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    [–] Saw this at work and thought you guys might appreciate SarcasticaFont 1 points ago in funny

    Leave the punster alone, or else you’ll be charged with battery .

    [–] If you’re not first, you’re last. SarcasticaFont 2 points ago in Punny

    Which will vaporize the most inner parts of his being.

    [–] Front yard Frosty with tree trunk base teaches KY driver a valuable lesson [News article in comments] SarcasticaFont 0 points ago in instantkarma

    Well, you can actually see it if you turn your phone landscape, pinch-zoom, hold your screen at a 45-degree-angle, grab a magnifying glass ... & shove it up your butts.

    [–] Car seat falls from car with toddler strapped into seat. SarcasticaFont 0 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    I bet you got gold for utilizing under appreciated terms such as “Egads” & “aforementioned”.

    Bravo, you literary genius.