over.

    [–] You’re up next buddy. SarcasticCarebear 883 points ago in gaming

    In other words we can blame the EU for EA.

    [–] Texas supposedly hiring David Beaty SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in LonghornNation

    I actually thought we already had. Wasn't he on campus advising before the bowl?

    [–] Devastated my very soul SarcasticCarebear 24 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    It only got me once, I dropped it and changed majors.

    You could say I was weeded out.

    [–] Let's be honest in 2019 SarcasticCarebear 29 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Sometimes I forget there are still states that mandate full service.

    Even when I was broke in TX I was just putting in my card and stopping at whatever myself.

    [–] I beg you rework uber lab enchants. 2500+ attempts SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Meh didn't notice that, don't know why someone linked to that.

    [–] I beg you rework uber lab enchants. 2500+ attempts SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in pathofexile

    It wouldn't kill the profit, it would kill the lotto ticket payout and spread it out to make it more profitable regularly. You really don't understand economics if you think it would kill lab running.

    Anyone who has done serious lab running knows boot enchants are a very regular and profitable way to run lab. Requiring lvl 21 gems would make it harder early and put a cost gate that scares a fair amount of casuals off.

    I realize to a lot of serious lab runners a couple ex may be nothing but to the average player that still represents more currency than they've ever seen. They aren't going to burn that in lab. Yea your MS enchant won't be worth 20ex anymore or whatever it is now but you'll sell more for 5ex. Mathil can make a build and you can switch to that enchant to sell to noobs, etc, etc...

    And honestly with how dead hardcore is these days its probably just the thing they need.

    [–] Will lab still get reworked? SarcasticCarebear 3 points ago in pathofexile

    I think lab is basically in the state it will always be in. The best we can hope for is some new enchant mechanic. Maybe thats what you mean.

    If you mean actually reworking the whole of lab, don't hold your breath.

    [–] My husband was spending too much $$ on bought pizza, so I’ve prepped 40 pita bread pizzas, bagged and ready to freeze. SarcasticCarebear 8 points ago in MealPrepSunday

    Meh I've had both and prefer the chest. Anything I use frequently is inside. Its easier to maximize the space of a chest if you're organized. Half of mine is stacked with containers and the other half is meats.

    [–] TV Ratings: 'Walking Dead' Hits All-Time Lows [Historic minimum in both 18-49 demo and Viewership] SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in television

    The show basically went to crap at the end of season 6. Parts of season 7 were still okay but you could definitely tell the show was on a serious decline. That's probably about the time most normal people stopped watching.

    [–] How come Public Transportation is so underused in MMOs? SarcasticCarebear 5 points ago in MMORPG

    A big part of the reason it worked well in vanilla wow is the world was established and people wanted to see the locations they had hear about.

    After over a decade of time warps and retcons I can honestly say I don't care about seeing the zones anymore. The last time I felt that way was Wrath and exploring Northrend.

    [–] Brick of marijuana found in donation bin for Big Brothers Big Sisters in Springfield SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in nottheonion

    I would have walked to my car and not notified anyone. Weed for days. Only thing to do with a brick of schwag is roll a few fat blunts and then throw the rest away.