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    [–] French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich', say witnesses Scientolojesus 1 points ago in news

    Actually the origin of that statement is what it sounds like, then it later got transformed into meaning whatever the customers want to buy is what you should sell.

    [–] The protest rally in Hong Kong right now (source: twitter) Scientolojesus 11 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Fuck you and your stupid spam comment. Nobody click this bullshit. Glad it's downvoted and people are quickly realizing it.

    [–] [Schefter] NFL is reinstating Patriots’ WR Josh Gordon, league source tells ESPN. Scientolojesus 39 points ago in nfl

    Yeah I feel like if the Pats can't keep him on the straight and narrow then no organization can.

    [–] Two women sue Jeffrey Epstein's estate for $100 million over alleged sex abuse Scientolojesus 3 points ago in news

    Yeah that's basically how I view it. While they didn't go above and beyond to sacrifice their own wellbeing to try to speak out, they weren't exactly evil or terrible people for not saying anything, especially if they knew it would put their family's lives in danger. Now if they ever participated directly, then yeah fuck them.

    [–] An original storyboard from The Terminator by Jim Cameron Scientolojesus 13 points ago in movies

    It's already being approved to be added to the National Film Registry for works being deemed culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant to the US.