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    [–] Some guy is trying to sell this for £550. Am I crazy or does the Long Service and Good Conduct medal look way off? Schutzstaffel1933 4 points ago in Medals

    Looks fine to me. Silver toning looks correct and all, and the striking is sharp. I wouldn’t worry about the ribbon, considering that the medals are over a hundred years old, and the original ribbon is bound to be lost or heavily worn. Even if the ribbon on the LS GC is not original, it is definitely still a very old example. Hope this alleviates you’re concerns.

    [–] Recently got this for $60 Cad. What do you guys think? Schutzstaffel1933 2 points ago in Militariacollecting

    That’s a great collection you’ve got there! How much did you get that for? I’ve just started collecting wound badges (my best one is a cut out silver). I’ve got a WW1 EK1 that I’ll post tomorrow.

    [–] Recently got this for $60 Cad. What do you guys think? Schutzstaffel1933 7 points ago in Militariacollecting

    I’ve checked the Hindenburg cross, and it’s marked A&S (Assman). Checked for the maker mark on the EK, but the loophole is firmly stuck inside the ribbon, and there’s no way to find out unless I cut part of the ribbon off. However, I might try using the core to identity the maker...

    [–] Can anyone tell if that is dirt or is it scraped/damaged? Schutzstaffel1933 2 points ago in Medals

    From the image it’s a bit hard to see. If I had to guess, I’d presume it to scraped. It doesn’t look like rust damage to me.

    [–] Help on flag Schutzstaffel1933 -3 points ago in Militariacollecting

    To me, it appears to be a copy of the blutfahne “Blood Flag”. The blood flag was one of the sacred objects of the third Reich, and there’s a pretty interesting story that comes with it. During Hitler’s beerhall putsch, him and his fellow Nazis came into contact with a group of policemen. Both parties opened fire on each other, and supposedly the bearer of the flag was killed during the action, and his blood splattered all over the flag. That’s how the name blutfahne came to be.