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    [–] This video took 9 months to make SchnoodleDoodleDo 339 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in cats

    'One of the first sounds that baby heard was a cat’s purr. She is truly blessed...'

    i am the cat - i'll do my best

    to see this human baby blessed ;}

    n long before the child appears,

    i'll make sure that my voice she hears

    so as i lay me down to sleep,

    right next to mom i'll slumber deep

    n in my dreams my purr will sing -

    much peaceful to the baby bring

    n when she's here, this human child,

    she'll hear again a song so mild

    n she'll know what the sweet sounds were -

    the comfort of

    my loving purr...


    [–] House cow only drinks the freshest of water SchnoodleDoodleDo 804 points ago in aww

    'The blank stare makes this...'

    i am the dog, n when i drink

    i stand up at the kitchen sink

    i get my water from the tap -

    it quench my thirst, n make me hap :@)

    the human watching - i don't care,

    intent upon the water stare

    don't need no bowl down on the floor,

    cuz This is what

    the faucet's for


    [–] Finn loves his stuffed koala. He’s had it since he was 4 weeks old and it makes him happy so he brings it to me any time I’m sad. SchnoodleDoodleDo 631 points ago in aww

    'people who don't like cats just haven't met their cat yet...'

    there's lotsa frens who haven't met

    the purrfect cat to Love them yet

    it happened with 'the girlfriend' here -

    she wasn't used to have me near

    so i brought her my favorite bear,

    she knew right then

    how much i care!

    n with my bear i made her calm,

    she loves me now -

    (i call her 'mom'...)


    inspired by u/DeanOfTheGreen

    [–] How is the family photo? SchnoodleDoodleDo 198 points ago in aww

    'I'm amazed at how dad the daddykitty looks...'

    i am the cat n this my fam,

    n what a Lucky dad i am ;}

    cuz none of my kits look like me -

    they all take after momma, see ?

    they ginger, (n i know they mine)

    n we two parents raise 'em fine

    but when it comes to how they look

    i'm glad is after mom they took...

    n so about my brood i boast,

    but i teach them what matters most

    the very most important part -

    to Love your frens

    with all your heart


    [–] No matter how big they get, they’ll always be a pup at heart SchnoodleDoodleDo 171 points ago in aww

    no matter if they big or small,

    we love our humans Best of all!

    we are the dogs - our hearts are true,

    we dream we'll find someone like You :@)

    it starts when we are just a pup,

    when in your arms, you lift us up

    n it's right then, a puppy knows

    our love for you just Grows n GROWS!

    so human friends - don't ever think

    our love for you is gonna shrink

    a BIGGER love you'll never find

    Forever love -

    the 'puppy' kind!


    [–] Her human says that “Myla falls asleep in the pool with the tennis ball in her mouth almost everyday. She catches herself rocking to her right here, but the best is when her nose hits the water as she falls asleep.” SchnoodleDoodleDo 2858 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in aww

    i wanna say 'thank you' to All of you 'friends'

    my humblest gratitude - it never ends!

    i write simple thoughts, (altho hated by some)

    i hope you all know: it's my heart they come from

    we're all getting hammered by days that are tough,

    i try to share 'happy'! there isn't enough...

    but if, for a moment, you pause n you smile

    then this little poem

    has been oh, so worthwhile


    [–] Her human says that “Myla falls asleep in the pool with the tennis ball in her mouth almost everyday. She catches herself rocking to her right here, but the best is when her nose hits the water as she falls asleep.” SchnoodleDoodleDo 3437 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in aww

    'So tired....Playing has totally worn her out'

    i am the dog, so tired me

    but still my favorite place to be

    is sitting in the pool of wet -

    (, i don wanna get out yet!)

    i had a swim, n have no doubt

    the playing kinda wore me out

    am take a little break, that's all

    n while i do

    i'll hold my ball :@)

    inside my mouth, it is my wish

    it comfort me to feel the squish

    n as so gently drift to sleep

    my ball in mouth

    i gonna



    [–] A normal day at the pool... RELAX SchnoodleDoodleDo 4118 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in aww

    'The chill is real!'

