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    [–] Picked this guy up today SchnoodleDoodleDo 188 points ago in aww

    'Looks like you set him back down. Pick him up again!'

    i am the pup, so very small,

    am looking up at you, so tall

    i donno know just where i am -

    can this be my 'forever fam' ?

    n as i sit n think some more,

    so tiny here, down on the floor . . .

    . . . i think i found my new best fren . . .

    can you just

    pick me up

    again ?


    [–] It was a TASK getting her in this sweater but I think our first Christmas family photo together went well! SchnoodleDoodleDo 167 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in cats

    i am the CAT -

    no heckin DOLL !

    i do not wanna 'pose' at all !!

    you humans tryin way too hard

    to make the Karen Christmas card

    the sweater TIGHT n way too HOT -

    She may look 'happy' - I am NOT!

    no 'Silent Night' when you're in bed -

    this sweater,



    i'll SHRED!

    ...n when you wake, such tears there'll be

    merry Christmas, 'fam',





    [–] 130lbs later and she still has the “Puppy Dog Eyes” look mastered. SchnoodleDoodleDo 45 points ago in aww

    when i am old n turning grey,

    will you still realize

    a puppy dog i'll always stay -

    just look into my eyes...

    my eyes have watched you from the start

    when i was just a pup

    they've searched your face, your human heart,

    n now that i'm grown up

    forever they will see, my friend,

    your smiling face above

    forever they will Be, no end -

    so full

    of puppy Love


    [–] Two years ago, we took in a cat that someone abandoned. Jack. Jack has been waiting two years to be included in a snuggle with one of other 3 littles. He’s tried so many times. Today was the day. 💕 SchnoodleDoodleDo 404 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    i waited til the time was right for someone else to hold me tight

    you acted like you didn't care, but how i longed you'd see me there

    with lonely heart n hopeful eyes, i prayed you friends would realize

    that i need love

    just like you do...

    n, finally

    my dream's




    [–] This is Juniper. She likes to hold my boyfriend's head while she naps. SchnoodleDoodleDo 2686 points ago in aww

    when is time to take a nap,

    don't need to sit on human's lap

    don't wanna lie in kitty bed -

    i'd rather hold the boyfriend's head

    as he sitting in his chair

    am cuddling his softest hair

    n as i'm drifting off to sleep

    i know this boyfriend

    mine to keep


    [–] Getting used to the nursery SchnoodleDoodleDo 718 points ago in aww

    when is night n day is end,

    i peek in on my tiny friend

    on quiet paws i tiptoe in,

    is time that my PROTEC begin

    in tiny bed he fast asleep -

    am gonna watch his soul to keep

    i curl up on rocking chair

    the babe is safe

    in Best of care


    [–] Outdoor cat’s first sign of affection and trust after feeding him for a year. A very aww moment for me SchnoodleDoodleDo 148 points ago in aww

    'I really hope i will get to that point where he let me pets and maybe to provide him a home...'

    dear human friend, i know you're there,

    i noticed from the start

    it's hard for me to show i care -

    i've had a lonely heart . . .

    got used to living on my own,

    my life was pretty tough

    but life was sad to live alone

    n it was not enough....

    so when you started feeding me

    i had to take it slow

    i couldn't show you easily

    but now i hope you know

    that you're my world, in every way

    no matter where i roam

    n in my heart you're gonna stay

    cuz human

    You're my home


    [–] Doggo having a bad dream and then... SchnoodleDoodleDo 638 points ago in aww

    as i am laying sound asleep

    i get a little scare

    am lying here in slumber deep

    when suddenly


    am puppy small, am all alone

    no one to help PROTEC

    i have no place to call my own

    this dream is Real as HECK :@(

    am frightened, try to run n hide -

    but stuck in nightmare place!

    is then i feel the warm inside -

    a comforting embrace

    my bros surround n hold me tight

    they lay on me, above

    n finally, a peaceful night -

    they cover me

    with love


    [–] This is Willow. He came out of nowhere and started hanging around my parents house about a year ago. He now officially lives in their garage. This is what he does when he wants someone to come out and play. SchnoodleDoodleDo 92 points ago in aww

    i never had a place that i could call my very own

    was used to being by myself, n living all alone...

