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    [–] Always love yourself SarcasticaFont -1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Well... he/she is not wrong.

    [–] Just be honest with me; I am trying to help you. SarcasticaFont 2 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    And also, jail, probably... Don’t you guys still have legal ramifications for illegal drug-related injuries? (Assuming drugs are involved.) - But if it’s a bottle up the butt, I’d keep my mouth shut, too.

    [–] Someone call AAA. SarcasticaFont 3 points ago in Punny

    Wow. This was positively negative.

    [–] Motvational. But oh so true. Found at a small barber shop in Reno, NV SarcasticaFont 3 points ago in pics

    This 69-teenage-420 intellectual is obviously attempting to lovingly redirect posts to what he believes is the proper sub. Master tactician, that user.

    [–] My husband's puppy died last night. SarcasticaFont 2 points ago in pics

    Greatly appreciated. - Yes, he’s an ass-troll. Otherwise known as a Trassll.

    [–] Wow tough guy SarcasticaFont 7 points ago in iamverybadass

    I’ve heard of tough - But, this guy is bathroom tough.

    [–] hmmm SarcasticaFont 3 points ago in hmmm

    The god Baal would be proud.

    [–] Looks like a safe way to secure an 80” tv to your truck...packing tape SarcasticaFont 1 points ago in OSHA

    Honestly, packing tape is pretty strong. - I once used it to fashion a rope to swing from a burning building & crash through a window, guns blazing. All to make it to a phone so I could escape from agents while in the Matrix.

    [–] this lad needs to be stopped! SarcasticaFont 61 points ago in madlads

    This made me laugh harder than it should’ve.