    i am the dog

    the wet i feel

    am much relax -

    the chill is real ;@)

    here on my raft -

    a noodle boat

    i drift around

    n do a float

    the swimming pool

    so much enjoy

    am nice n cool -

    the Goodest Buoy


    [–] So this is a follow up post after my pic of Kaiser as a puppy and I have our jack russel next to him for size comparison. SchnoodleDoodleDo 280 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in aww


    this my bro - he CHONKEST boy,

    but he's the one i most enjoy!

    he BIG n Tough, just like a bear,

    (but i know there's soft heart in there...;@)

    n when we nap we share a bed,

    upon his foot i rest my head

    n he's the one i'm dreaming of -

    i'm glad SO MUCH of him

    to Love!


    edit: for u/WraithKLM, Kaiser n Scruffy

    [–] My 70 y/o grandpa and I browse this sub regularly when I visit him, to brighten his day. He asked if I could share a picture of his dog. Reddit, meet Tok. (Pronounced took) SchnoodleDoodleDo 3026 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in aww

    'What a handsome smile!' there i was, at home with Pop

    we browsing on the 'aww'...

    he sees a picture - he says 'Stop!

    'this Best i Ever saw!'

    '...Look at him - that handsome smile!'

    (he takes a closer look...)

    n then in just a little while

    i hear him say 'It's TOK!'

    so here i am, a Reddit star

    today I hope you'll see...

    Pop Knew i was the Best, by far

    cuz he believed in me :@)

    cuz since the mom, she went away -

    my Pop n me Best friends

    n by his side i'll Always stay

    a Love

    that Never ends


    edit: for u/AshleyKay1997, 'grandpa', n Tok!

    [–] Every night my daughter and I look at r/aww before bed for a little positivity. Last night she asked me to post our good boy. Reddit meet Maximo or Max for short. SchnoodleDoodleDo 682 points ago in aww

    'Max looks like the “goodest of boys”...'

    every night, before we sleep

    my famlee special routine keep

    before they headed off for bed,

    they look at pets on aww instead

    my girl - she like the pictures, see

    (dad says is 'positivity')

    it helps them sleep the whole night thru

    i wondered:

    could I be there, too ?

    so with the magic thing called 'cam'

    they took a picture - here i am!

    now all the world will get to see

    the Goodest Boy

    n it is Me!


    [–] Found my spirit animal SchnoodleDoodleDo 3382 points ago in aww

    now i lay me down to sleep,

    i am the fat n tired sheep

    i can't get off my lazy @ss

    to even stand n eat some grass

    instead i feel the gentle breeze

    n have a snack - it make me please

    some humans count sheep as they snooze,

    but me -

    i count

    the blades i chews


    [–] My girlfriend took the most beautiful picture of our dog, Nova SchnoodleDoodleDo 42 points ago in aww

    please tell her (and Nova!) that's one of the most Beautiful pictures DOGS that I've ever seen ;@)

    [–] My girlfriend took the most beautiful picture of our dog, Nova SchnoodleDoodleDo 99 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in aww

    'Where was this taken?'

    'Where was this taken??' they all wanna know...

    a beautiful place that they hopin to go

    but look at Me sitting here - don't they all see ?

    there's No dog who poses as perfect as Me!

    just look at the HAPPINESS here on my face :@)

    no matter location, no matter the place!

    this 'Beautiful picture' - I know where it's from

    it's the Joy in my Heart

    because I got to Come!


    edit: for u/notype32 & Nova

    [–] Aftee feeding this feral for almost 2 years, today we arrived at a milestone. He saw me and followed me first time in his life to the feeding spot 🥺 SchnoodleDoodleDo 475 points ago in aww

    'I think i will need another 2 to be able to give him some pets...'

    oh, hey there, it's you - yeah, i'm looking for feed...

    it's been quite awhile - you give me what i need

    so maybe it's time i walk over to You

    (don't think i don't notice the things that you do....)

    it takes me awhile til i build this thing 'trust'

    if i choose a human - you're It, if i must . . .

    n maybe, eventually, we can try 'pet'

    i hear that it's nice . . .

    i'm just not ready

    yet . . .


