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    [–] How the turntables Scarlet-Pumpernickel 6 points ago in CrusaderKings

    It’s even better to become the real Nestorian Prester John, convert to Messelian and then rule the world with your purebred line of incest babies. All religions are inferior to the blessed cult of the true Messiah.

    [–] I'm always here for you Scarlet-Pumpernickel 4 points ago in wholesomeanimemes

    That dude’s arm is gonna fall asleep.

    [–] He didn’t even get my joke 🥺 Scarlet-Pumpernickel 1539 points ago in Tinder

    Take notes boys Always use your punctuation

    [–] W-w-why did this spawn from thin Air Scarlet-Pumpernickel 1 points ago in skyrimrequiem

    This is what happens when you download mods from the forbidden website. Lady Mara is displeased with the corruption of love.

    [–] PsBattle: This purple carrot. Scarlet-Pumpernickel 10 points ago in photoshopbattles

    Are the Avengers and a flying Obi Wan fighting the Great Old One?

    [–] has this been posted here? Scarlet-Pumpernickel 3 points ago in wholesomeanimemes

    It’s not a joke tho. It’s the truth.

    [–] has this been posted here? Scarlet-Pumpernickel 14 points ago in wholesomeanimemes

    Probably why Ugly Bastard is so popular. Weebs can only self insert as the ugly bastard.

    [–] A fine addition to my collection Scarlet-Pumpernickel 3 points ago in CrusaderKings

    Why would I ever want to be chaste? I am the stallion that mounts the world.

    [–] Why does Eromanga-sensei exists? Scarlet-Pumpernickel 1 points ago in Animemes

    What really needs an adaptation is Useless Ponko. Quality Manga with a lot of heart but always has a undertone on melancholy.

    [–] “Things that everyone knows, but the fan base treats it as if it’s unheard of” Start Pack Scarlet-Pumpernickel 5 points ago in starterpacks

    I know a absolute shit ton of weebs who have never heard of Evangelion, but I’m also the guy pushing it on my friends so maybe I’m biased.

    [–] Why were Empress Dowagers so influential in Imperial China? Scarlet-Pumpernickel 2 points ago in AskHistorians

    Thanks for the response! It is definitely interesting to get further context on this.

    [–] the pestilence in the sky Scarlet-Pumpernickel 10 points ago in HistoryMemes

    I am sorry. It’s is a sad day when Crimea dicks down Muscovy

    [–] Cagirls Scarlet-Pumpernickel 14 points ago in Animemes

    There are no Skaven, Man-thing. There is nothing here-here.

    [–] Friendly empires diplomacy [a little Stellaris fan-art] Scarlet-Pumpernickel -4 points ago in Stellaris

    Ewwww she’s touching that disgusting thing. First we see them as people, next there will be half human half sinrath ABOMINATIONS in gestation tubes! #TerranGenocide #HumanLivesMatter

    [–] The Dorne-thraki Sea (light border gore) Scarlet-Pumpernickel 3 points ago in CK2GameOfthrones

    Honestly this is 2 degrees away from HRE. Maybe an Angevin Empire on the Bordergore scale