    but i grew tired of wandering, n to this house would roam

    it suddenly felt special, n i wondered -

    is this 'home'?

    the humans let me come n go, but have a place to stay

    n if i'm ever in the mood, i sometimes let them play

    i like it here, don't tell them that.. - they don't hold on too tight

    n if i ever need a 'home'

    then this place feels

    just right


    [–] Waking up a deaf dog SchnoodleDoodleDo 301 points ago in Eyebleach

    when i am lying, sound asleep

    my world is quiet, still...

    the thoughts of you inside i keep

    forever, friend i will

    i cannot hear you say my name,

    but feel your gentle touch

    it wakes me softly, just the same

    cuz i love you so much!

    your smiling face, your human smell

    i've felt it from the start

    i am the dog you love so well -

    i hear you

    with my heart


    [–] When I gave my dog an egg for the egg challenge, I didn’t expect for this to happen! SchnoodleDoodleDo 246 points ago in aww

    'You've seen me make a fool of myself. Now you must die...'

    ok - i did the asking, n you got me so excite

    the egg thing was intriguing n it gave me such delight!

    i carried it n nommed it as it rolled around the floor,

    i never had a toy like it that felt so strange before...

    you stalked me with your camera phone, n filmed me as i played

    i couldn't figure out - sometimes it rolled, sometimes it stayed!

    it made me kinda silly, n confused as i would try...

    you've seen me make a fool of myself...

    now Sorry

    you must die!


    [–] Our German Shepherd likes to smile for her pictures. SchnoodleDoodleDo 103 points ago in aww

    dear human, do you know how very much you mean to me ?

    i hope you realize there's no where else i'd rather be!

    n when i sit here, looking up into your eyes above

    there's a smile on my face,

    n my heart is Full of Love!


    [–] Dad: I want nothing to do with that dog. Also my dad: SchnoodleDoodleDo 2501 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in aww

    he said he didn't want me - i'm more trouble than they need

    'it's just a waste of money n another mouth to feed!'

    'they pee n poop all over, n they bark n whine at night'

    'the vet bills are ridiculous! sometimes they even bite!'

    but mom n kids defied him, n they brought me home one day

    the dad - he acted angry n he said i couldn't stay...

    i think i saw him peeking, checking in my crate at night

    n sometimes when i cried he said 'dont worry, its all right....'

    i got a little bigger n i learned a game called 'ball'

    (i loved it when the daddy played - he threw it best of all!)

    the kids - they got so busy, always on the phone they'd talk

    but dad - he always found the time to take me for a walk

    now every night, i watch for him to come back home, n then

    my day's complete, n all is good -

    my Dad is home again!


    [–] Nope, nothing unusual to see here, just out for a normal walk SchnoodleDoodleDo 112 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in aww

    Looka me, the GOODEST BOY -

    the walkies make me J U M P for JOY!

    i stay right by the momma's side

    but my EXCITE i canno hide!

    she says to me the words i dream:


    my beating heart it skips a beat

    as i am

    L E A P I N G

    off my feet!


    [–] My kitten has officially chosen my husband as “his human.” SchnoodleDoodleDo 484 points ago in aww

    'My cat has a game she’ll only play with my SO. He can chase her around the apartment and she’ll tear from room to room just in anticipation of him coming around the corner. But when I try to do it, she just sits there and looks at me like I’m stupid...'

    there's a game i like to play -

    i like to call it 'keep away'!

    i run away from human fren -

    i tease him - 'catch me if you can!'

    n as around n round i zoom,

    he chases me from room to room!

    sometimes - the mom - she joins in, too

    i STOP

    n STARE -

    Who asked you?!


