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    [–] This Otto and Crew VS The Vagos is amazing! SarcasticCarebear 10 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Their times are never going to line up, he isn't dodging Speedy. Not to mention Speedy is busy af with his shit during his time too.

    [–] The Sobering Reality Of Redskins’ Attendance Numbers- The Redskins have seen a league high 33% decline in home game attendance during the last 10 years SarcasticCarebear 24 points ago in nfl

    I went to Jerryworld just for the experience of going there and for just my wife and I it ended up being about $650 after everything. I'd hate to lay out for a family.

    Basketball, baseball, and college venues are just much fan friendlier. And I guess the Falcons.

    Besides just doing it once I'm fine with my 75" flat screen thank you very much NFL.

    [–] Chang Saves Randy SarcasticCarebear 9 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Or his worst offense, ketchup on noodles.

    [–] Netflix Has Lost $17 Billion in Value in the Last 24 Hours SarcasticCarebear 22 points ago in netflix

    Every corporation is swimming in debt, all they do is expand by design.

    [–] Headhunter Price SarcasticCarebear 3 points ago in pathofexile

    Look at the price of HH of standard. That's what it will be.

    Unless you mean in the next league, then it will still be higher than in the past.

    [–] Chang Saves Randy SarcasticCarebear 23 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Holy shit that whole sequence was great. All cause they waited for Ripley. That shit had everything except shooting.

    Can't wait for Allen to hear about that.

    [–] Koil wants more jailbreaks to happen SarcasticCarebear 6 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Chang said that wasn't fun actually and was really weird. You could even tell he was getting more frustrated as it went on.

    He's certainly willing to try new mechanics like that which was the first time they did it, but he doesn't often repeat shit he doesn't like.

    [–] RNG God Visit Me After 50+ burial chamber , SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Most people are clicking on this thread to say screw you for getting a doctor after 50ish maps. You're just a dick mate.

    [–] Koil wants more jailbreaks to happen SarcasticCarebear 17 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Koil specifically said they shouldn't do that because respawning means you don't remember and you're just responding to an active situation you know nothing about.

    You basically just described fail rp and also why he's being a bit idealistic about this whole situation. I expect less jail breaks after last night.

    [–] Stacked deck drop rates nerfed? SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in pathofexile

    I've seen this topic every day since about day 3 of the league for what its worth op.

    Lot of nerfs.

    [–] Where did silent Sentry go? SarcasticCarebear 5 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    He should have actively avoided any situation he wasn't a part of that had 4 crims involved no matter what.

    The dude wasn't rp blocked or anything. People joined his scenarios when he sought them out. They also didn't get in his way like he did to them. He's just a hypocrite. And before any brings up Kitboga, he got RP checked like he so famously claims he's doing. Don't solo a bank and expect to succeed.

    [–] Prisoner transport break are gonna be a little bit more difficult now - Clip of uhSnow - Twitch Clips SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Yes they got the 9s. Its just slang the server uses for held til trial.

    You can go find the exact moment Ripley put them in and I guarantee he put 9999.

    [–] Where did silent Sentry go? SarcasticCarebear -5 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    He should make a guild on the rp server in classic wow. Would be comedy gold.

    [–] NVL in Hood went wrong SarcasticCarebear -9 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    More like the idiot they convinced to not have fun for a year.

    Its honestly so much better now that he's not clean anymore.

    [–] I really want Legacy 2.0.... SarcasticCarebear 1 points ago in pathofexile

    That's an entirely different issue that I haven't seen in weeks.

    [–] Mitch Jones ladies and gentlemen SarcasticCarebear -10 points ago in LivestreamFail

    You must be new here if you are even questioning his role in trash at a house.

    [–] Asmongold demolishes IRL viewers SarcasticCarebear 2 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Dirty panties cost $5k. Why stop at 2k?

    [–] Cop white knights SarcasticCarebear 41 points ago in RPClipsGTA

    Twitch chat and reddit are the two most toxic things in rp, enjoy your stay.