    [–] This is Squeaker. She’s a stray on St. Thomas, USVI. She’s 11+ years old, survived two hurricanes, and still loves coming up to strangers for scritches. SchnoodleDoodleDo 95 points ago in aww

    'Sad that so much is known about her, but she's still just a stray...'

    i'm Squeaker the cat, n they call me a 'stray'

    don't worry 'bout me, cuz i like it this way

    there's much about me that is all ready known,

    altho i don't have just one 'home of my own'...

    wherEver i wander's where i like to be

    cuz so Many humans are friendly to me!

    i get Lotsa scritches, n t r e a t s here n there

    whenever i want, i find Someone will share ;}

    but sometimes when i lay me down for night's rest

    i wonder if someone would love Me the best...

    but then i remember the frens that i got

    instead of just one

    I am loved

    by a Lot!


    [–] Make way for the King SchnoodleDoodleDo 672 points ago in aww

    'Social Distancing Enforcer'

    . . . Clear the way - am coming through!

    am Social Distance All of you!

    you human frens must listen up -

    n learn from me: Enforcer Pup!

    so keep your distance - step aside

    stay back as far as stick is w i d e !

    am Goodest Boy - all frens PROTEC

    will try my Best

    to STOP INFEC!


    [–] Good boy goin' for a walk with his little kitty fren SchnoodleDoodleDo 53 points ago in aww

    you're so very welcome, my friend - thanks for the inspiration n kind words ;)

    may you always find joy in simple things

    [–] Good boy goin' for a walk with his little kitty fren SchnoodleDoodleDo 242 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in aww

    'I love how the dog pauses and waits for the kitty to catch up...'

    i am the dog - so BIG i be

    this little kit she follow me :@)

    reminds me i was once a pup -

    (i pause n let my fren catch up)

    she teenie kit, illegal smol

    (i think she likes Me best of all!)

    right to my side she race like Heck -

    'No worries, fren - I will PROTEC!'


    edit: thanks to u/Angel4Animals

    [–] Found this boy at a local park. He was so hungry he ate my entire burger. He'll never know the feeling of being hungry or unloved again. SchnoodleDoodleDo 642 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in aww

    'Thank you so much for opening your heart and home to this beautiful cat!'

    dear human, since you found a little space inside your heart

    then maybe i can fill it, n i'll have a brand new start ;}

    i used to have to rummage just to find a little feed,

    but there you were - you shared, n gave me everything i need!

    the b u r g e r that you gave me was the Best thing that i ate -

    no more an empty stomach, (n the food here has been Great!)

    i promise not to ask too much, you did the best you could...

    but since you opened up your heart

    can i move in

    for good ?


    edit: good luck u/RiZzbott with your beautiful cat!

    [–] Nervous boi at the vet SchnoodleDoodleDo 205 points ago in aww

    'Aww yes, the worrisome brow line is showing...'

    i am the pup, so worry, me

    my brow a little sad, you see ?

    don't know this place, not been before

    n why i'm here, am not quite sure...

    so now upon this table, stand

    am getting scritch by gentle hand

    just one thing i would ask you, fren

    please tell me i'm

    Good Boy again !


    [–] Yup, right about here seems perfect SchnoodleDoodleDo 212 points ago in aww

    "i like this boot, this boot is mine" -

    i gonna rest my head

    it makes me feel oh, so fine -

    is better than a bed...

    n as i lay me down to rest,

    i know my friend is there

    am gonna love this boot the best

    cuz it's the one You wear


    [–] A firefighter being thanked by a very friendly cat after rescuing it from a wildfire SchnoodleDoodleDo 889 points ago in aww

    'Now you have to take him home...'

    hey human, can i sit up here ?

    ...ok, i wanna make it clear

    i'll ride your shoulder proudly, see

    cuz You're the one who RESCUED ME!

    am making sure that there's no doubt

    that You're the one who 'got me Out'

    so All the other frens can see

    that you n me are meant to be :}

    when flames were raging all around

    I was so lost - but Now am Found!

    no longer in the woods to roam -

    come on, my friend


    Take me Home!