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    [–] Was pretty surprised by some SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in gaming

    Also porn chose bluray. In hindsight that really only mattered for a few years. We onto 4k streaming now.

    [–] HIRING: Seeking college age female for part time job SarcasticCarebear 0 points ago in austinjobs

    He said its not porn. So its probably just a normal old rape trap.

    Cause none of the female only jobs would hire like this.

    [–] Greatest Offensive Player of Today SarcasticCarebear 3 points ago in rockets

    Someone on the Jizz sub had the nerve to say someone on their team played well tonight. I must have missed that. Cause this shit was over early.

    [–] Core gameplay and criticism and downvotes, oh my! SarcasticCarebear 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in starcitizen

    There's also a whole lot of people like me that just sit back twiddling their thumbs never paying a cent while following from a distance for almost a decade now.

    I'm not even opposed to alpha early releases if the proof of concept is there. I've been having a blast in Risk of Rain 2 just this week.

    I've just never seen anything that makes me want to play SC. All this time and its still just a pie in the sky concept that I love. I really hope for the sake of the whales this game is good. That said I'm also incredibly hesitant about a game that will launch one day with whales having years of paid exclusives. Your average player isn't going to stick around long when at massive disadvantages. A problem that I think is why they are stretching the dev time out so long. There's a pretty big risk of failure due to the feeling of hopelessness the masses will encounter. Most games enter that phase of their monetary cycle months to years AFTER release. Not years before.

    [–] Harden is in his own zip code on this crossover of Rubio SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in rockets

    It also has to do with how the Jazz coaches have decided to approach their defense.

    They should probably be fired for not changing when it didn't work after 1 quarter in game 1.

    [–] Texans 2019 schedule SarcasticCarebear 6 points ago in Texans

    Honestly that schedule looks pretty brutal start to finish. Better win the division cause wild card gonna be hard.

    [–] When rights go wrong SarcasticCarebear 9 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Freedom of speech without freedom of information is still freedom of speech. Just ask anyone in North Korea and their next 3 generations of family that get imprisoned.

    This meme is stupid.

    [–] Hippo dentist at work SarcasticCarebear 3 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Well I'd also rather test my reflexes with a hippo than a tiger. I'm not saying either is great, just I'd pick the hippo if I had to.

    [–] Bullseye SarcasticCarebear 237 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    I have dibs on that woman as my zombie apocalypse wife.

    [–] Hippo dentist at work SarcasticCarebear 16 points ago in SweatyPalms

    One good cuddle would be worth your bowels dropping to the floor.

    [–] Hippo dentist at work SarcasticCarebear 220 points ago in SweatyPalms

    You've made a serious mistake. There's like 4000 tigers in the world versus 120k hippos. The shape of that zoo enclosure also prevents that hippo from charging whereas a tiger would be on you in an instant there.

    You just died in Oregon Trail due to your poor life choices.

    [–] Hippo dentist at work SarcasticCarebear 80 points ago in SweatyPalms

    That hippo is awake. Would you rather clean an awake tiger's teeth?

    [–] Redditors who were online in the 1990s: what would younger folks not understand about the "old Internet"? SarcasticCarebear 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in AskReddit

    Kind of, its a shell of itself. I was there before here and by the end of my time there about 6 years ago it was like talking to yourself on those boards. The people that ran it ran it into the ground because they were too stupid to adapt in a timely manner.

    Hiding things like the search function behind 75 days of logging in not even membership, no cussing, no hyperlinks, no images, etc, etc, etc.... By the time they finally allowed people to say shit or fuck reddit had already annihilated their userbase.

    The last time I remember it really active would have been when GTA:SA came out. That was around the peak of gamefaqs. The next decade was just shrinking.