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    [–] Some guy gave me $100 for being a good cashier ScientificMeth0d 1 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    Something similar happened to me too! Working all these customer service jobs makes me want to give tips like these randomly. Genuine and kind customers like these help me deal with the hundreds of shitty ones.

    [–] Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel ScientificMeth0d 26 points ago in formula1

    Ba Ba Ba Bum! Woohoooo Macchina grande macchina rossa

    [–] Common Projects achille in different colors $76 shipped ScientificMeth0d 1 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    Damn. I'm slightly glad a I missed this deal because I just bought 2 pairs of shoes this week.. congrats on people who go the this amazing deal

    [–] Who’s planning on copping tomorrow? ScientificMeth0d 2 points ago in Sneakers

    Ima pass but these looks super minty man. Love the suede

    [–] Happy Valentine’s Day, r/sneakers fam ScientificMeth0d 2 points ago in Sneakers

    Man I really can't decide on getting the highs vs the lows. Both seem really good but I just don't have any white low top shoes that could go with tons of outfits like these but high tops are also life..

    [–] ANOTHER NIGHT AT THE WARP CORE CAFE - Jeff Carlisle. Saw this on fb and thought it belonged here. ScientificMeth0d 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Lmao I found Mr Meseeks easily but took a bit to find Marvin. I was really thinking you were fucking with me but he is seriously super hard to find.

    Edit: For those who don't want to look

    New challenge, I believe Skeletor is in here. He was a gem to find haha

    [–] J. Crew 40% off your purchase with code "YESPLEASE" ScientificMeth0d 3 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    If they make a damn hot dog wallet, that shit will sell out in a minute

    [–] Family flex ScientificMeth0d 33 points ago in Sneakers

    Oof. Idk about that one man

    [–] [OC] F1 Valentine's Cards Made By Me: 2019 Edition! ScientificMeth0d 1 points ago in formula1

    Alonso: "This relationship is good. Much slower than before. Amazing."

    [–] Kimi Raikkonen testing the 2019 Alfa Romeo F1 at Fiorano ScientificMeth0d 18 points ago in formula1

    Have you seen Richard Hammond from Top Gear driving an F1? I feel like watching his experience makes me scared to even drive one. Obviously wouldn't turn down an opportunity but man are they beautiful/scary

    [–] Alfa Romeo Racing ScientificMeth0d 1 points ago in formula1

    I really hope so because I absolutely loved that red and white livery they had

    [–] Alfa Romeo Racing ScientificMeth0d 1 points ago in formula1

    Man that car is a fucking dream. I dont care if it'll break down. It's just got something so alluring to it. Something so purely Alfa.

    [–] Alfa Romeo Racing ScientificMeth0d 1 points ago in formula1

    It's like their engineers were like well shit guys. All these other mfr are doing something, why don't we just put it all together and pray for the best.