    [–] Watch my friends doggo disappear into the snow 😍 SchnoodleDoodleDo 187 points ago in aww

    your time is gonna happen, friend - you'll know it when it's right

    it may not be the time you want, but it will be alright!

    it's sometimes when you least expect, the stars will be aligned

    i hope it's soon - it's worth the wait

    the perfect friend

    you'll find

    it may not be a pedigree, or what you Thought you'd want

    sometimes it gets discouraging when you are 'on the hunt'...

    you'll know it when you find him, n he'll be your dream come true

    a Lucky doggo it will be

    who's coming home

    with You!


    [–] Watch my friends doggo disappear into the snow 😍 SchnoodleDoodleDo 191 points ago in aww

    when is time to go outside for me to do my pee

    my human open door up wide so i can run out free!

    a little snow? no problem! i'll just take a flying Leap

    but suddenly i realize the Snow is really deep!!

    it swallows me - i disappear into a bank of snow

    i don't know What i'm doing here!!


    i don't hafta go


    [–] Ready for the wedding SchnoodleDoodleDo 941 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in aww

    i'm Archer the puppy - the handsomest boy

    am ready n waiting to bring my bride joy!

    my collar n bow tie so perfect in place

    a 'Holy Matrimonial' look on my face :@{

    n when it is time for exchanging the vows

    am sure to be doing my Bestest 'bow Wows'

    just one thing to ask of my friend, if i can -

    since I'm your 'best boy',

    will You be my 'Best Man' ?


    [–] The cutest surprise SchnoodleDoodleDo 74 points ago in aww

    '...then here in an animal sub all comments are like aww how cute....'

    don't wanna be covered - you smothering me

    you callin me 'cute' - No, it's angry i be!

    my tail is a twitching, AVENGING i'll do -

    we'll see if it's 'cute'

    when i SH!T in your shoe . . .


    [–] every dad who didn't want a dog. SchnoodleDoodleDo 341 points ago in aww

    'They were destined to find each other to fight sleepiness, together...'

    i Love this man - my Favrit guy

    together we're a pair

    we Always keep a watchful eye,

    Forever we AWARE !

    am BEST PROTEC he Ever had

    here sitting on his lap ;@)

    we gonna fight the sleepies, dad

    no, we don't need NO NAP!


    [–] A cat trying to figure out a memory foam mattress SchnoodleDoodleDo 1046 points ago in aww

    i place my paws on mattress, soft, but then they disappear...

    i'm Sure i left a hole right there- why don't i see it here ?

    the human says is 'meowmory foam' - but i don't see mine yet

    am Much perplex - this mattress strange -

    My memory



    [–] I caught my cat mid sneeze and that’s not a pretty view SchnoodleDoodleDo 52 points ago in cats

    hey, cool! you're so very welcome - i absolutely love to connect with a true OP - n thanks for sharing your beautiful cat ;)

    [–] I caught my cat mid sneeze and that’s not a pretty view SchnoodleDoodleDo 219 points ago in cats

    she is beauty, she is grace

    she will sneeze right n yo face!

    n as the droplets fill the air

    her tuna breath sprays everywhere...

    i am the cat, here on my back

    when suddenly - a sneeze attack

    is wafting up into my nose -

    it makes me curl my kitten toes

    now here it comes... the big ACHOOO !!

    God bless you, fren -

    this one's for you


    [–] My pups boyfriend lives next door, and tonight at 10:55 he came for a date and to give her a present. My heart is so full right now ❤️ and now the ball goes everywhere with her SchnoodleDoodleDo 972 points ago in aww

    'I was starting to get worried when his girlfriend wasn’t coming out...'

    i am the dog - my girlfriend's in this house, i have no doubt

    i'm starting to get worried that she isn't coming out...

    she knew that i'd be over, cuz i promised her i would

    i'm pretty sure she told me that her humans said she could...

    so now i stand, so patient, hoping, waiting by the door

    i try n listen careful for her footsteps on the floor....

    i even brought a present.... oh my Gosh! It's HER, I know!!!

    my heart it skips a beat -

    'HOORAY! It's date night, friend - LET'S GO!!!'